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As January is approaching, many readers are urging me to update my zodiac year fortune analysis.

Since everyone is so impatient, starting from todays article, lets analyze the fortune of the zodiac year.find soulmate

If you are a regular reader, if this article is not your zodiac sign, starting today, you must remember to pay attention every day.

Maybe the next article will be your zodiac-specific annual fortune analysis.find soulmate

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As usual, in this article, lets start with the zodiac rat.find soulmate

Before we start, because everyone looks at the zodiac fortune, on the one hand, it is to see what the upcoming fortune looks like, and on the other hand, the most concerned thing is accuracy: after all, no one wants to waste their time. Look at some nonsense text.find soulmate

Then, lets summarize the fortune of 2021 first. You can refer to your own actual situation in the coming year and compare the authors description in the text to see if it is accurate.find soulmate

Then the 2022 Year of the Tiger fortune will be dismantled and analyzed in detail.


Okay, without further ado, lets get straight to the point.find soulmate

Zodiac Rat: 2021 (Xin Chou Year) fortune summary:

Zodiac Rat, Earthly Branch in Zi: Guishui, which represents the Zodiac Rat, which is naturally smoother, More winking, but also more like to take advantage of loopholes.find soulmate

Therefore, many zodiac rats will choose some sub-jobs besides their own work: and most of the zodiac rats, the sub-jobs even have higher income than the main jobs.find soulmate

However, in the middle of 2021, the most obvious experience for you zodiac rats is that the sideline business is stagnant and begins to be at a loss.

And the main job has begun to rise: the transfer of work, the appreciation of the boss, the emergence of promotion opportunities.find soulmate

This year is a major feature of the zodiac rats fortune.

Why is this?

In the zodiac story, the rat rides the bulls head and wins the first prize: and the year of the rat meets the ox, it represents the help of nobles: but the ox is more traditional and obeys the rules.find soulmate


Therefore, in terms of getting the help of nobles, it is impossible to come from partial wealth luck, but positive wealth, which also means: ones own job, what one should do.find soulmate

Although the cow walks slowly, for the mouse, it already represents a large span.find soulmate

Therefore, at work, it may be accompanied by the transfer of the original unit, the change of office, or the place of work.

In addition, Chou and Zi will meet the water in the north, which also represents cold, so this year, on the one hand, it is because of the good fortune that the work is relatively busy, and the sideline is neglected.find soulmate

The other reason is that because of the lazy body, I dont care about some problems other than work.find soulmate

Also because of the cold and dampness, the year 2021 will be more prone to colds, upper respiratory tract, tonsil discomfort, indigestion, chest tightness and allergies, which are often felt by the zodiac rat.find soulmate

In addition, in this years fortune, Xin Jin also represents help: gold and water are born together.

That is, in 2021, the zodiac rats talents, singing, speeches, dances, and performances can be brought into play.find soulmate

It can also be regarded as a gain in ones own work.


Positive wealth is relative to partial wealth: it is relatively stable, but the amount is relatively small.find soulmate

Therefore, in 2021, the basic zodiac Rat is more famous than wealth: pay more attention to your image in the eyes of others, and basically cant make much money.

In terms of emotional fortune, in 2021, the girls of the zodiac rat will have signs of rotten peach blossoms; while the boys of the zodiac rat will basically talk about objects that are slightly older than themselves in this year.find soulmate

Everyone refer to their own fortune characteristics this year to see if this is the case.find soulmate

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The zodiac rat, 2022 (Ren Yin year) fortune analysis:

After entering 2022, the zodiac rat can easily feel that the attractiveness of work to them becomes lower.find soulmate

Especially, I feel that I dont have enough money to spend: Although I work hard and it is relatively smooth; but the expenses have become larger, and I feel that I cant make ends meet.find soulmate

So, in terms of mentality, there will be a bit of a drift – that is, the feeling that you want to put your work energy back on your side hustle.

However, this year is a completely different year, and the Rats side business needs to start all over again.find soulmate


Under the premise of water and wood drifting, the Rat will feel at a loss, not knowing what to do or what to invest in.find soulmate

Here, the author has a suggestion: pay more attention to agriculture, sideline and other aspects: the rat feeds on food, and the Renyin year also represents the rise of agriculture.

Therefore, you zodiac rat, you can pay more attention to these aspects.find soulmate

In addition, this year, since I understand that water and wood drifting will make myself busy, I might as well stick to the work of the previous year, on the one hand, stabilize the current state, and then explore the unknown.find soulmate

Its a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, Ren Shuis entry into the game is somewhat influenced by the villain.find soulmate

Therefore, in this year, if you want to engage in a side business and cooperate with others, you must first choose the right partner.

Remember: a lot of water and wood drifting will make your personal thoughts more impetuous, from the patient investigation at the beginning to the impulsive action this year.find soulmate

It may lead to your failure in investment.


So, you must look at people first, then things. The more practical you can be, the more calm you can be and the less angry you will be, the better your chances will be this year.find soulmate

In addition, dont always think habitually: For example, the sideline business was civil engineering in the past, and this year is still staring at the previous project.find soulmate

The author clearly tells you that the main business needs to persist, while the side business needs new ideas and needs to be changed.find soulmate

In this way, you can increase your income more.

In terms of feelings, he is also influenced by Shuiduomu drifting.

It will weaken their emotional persistence, so it is easy to change their minds, whether it is a zodiac rat boy or a zodiac rat girl.find soulmate

Therefore, more self-control, more persistence and patience is the best way to stabilize what you have now.find soulmate


It should also be noted that under the influence of water cooling, Yinmu may cause the spine on the body and the cervical spine to be uncomfortable.

Therefore, reducing sedentary and driving time is a good way to relieve.find soulmate

In addition, there are many zodiac rats. After entering January, they will obviously feel that they are more timid than before: I used to be very courageous, but in the new year, I will not do anything. Confidence, no hope.find soulmate

This is also the effect of Yinmus prosperous encounter with water.

Therefore, the author suggests that starting from the beginning of spring in 2022, readers and friends of the zodiac rat may wish to insist on running in the morning to stabilize and warm the spirit of the wood.find soulmate

Get up and exercise at 5-7 in the morning every day, and soon you will find that courage and self-confidence come back.find soulmate

The above is the authors summary of the zodiac rats fortune in 2021 and the outlook for 2022.


At the end of the article, I also wish all the readers and friends of the zodiac rat, the Year of the Tiger: the tiger and the tiger will make the wind, the weather will be good;find soulmate

The fortune of the zodiac is mainly for entertainment; please read it easily and laugh at it!find soulmate

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