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11,592 people liked this article, author: Uncle Meng1. I really don’t like you if I don’t contact you, it’s not because I’m busy2. Love at first sight is a rebellion at first sight, and love is born over time It’s all about weighing the pros and cons3. Learn to stop your losses in time, if you can’t get along, you should separate immediately, don’t waste your time4. Don’t look at what the other party says, look at what the other party does5. Make every choice for yourself Pay the bill, you have to pay for the loss6. Don’t expect love to make your life better7. Show affection, be careful, and pass the test of time8. Sweet, forced love is not complete9. Dont expect a person to love all your bad tempers unconditionally10. The one who loves more has no right to speak11. Old love Rekindling is equal to repeating the same mistakes12. Dont try your relationship, you cant stand the test, youre not worthy of this relationship, if you cant stand the test, youll be sad13. Dont take your relationship as everything, you cant die without a personbr>14. You may not be the first, nor the last, nor the one he loves the most15. Being in the right place is really important16. Just being ambiguous means that I don’t like you enough>17. It will be cooler to break up without rambling, wagging your tail and begging for pity will only make the other party look down on you18. Being moved is not heart-wrenching, don’t be soft-hearted19. Don’t dig deep into secrets, curiosity kills the cat , will only add to yourself20. Men are more realistic than women21. The secretion time of dopamine is almost two years22. Women should not chase after mens interlayer yarn, It is difficult for the other party to cherish you23. After leaving the school, you can’t just consider whether you like it or not24. The reason for liking you will actually become the reason for breaking up25. Don’t be too aggressive26. His polite and gentle gentleman is probably taught by his ex-girlfriend27. No matter how much you love him, as long as he does something to you, there is no need for nostalgia28. The prodigal son will not turn back for you, you are ordinary29. Cheating is the bottom line, don’t think it will only happen once30. Don’t take anyone as your whole life31. Always say The person who may leave you will really leave you32. If the other party is too aggressive, reflect on whether you are too cowardly33. Don’t stay where you are, don’t think you can find a boyfriend Everything is fine, so the relationship may collapse at any time34. No one is a fool, he can always feel that you are good to him, and he keeps pretending to be confused means that he has no interest in you35. If you love another person, you have to do it for Leave room for yourself36. It doesnt matter how good a person is when he is nice to you, but how unbearable he is to hurt you37. Boys who are stingy with girls are generally selfish, not necessarily materialistic stingy38. Hate the same things It is more important than having common interests39. Love the three views first, and then look at the appearance after giving you the feeling40. No one needs to know the interesting soul through the ugly skin< br>41. Any setbacks before marriage are a sign of emotional problems. Dont think that everything will be peaceful after the wedding42. Dont rely too much on one person, it will scare him away43. Before complaining about the other party Look at yourself first, no one can like you unconditionally, except for your relatives44. Dont call it fast, will you be happy even if you win a quarrel?45. It is always important to keep a good figure and make yourself more beautiful46. Treating you well does not mean that you are special, and the next treatment may be the same as you47. When you doubt him in your heart When he still loves you or not, he doesn’t love you as much as he started48. It’s actually hard to stick to the heart, even if you become a pillow person49. Even if you were once very close, you may turn against each other50. Maybe you fall in love with the feeling he brings, not him.a soulmate

i left my husband for my soulmate

etsy soulmate drawing

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