43-year-oldMcGradywentonvacationtosea,andhiswifecrushedKardashian.Shehadthesamerelationshipfor16yearsandearned1.1billionfriend soulmate

In recent months, the NBA has been in the offseason, and many stars have taken their girlfriends or wives to play around the world. On September 16, McGrady, the former NBA Rockets team, updated his personal social media. It turned out that the retired NBA supergiant also took his wife to the beach for a vacation.to my soulmate

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< p>Actually, the reason why Maddie went to sea with his wife on September 16th had another meaning! Because on September 16th it happened to be the 16th wedding anniversary of Maddie and his wife Clenda Harris. Memorial Day, so Maddie deliberately took his wife Harris to the beach for a holiday, just to give his wife a special wedding anniversary.
< p>Senior NBA fans know that almost all NBA superstars have a total income of hundreds of millions of dollars in the league. After most NBA stars have money, they start to live a life of luxury. Divorce from their original spouses can be said to be Even the basketball god Jordan couldnt avoid it. In order to divorce his ex-wife, Jordan even paid 300 million US dollars in compensation. But McGrady is completely different. Since he and his wife Harris have been married for 16 years, McGrady has never had an emotional scandal and rarely appeared in nightclubs.
< p> But from the 16th wedding anniversary photos posted by McGrady, fans can find that although McGrady is just 43 years old, his beard is already gray, and he looks a little old, like a little old man in his 50s, but McGrady still maintains his figure. Yes, just a little bit of fat. But McGradys wife Harris is in quite good condition. Although she is over 40, Harris still looks like a woman in her 20s. She is full of girlishness and her figure is crushing NBA celebrity Kardashian. Infatuated with Harris.
< p> Speaking of which, Harris is definitely a hero of the Maddie family. In the past 16 years of marriage, Harris has given birth to 2 sons and 2 daughters for Maddie. The two daughters are slim, and the two sons are also thriving. The four children are both in appearance and height. They all inherited Maddie completely, and the family has a very good relationship.
< p>In the hearts of domestic fans, McGrady has a very large influence. The Yao-Mai combination was invincible in the NBA. McGradys elegant dry pull-up jumper was very popular among fans. Throughout his career, McGradys total salary has reached 160 million US dollars, or about 1.1 billion yuan. Although McGrady, who owns a property of 1.1 billion, is not a top rich man, the money is enough for the McGrady family to eat and drink for a lifetime.
< p> After retiring in 2013, McGrady was very low-key, rarely appeared in public, and occasionally served as a commentator for some NBA. Most of the time, McGrady chose to accompany his family. After all, with a fortune of 1.1 billion, McGrady himself There are no bad hobbies, and he has been playing for most of his career. Now McGrady just wants to accompany his wife Harris and 4 children. It is no exaggeration to say that McGrady is definitely a clear stream in the NBA super giant, a real three-good man.

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