15EmotionalSentencesThatTouchYourHeart,GentletoHeartbreakto my soulmate


1. In fact, I regret whether I get married or not. The cat in the alley is very free, but has no destination. The dog in the fence has to bow his head for life when he has a destination. This multiple-choice question in life will have regrets no matter how you choose it.i love you my soulmate

2. We cannot choose what will happen in life, but fortunately, we can face it together.

3. A good relationship doesnt happen by chance. It takes time to manage, patience and tolerance, and two people who really want to be together.i love you my soulmate

4. Some songs fall in love after listening to the prelude, and some people fall in love at first sight. I believe in love at first sight, but I also believe that emotions need to be managed.i love you my soulmate

5. I dont want to do anything that drops in price

6. The best time is always On the road

7. There are many people who get off the bus halfway, so you dont have to think about it.i love you my soulmate

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8. Boil the sharpness of life into the tenderest soup.

9. The sun doesnt go down suddenly, so does enthusiasm and expectation.

10. It is said that only you can give yourself a sense of security, but this should include three meanings. The first is that you can support yourself, and the second is that you can support yourself. In the face of your loneliness, the third is to be able to bring happiness to yourself!i love you my soulmate

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11. The three cheapest things in reality: the gentleness that accomplishes nothing, the gentleman of the poor, and the sincerity of poverty.i love you my soulmate

i love you my soulmate

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12. Life is very short. If you accidentally meet the wrong person, you must learn to stop in moderation.

13. You must first find the reason for everything, dont always be demanding of others. Your shoes are dirty because the road you are walking on is not clean.i love you my soulmate

14. A grain of rice feeds a benefactor, and a stone of rice feeds an enemy. What the old man said is right, dont give everything you have at every turn, and leave some pride and distress to yourself.i love you my soulmate

15. Accept loneliness, accept loss, accept that oneself is incomplete, and occasionally be defeated by changes. Maybe acceptance is hard to swallow, but when you cant bear it, you have to learn to let yourself go.i love you my soulmate

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