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Speaking of love, I have to say, Mr. Xiaoxian, love is also an invention that needs continuous improvement. The greatest act of unrequited love is realization; feelings make people forget time, and time also makes people forget feelings; such pessimistic feelings, like classics, go deep into the hearts of lovers. However, I still do not see the wisdom or so-called experience in these proverbs. Every time you read it, every time you sneer, do you agree? Hey, I dare not.be my soulmate

Its no use waiting for a plant unless its a sentimental rabbit; dont complain about being out of touch with your feelings, buddy. Nobody likes a guy who is ready to stay put. Even if you go to eat, you cant always eat leek fried godmother in one place. In other words, when you meet love on the corner, you will be supported on the road, you are like a telephone pole. Except for an electrician, who has nothing to touch you and say he loves you like a mouse loves rice? Although not pursuing feelings, being proactive is extremely beneficial. In addition to a few shameless or shameless insults, it can also bring true feelings. Understand: love, waiting for you on the road.be my soulmate

Emotions are exciting and serious hide-and-seek. When you grab it, remember how hard it was. If you cant catch it, you cant forget the fun; falling in love, this is a very troublesome thing, but since its very troublesome, why should you oppose the parents orders and the matchmakers words? Arent you asking for trouble? So, tell your lover that love is a lifetime thing, big things are troubles, and those who are afraid of troubles will achieve nothing, including relationships; when you hear your prospective daughter-in-law calling you to go shopping, don’t look indifferent, and throw away Yuxi and Yuxi in your hands at the speed of Shenzhen. Mouse, walk on the target street.be my soulmate

Its normal for a brokenhearted person to be bored with love. When they saw these words, they naturally felt that they were just speaking from their hearts, so these words inexplicably became the supreme classic quotations, and then this so-called emotional truth was printed into a book, in the form of absurdity pass down. Now it seems that this empathy famous saying not only does not give people any enlightenment of wisdom, but misleads people, it is very pure and direct.be my soulmate

It is said that long-distance relationships cant hurt people, distance is not beauty, but doubt. What doubt? What makes you so paranoid? What is the basis of affection? Trust each other, if you dont even have the most basic mutual trust, then dont worry about such feelings; think about it, the mountains have no edge, the heaven and the earth are together, only dare to say goodbye to you. What does it feel like?be my soulmate

It is said that unrequited love is good, because you will not lose love, buddy, girl, can you practice it for me? If you are afraid of falling out of love, then you can have a crush on that girl forever. Secretly watching the hot girl drool, saying that the incense burner produces purple smoke. This is a wonderful realm. Congratulations, this is the pinnacle. The crush in junior high school was not expressed because of cowardice. Of course the most important thing is not to fall in love early. The high school crush at that time was because you were shy or didnt have the money to buy them meat buns. Although there are thousands of reasons, you are still a fly, flying forever, but that thin enough piece of paper, when she smiled at you and you waved to her, a lonely road stretched to both ends; The ideal is on the same front, and dont end with an empty cup.be my soulmate

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There are no fixed feelings about relationships and no strings attached. Any RV is just a cloud. Are you married or married to the garage? Work hard together if you want. If you think what I want is simple, Im afraid youre used to being laid back. The BMW runs on the highway and the rear wheels turn around. People who are satisfied with their feelings are always happy, and feelings are life. Can you learn how to use roots to wear cold and eat less vegetables?be my soulmate

Girl, you have to understand: dont always expect a man to be handsome and rich. If you think its better to laugh in the back of your bike than in a BMW, cry hard because outside your window, the guy on his bike is happily chasing the sunset. You have to understand that there is no justice in this world, and you will always lose more than you gain!be my soulmate

Boy, you have to understand: dont always expect a woman to love herself deeply and be sensible, but as we all know, a woman is capricious in love; if she is smart and sensible, and takes the overall situation into consideration, 80% of her thoughts are Changed, at least not as firm as before. You have to understand that the only woman who can afford to love you with all her heart is your mother.be my soulmate

If it doesnt work, just look down at your own shadow. Its the only thing that wont leave you.be my soulmate

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EmotionaltalkZhaoYouting,GaoYuanyuan,ZhangJunningsloveapocalypse,pleaseconfirmthatheissinglebeforefallinginlovesoul partner

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Text/Su Jin

Compared with the love of most ordinary people, the love of entertainment stars gives people more inspiration. In these places where money, power and status are blended, the authenticity of love is easier to detect early, and whether those loves that have been weighed by interests can be like lotus flowers in various complex environments. Lian but not demon? When Feng Shaofeng met Ni Ni and broke through love and abandoned Qingchuan; when Ling Xiaosu remarried and abandoned Yao Chen, a big-mouthed beauty; when Zhao Youting and Zhang Junning broke up peacefully, Gao Yuanyuan was taken by the mistress. Can we experience something from it to warn us about our love? Can we take the pulse of our love and find a person who will accompany us for a lifetime?i want to find my soulmate

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Dang Wu The hero lost the justice in “The Ruffian Hero”, when Zhang Youting inherited the domineering and sexy of the mosquito in “Monka”, when he was regarded as Mark who despised love as always in “LOVE” at first, a man who looks indifferent but yearns for a new life. A man of lasting love. In reality and ideals, in entertainment and life, in perseverance and cheating, how should we choose a person who is worthy of our lives to persevere?i want to find my soulmate

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When dating, you must first determine whether the other party is currently single, so as to avoid being involved in unnecessary emotional whirlpools. When Rin Xiaosu meets football baby, where is Yao Chens happy marriage? When Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen, where should Nicholas Tses man be? When Myolie Hu met Huang Shaoqi, where did Huang Zongzes seven-year itch go? With constant disputes and tangled entertainment circles, how should the public fans view the separation and integration of idols, and how should we view these marriages that are accelerated by money interests and small three diaosi? When Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Youting were in full swing, Zhang Junning posted her photo of He Rundong in the scarf. All things have their value in existence. When you cant afford to waver and concubine the ancient well water, everything is meaningless. Zhang Junning explained that she and He Rundong are just friends during the filming, which shows that He Rundong has become her trustworthy friend. Her good sister Zhang Xuan said: Zhang Junning likes calm and powerful boys, all boys are disgusted by her because they are self-righteous and self-righteous.i want to find my soulmate

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The trend of marriage in the entertainment circle actually reflects what most people face in real life. The problem, we can zoom in and out under the microscope to see the minutiae. Love is faithful and sincere. When you have a good impression of a person, you must first check whether the other person is single, whether he cares about you, and whether he has a plan to spend a lifetime together. If you dont even know these things, it is very likely that Xiaosan will play the role of tearing down other peoples families. Although everyone is equal in the face of love, it is also in priority. Two flowers on the wall, sooner or later, it should be yours that will come sooner or later. Dont deliberately touch marginal characters. The lovers who can be poached by you will also be poached by others.i want to find my soulmate

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A boy should have vision and ambition, no matter what the situation is, he should deal with the problem calmly, not panic, not stingy, let alone Spending a lot of money, spending such a lot of money, won the smile of beauty. Dont judge people by their appearance, dont be greedy. Treat the people and things around you with integrity and enjoy the current life. As the most popular beauty in Taipei, Zhang Junning naturally has many suitors, but it is really difficult to find a handsome and caring partner. There is no perfect person in the world. What matters is where you focus on, whether it is a delicate appearance or a strong heart. As her friend Zhang Xuan said: handsome guys are insecure!i want to find my soulmate

Break up is still a brother, why do you have to be flesh and blood to let go boldly, give yourself a chance and give others a ban. It is better to let yourself be in a clean love than to be someone elses unnamed mistress. Those who are obsessed in real life and who are looking for life and death for love should learn to be free and easy of entertainment stars, and they can afford it. I would rather die with the incense stick, and never blow it off in the north wind. What should come will still come, let us wait for new love with a calm mind. For Zhao Youting to Gao Yuanyuan, will Zhang Junnings love be far behind?i want to find my soulmate

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(original articles are prohibited from plagiarizing pictures from the Internet)i want to find my soulmate


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EmotionaltalkTheworldislikeaflowertwin flame soulmate

Although there are hundreds of thousands of flowers in the world, there is only one that can truly belong to and allow us to pick, and that is our own flower.

Each of us, no matter (men or women), is a bright flower, a cheerful person is like a passionate rose, a good-looking person is like a rich and gorgeous peony, Strong people are like arrogant and cold-resistant plum blossoms, talented people are like pure and elegant orchids, and hard-working people are like white and flawless lilacs. Although they have different appearances and different looks, they are famous for their charm and taste. , its just that different people of us have different appreciative abilities.psychic soulmate drawing free

We have to travel through the reality and the Internet every day, beautiful flowers can be seen everywhere, and it is inevitable that we will encounter flowers that please our eyes, because we are all flesh and blood mortals, and everyone has seven emotions and six desires, no matter from From a psychological point of view, it is beyond reproach that you want to own and pick your favorite flowers, but I think no matter how much you like it or how obsessed you are, dont pick it, you must learn to appreciate it, because you appreciate it from a distance. More beautiful and lasting than owning.psychic soulmate drawing free

platonic soulmate meaning

Wildflowers originally grow in nature. She bathes in the sun and enjoys the rain and dew. Under the baptism of wind and rain, they will bloom more delicately and more beautifully. If you pick her, even if you put her lovingly in your arms, she will slowly wither and die from your heat. On the contrary, their own flowers will be more and more beautiful. Therefore, friends, please let us all love the flowers around us, and appreciate the flowers outside with this normal and sincere attitude, learn to appreciate others, and you will also be appreciated by others.psychic soulmate drawing free

Please dont say love to a person easily, because love is like a glass of strong wine, you can only drink too much, and if you drink too much, you will get drunk, which will hurt yourself and others. But friendship is not the case. She is like a cup of clear tea. Drinking more is no problem. You can taste it carefully. The more you taste, the stronger it is. Appreciating others is a kind of happiness, and being appreciated by others is also a kind of happiness. If you love someone, dont expect to have it, but learn to appreciate it from a distance, because appreciation from a distance is a kind of beauty!psychic soulmate drawing free

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EmotionaltalkThedemiseoftherelationshipbetweenhusbandandwifeisoftenaccompaniedbythesephenomena,doyouknowsoulmate drawing free

There are ups and downs on the emotional road, there is a sunny, bright rainbow, and there are also storm-like attacks. The sweet and happy episodes of you and him, the memories of you and him arguing and playing hard, are all puzzle pieces that enrich your emotional life, connecting you and him, and connecting you from two people into one home. However, this connection is not forever broken, even after decades of ups and downs, it may be destroyed once.soul mate meaning spiritual

If the relationship between you and him has been exhausted, then there may be a These performances should be paid attention to at this time, do something heartwarming to warm up the relationship, or just show off with him, but think about it.soul mate meaning spiritual


First performance: incomplete speechsoul mate meaning spiritual

When they go home, the communication between the two is always unclear, as if they are hiding something behind their backs. You wont take the initiative to ask the other partys things, and the other party wont take the initiative to tell you. When chatting on the bed, there seems to be a film that automatically separates certain topics. As if guarding against thieves, guarding against his partner, he seems to have become the most familiar stranger. Maybe you sometimes open your mouth to ask, and the other person will say something to distract the conversation. Over time, a higher and higher wall was built in the hearts of the two, and finally the two hearts parted ways. In the end, there are only helpless sighs and melancholy in my heart.soul mate meaning spiritual

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Second performance: no intersection with each others lifesoul mate meaning spiritual

between husband and wife The distance is necessary, but not too large. When the distance between you and your other side is getting bigger and bigger, you dont ask about his affairs, and he cant ask about yours. It is said that there is a sense of privacy that a husband and wife must have, but in fact, both of them dont know where their hearts are going. Marriage and love that exist in name only are like people living in two worlds, and the future of marriage is dark.soul mate meaning spiritual

meeting your soulmate

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The third performance: indifference to each othersoul mate meaning spiritual

There is less between husband and wife Communication, more distance, if you dont care more about the other party, then this relationship will easily come to an end. You seldom sit at the table together for dinner, seldom go out for shopping together, and seldom go out together. Yes, its just the silence between the two, and you can even think that when youre walking down the street, he can pretend not to see you.soul mate meaning spiritual

The editor believes that the shattering of a relationship does not happen overnight or overnight. It is accumulated over a long period of time. From sadness, to disappointment, and finally to helplessness. How much impatience contributed to this now. Sometimes, letting go is also a good idea.soul mate meaning spiritual

Does he still love you deeply?soul mate meaning spiritual


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Emotionaltalklearntoforget,facelifecalmly,andbeahappypersonfriend soulmate

In life, facing some people and some things, sometimes you choose to forget, which is not a bad thing. Learn to forget and face life calmly, so that you will feel happy.


Learning to forget is a kind of psychological balance, but in reality, you will find that some people avoid talking about the embarrassment and embarrassment when they were disappointed in the past. On the contrary, they like to talk about it. The scenery of the good times. In the process, they forgot one thing, that is, whether it was a success or a failure before, it has become the past. If you blindly indulge in the past and cannot let go, you will only make yourself fall into delusion and not think about progress. , holding back.have i met my soulmate


There are also some people who always like to recall those painful events in the past, and always give people a face full of bitterness, hatred, and unhappiness. The Indian poet Tagore once said. But if you cry for losing the sun, you will also lose the stars. Isnt it, just remembering those sad things will only make you more sad, and the painful past will only hold back your future. Always talking about your own badness is actually taking the mistakes of the past to punish the current self, which will eventually cause trouble for yourself.have i met my soulmate

i lost my soulmate


A prisoner who has made mistakes before, after he is released from prison, he can tell himself not to make the same mistakes again, but there is no need to keep blaming himself for his mistakes. When you make mistakes, knowing your mistakes can improve a lot. Face yourself, cut out the bad memories in the past, and live a life that can make you feel more meaningful. Such forgetting is also worthwhile.have i met my soulmate

Learn to forget, not to forget everything, we should be selective, for example, there are always some things in life that make you unforgettable, then You should treasure it well. In addition, we should keep in mind the help of others to you, and it is best to forget about others bad treatment of you. This is actually how people are, simple and not complicated, and this kind of life is happier!have i met my soulmate


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EmotionaltalkIsitreallygoodtotalktopeoplewhoarenotfamiliarwitheachothercapricorn and sagittarius soulmates

It makes people happy at first sight, not as long as it makes people tired

Most of the strong feelings are managed by the accumulation of time, not by the first meeting, but by the very close behavior. to make.be my soulmate

ca1349540923dd54c2d56cc045a1cfd89d824827Long time

Daily communication, see Jane in small things

Community Neighbors who are nodding acquaintances and who do not have deep friendships ask: “Have you bought a house yet? Why havent you bought a car?”be my soulmate

The relatives who came to visit after a year or even two years or even had something to ask for, asked, “Why arent you married yet?” Why dont you have kids? Look at everyones children who can walk.be my soulmate

It can only be regarded as someone who met by chance. He opened his mouth and asked: How much is your monthly salary, did your parents buy you a house?

Sometimes when you hear these words, do you have the urge to say, “Whats your business? Restraint.be my soulmate


Su Shi once said:Speaking softly and talking deeply is the precept of a gentleman.”be my soulmateHaving a shallow talk, but not talking too deeply, is a respect for others, and it is also a kind of Field self-cultivation.

Long distance knows horsepower, long time sees peoples heart

Talking in a simple way is not a shortcut to a good relationship, but a recipe for self-deception.be my soulmate

I once introduced my cousins painful experience. Friends who are familiar with my articles should know that I have talked about it briefly.

Cousin, as a business manager, had a great conversation with another colleague at a business meeting, and during the conversation, he felt that each other was unusual. When they hit it off, the colleague always praised the topics that the cousin talked about, which made the cousin feel a little bit smug. When he was drunk, he revealed his project plan. Happy to have made good friends.be my soulmate

past life soulmate

A few days later, when my cousin handed over the project to the company, he found out that the project had already been registered. As a bystander, I cant blame the peer, the real blame is the cousin himself.be my soulmate

I deeply agree with the sentenceBe diligent for nothing, if you are a traitor or a thiefbe my soulmate.


Why is it too hasty? If you have a certain amount of affection, you can do things that are a little affectionate, communicate with heart, be cautious in words and deeds, and peoples feelings will naturally develop according to their own laws.be my soulmate

Say deep, greedybe my soulmate

I think everyone has a certain understanding of theHangzhou nanny arson casebe my soulmate. The nannys monthly salary of 7,500 can be considered high, right? The owner has a car to pick up and drop off the nanny. When she encounters difficulties at home, she needs 100,000. She will lend her money without a word. In this way, the nanny still uses a fire. Ended the lives of a family of 4.


The reason turned out to be that she set the fire to put out the fire, ready to rescue the owners family when they were desperate, so that the owner would give her money and thank her for saving her life, but The fire exceeded her expectations. People familiar with the matter revealed that the owner did not know the background of the nanny at the beginning, and she was pitiful and young, so she let her be the nanny at home.be my soulmate

Whether this arson case was caused by covetousness or the scourge of shallow talk, it is thought-provoking.be my soulmate


Friendship is shallow but not deep. It reflects the prudence in dealing with people, and the expression of being mature and wise and knowing how to protect oneself, but at the same time, there is still much beauty and darkness in the world. Only by treating each other sincerely can we reap more happiness.be my soulmate

Sincerely hope that everyone will receive more happiness from each otherbe my soulmate


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Emotionaltalkintheworldkarmic soulmate

When I was young, I talked to two girlfriends, but their families were all rural people. They were all poor and earned work points in the production team. At that time, there was not much porridge. One of my parents was still ill, so after I graduated from school, my family was all farmers, so my life was not good there. I really wanted to find someone with a good family background, or if my parents had a daughter from a working family. When I communicated with them, I saw that they felt uncomfortable. I even felt unhappy when I saw my girlfriends parents. I went to her house and remembered that we will live in the future. I cant rely on me, but you want to rely on me! So my mood is often low, and I went to her place to give gifts but didnt. Later, another matchmaker introduced a person. My father was a ferry worker, and my mother was a farmer at home. The so-called ferry worker was working in a state-owned enterprise of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Plant in Sichuan. After repairing the new house, I went to the so-called grooms house for the first time. Breakfast was eggs, which was noisy. At night, I ate wine and meat. At that time, there were only a few households in a village who could eat wine and meat. So I was happy and happy when I met my girlfriend. I couldn’t feel all her shortcomings. I am very happy, but once I went to her house, because of the poor conditions in my house, it was revealed from the eyes of her parents that I did not look down on me. At this time, my heart was full of five tastes, and I felt that I would go to her house in the future. If she quarreled with her daughter a little bit, she might be scolded by her parents. So Im in a dilemma myself! Fortunately, in the end, I finally found a girlfriend who can match me, and the past is full of clouds in front of me!soulmate finder

soulmate relationship

37d12f2eb9389b50d8da630919b47edae6116ec9Umbrella like a man , A woman holds a sense of security in her heart.

types of soul connections

EmotionaltalkBeautyhasalwayslovedtalent-LiAossplendidemotionalhistoryfind my soulmate

Through the ages, men have mostly bowed their waists because of their beauty. There are many stories of heroes and beauties in history. Heroes love beautiful women, and beautiful women love genius things. Today I will talk about Master Li Aos affair and his love story. Li Ao has been romantic all his life. He once talked in the media about the standards of thin, tall, white, beautiful, and young in the media.intj soulmate


Li Ao, born in Heilongjiang, is a modern historian. Current affairs critic, Taiwanese writer, poet, former Taiwan legislator, sought after by Western media as the most outstanding critic in modern China. He is such a man of the era with many reputations. He also has his weak side and his romantic side. one side.intj soulmate


Li Ao was handsome and straight in his youth, and he was keen on the relationship between men and women. If his first love girlfriend Luo Jun met in high school, Li Ao pursued for 5 years before he was promised to hold hands. Later, Luo Junruos parents He strongly opposed the development of this relationship and finally had no choice but to break up, and Li Ao was extremely sad about this. Later, he took sleeping pills and committed suicide.intj soulmate


And when he was in college, Li Ao fell in love with Wang Shangqin, the younger sister of his classmate. At that time, Wang Shangqin was a flower-level figure of National Taiwan University. Later, they fell in love quickly. The two lived together unmarried and gave birth to their daughter Li Wen, but the relationship failed in the end and ended in a breakup.intj soulmate


Afterwards, 32-year-old Li Ao met 19-year-old Xiaolei, and the two dated for three years. After that, Li Ao was imprisoned for some reason, but in prison he resolutely cut off the relationship without dragging each other down. , After 5 years of being released from prison, Xiaolei has become a married woman. When the two were in love, Li Aos poem “Only Love a Little” was changed to a song by singer Wu Qixian, which once became popular in Gotham and was highly sung. Lets enjoy this poem together.intj soulmate


Shortly after he was in, Li Ao caught up with Liu Huiyun, who also graduated from National Taiwan University, and lived with him, but talents have always been romantic. After Hu Yinmeng appeared, Li Ao finally fell in love. , and Liu Huiyun saw that he was unable to recover, and then he voluntarily quit to study in the United States, while Li Ao paid his tuition fees and various living expenses.intj soulmate

soulmate meaning


Hu Yinmeng was a beauty in the 1970s and 1980s. Lin Qingxia was the most representative of the Hong Kong and Taiwan beauties of that era, and Hu Yinmeng in the same period was not inferior even if she was in the same frame as Lin Qingxia. In terms of appearance, height and body shape, it is no less than Brigitte Lin, which is also an important reason why the romantic talent Li Ao fell for him.intj soulmate


Hu Yinmeng is 18 years younger than Li Ao, and admires Li Aos talent very much. Even when he was in school, he carried Li Aos books in his pocket. Pampered, and Li Ao also became famous at the time. After the two fell in love, Hu Yinmeng resolutely married Li Ao despite the opposition of her family. Years of media torment and scolding war.intj soulmate


Li Aos final emotional destination is Wang Xiaotun, who is 30 years younger than him. The two met at the bus station. Li Ao took the initiative to strike up a conversation and get acquainted with him, and Wang Xiaotun learned that the person standing in front of him was The famous Mr. Li Ao later expressed his surprise. Wang Xiaotun, who has always admired Li Aos knowledge, quickly got in touch with Li Ao and fell in love deeply. At that time, Wang Xiaotun was only 18 years old. The two broke through the secular barrier and got married after nine years. After marriage, they have a son and a daughter, Li Kan and Li Chen.intj soulmate


And now Mr. Li Ao has passed away, throughout his life, his romantic affairs are as vigorous as his literary talent. His rants are all articles, and his life experience and cultural contributions can be described as a unique master figure in the Chinese literary world.intj soulmate


soulmate love

Emotionaltalk-curiositymaybetheothersideofthemirrorbest friend soulmate

I remember that one day in 2012, a friend suddenly made an appointment. After meeting, he saw that his face was not good, and he asked the reason in detail.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally said what he had kept in his heart for many years.losing your soulmate

It turned out that this gentleman and his wife knew each other because of their work relationship. In a company where he worked, his wife was the executive director of the company.losing your soulmate

There are some intersections in the usual work, his wife is said to like another Pan surname in the company they used to work for Boy, but the boy surnamed Pan ignored everything except borrowing money from her place, and borrowed a lot of money back and forth.losing your soulmate

It happened that the boy surnamed Pan, whom his wife liked, had more interactions with him at work, and gradually became more familiar with him and became friends .losing your soulmate

After get off work one afternoon, a boy surnamed Pan was having dinner with my friend and asked curiously: How are you and the executive developing? already?losing your soulmate

The boy surnamed Pan was evasive and did not want to elaborate. In this case, the friend called the executive in the name of inviting dinner come out. In the end, there was no result. When they were preparing to go home, the administrative supervisor suddenly stopped my friend and said: You called me out, are you responsible for my safety, should you send me home?losing your soulmate

My friend had no choice but to send him home. When the executive got home, he invited the boy to sit in the house and have a drink. My friend thought, This is also normal.losing your soulmate

After drinking, my friend was about to say goodbye to go home. The girl suddenly stepped forward to hug my friend and said softly: Hug me!losing your soulmate

On that night, a friend who was full of energy had a relationship with the girl who was the executive director of the company at that time. After the incident, the girl took the initiative to The boy added daily utensils and other items. At that time, in the boys heart, he felt that this woman was virtuous and meticulous. The next day, when my friend returned to her place of residence, the girl called and said, “Why dont you go home? Ill cook dinner and wait for you to come home?”losing your soulmate

My friends have experienced things between men and women, but I only know some things about women for the first time from novels and movies. Women will be very happy for the first time. It hurts and bleeds.losing your soulmate

I also asked the woman afterwards: Why didn’t you bleed?losing your soulmate

The woman replied: I used to practice long-distance running in high school, maybe I exercised too much, and the hymen has ruptured since then!losing your soulmate

The boy heard the words, but didnt go into it, and actually didnt understand the reasoning.losing your soulmate

In life, this woman is very considerate and meticulous to her friends.

At that time, my friends thought that this woman was virtuous, sensible, and meticulous. Because there was a relationship between men and women, they were together.losing your soulmate

Later, I also heard some rumors about this woman intermittently from other colleagues, saying that this woman had had several boyfriends before, and Just broke up with my ex.losing your soulmate

A friend also asked about this woman, but the woman denied it directly, saying that her ex-boyfriend was a college student, and she was very simple at that time. , The relationship with the ex-boyfriend only developed to the point of holding hands and kissing the lips at most. It means that I am very innocent.losing your soulmate

Two years later, at the urging of the woman, she got married. At the time of marriage, the woman had been pregnant for several months.losing your soulmate

There was a little episode when I got the marriage certificate, that is, the girl’s age was two years older than the age she told the boy, and it was exactly Three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think that girls are pregnant with their own children, so if they are three years older, they should be three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think about the good times and look forward to a bright future.

romantic soulmate

But one day, the boy found some sensitive information about the girl chatting with other men from the girls instant messaging tool. The amount of information was huge, The boy collapsed in an instant.losing your soulmate

In the chat log, all kinds of ambiguity and nakedness are revealed.

The saddest thing for boys is that there are some sensitive photos sent by men to girls in the chat records.losing your soulmate

After seeing the photo, the girl showed the kind of need that the boy could not accept.

And the girl also took the initiative to say to the man that her husbands is not as big as that mans, which is not good.losing your soulmate

The friend pointed to the girls chat record and questioned it face to face. The girl said lightly: Its just a chat, dont think too much.losing your soulmate

Under the pressure of friends, the girls couldnt hide some things, so they said that they started living together with their male classmates in the girls dormitory when they were in school. , used a cloth curtain as a cover, and said that all the girls in the bedroom did that. She was not alone, there were several couples living together in the same bedroom at the same time.losing your soulmate

The girl said she didnt live together for a few days, and broke up after just a month.losing your soulmate

My friend was broken down, angry, and deeply distrusted from the bottom of his heart.

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The girl also said that she didnt know this man, she was just curious and chatting.losing your soulmate

At this point, my friend was in a tangle, and he did nothing to the business he had created, and soon there was a business crisis . Faced with the crisis of career and marriage, we also need to consider the feelings of children and elderly parents. That kind of suffering may be difficult for those of us who have not experienced that kind of thing to understand.losing your soulmate

My friend asked me: what should I do next?losing your soulmate

Actually I don’t know what to do, we are all outsiders, the kind of pain that only people who are deeply involved in, we can’t feel that.

I just tell my friends, if you need help with anything, you can always say, 24 hours online.losing your soulmate

Other than that, I really dont know how I can help him.

Many years have passed, but the friend and his wife are still together. Fortunately, the group did not talk nonsense or come up with ideas. .losing your soulmate

Seeing friends again after the epidemic this year, he said calmly: Everything will be settled when his son graduates from high school. I dont want to delay the children, and I dont want to hurt the elderly (his parents-in-law treat him well, and they dont know it).losing your soulmate

I admire my friends tolerance and patience. Maybe this is life.

Fortunately, he is now dedicated to running his business and nurturing his children, but when his children graduate from high school in 5 years, think about the one who once failed His woman is already 45, his youth is gone, he is old, and his friend will only be 42. I dont know what his plans are, and I hope they wont hurt each other.losing your soulmate

All temptations come from curiosity, and curiosity will drive people to make irrational and inappropriate decisions.losing your soulmate

In the world of emotions, there may be no winners.losing your soulmate


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Life is too short to care too much. Gains and losses bearish, do your best.

It is said that marriage is the tomb of love. Well-known Hong Kong singer Wu Zhengyuan recalled that he and his ex-husband Lin Zixiang once had a beautiful marriage, accompanied by the passage of time. There was no regret. .soul partner

She is the head of the Hong Kong area of the stars holding the moon. He came to audition for singers, and they met in the vast crowd. For her love, he has been pursuing fame and interests,soul partner

Each of us lives in our own past, we spend a minute to know someone, an hour to like someone, and a day It takes time to fall in love with someone, but in the end, it takes a lifetime to forget someone.soul partner

Accompanying is the longest confession of love. At the age of 19, she is looking forward to the beauty of love and falls in love with Zhang Ke, who is 18 years older than her. At the concert ten years later, she boldly shouted to the audience for love If you want to marry me now, come up.soul partner

The voice fell, and Zhang Ke, the man he had always liked, thought about it for a long time and walked slowly, tacitly agreeing that they had been in love for 15 years. In the eyes of all of us, she was happy. People discouraged her from protecting and caring for her love, but in exchange she was cheated of 600 million two years later. Love is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. What happened to the 15-year relationship?soul partner

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In October 1984, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, he landed with a babbling voice. As the first child born in the family, he did not get the love and care of his parents after birth. Why is it a girl? Hear the father ask seriously , Just because of the influence of generations, the thoughts and ideas of patriarchal preference. The father simply named Zhang Jingying. It didnt take long for the mother to give birth to a younger brother. The birth of the younger brother was the reason for the boy. In the eyes of all Liangying, no one likes and loves her. In this world of love for her younger brother, she cant feel the love or warmth. Due to the long-term relationship between her parents, her parents divorced and her father took away her younger brother. However, the little Liangying who did not like is still at home. Since then, the mother and daughter have lived a life of mutual dependence. Since there is no pillar at home and the mother is responsible for the heavy burdens of the family, the two beauties lived very hard at that time. The father paid 100 yuan per month for living expenses on time. , Because her mother did not want to see her father withdrawing money, this difficult and dangerous task was handed over to Xiao Liangying. At that time, she was still in elementary school, but she learned to observe words and words and distinguish right from wrong. Every time Zhang Liangying came to her father to withdraw money, she was always treated coldly, but In order to get 100 yuan, she learned to be patient. She didnt want to go to her fathers house, but the living conditions at home were too difficult. Although her father was not very good to Zhang Liangyingsoul partner

Life is stressful, how to release the stress< /a>_x0002_soul partnerWhat is the most desperate thing you have ever experiencedsoul partner_x0002_What is a person’s life to strive forsoul partner_x0002_

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