76-year-oldmanwroteathousandmissdiariesforhissickwifeSincemywifewashospitalized,Ihaveoftenwashedmyfaceintears,andIdidntletinfj soulmate

On September 4th, according to Shandong Business Daily Shanhai Video, recently, in Taian, Shandong, 76-year-old Grandpa Guo has been using a diary since 2016 to record every bit of life with his wife. Mr. Guo, the grandson of the old man, introduced that after grandma fell ill, because grandpa was too old and could not accompany him to the hospital often, he wrote his concern for grandma in his diary.find your soulmate


Mr. Guo said last year In August, his grandmother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. When his children took the elderly out to see a doctor, Mr. Guos grandfather would always think about it at home. On August 23, 2021, Grandpa Guo wrote in his diary: My wife has been hospitalized for eleven days, and I have lived every day for the past ten days.find your soulmate


In the diary, Guo Grandpa recorded the daily life that he and his wife usually get along with. There are happiness and sweetness, and there are ups and downs. After learning that his wife was ill, he told his daughter and son-in-law that he would treat his mother no matter the cost.find your soulmate


At nine o’clock in the evening,I lit the three-pillar incense in the courtyard, kowtowed four times respectfully, and begged God and Grandma Taishan to bless my wife with effective treatment and a speedy recovery. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… I will continue to pray to God, Grandma Taishan, bless my wifefind your soulmate. Grandpa Guo wrote.


After the death of Grandpa Guo’s wife, he wrote: Xu is his wife’s kindness and virtue moved God, and there has been a light rain from time to time these days Or showers,Although the weather was hot on the day of my wifes funeral, but the rain did not fall for thousands of miles, it rained several times the next dayfind your soulmate.

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In this diary , Grandpa Guo also wrote that in the fifty-three years after marriage with his wife, the quarrel between the two was caused by my fault. Every time my wife was very generous and did not have the same knowledge as me, I feel guilty now in retrospect.find your soulmate


they The feelings of the older generation are not the same as they are now. Their generation was more about family responsibilities. The two of them supported the family together. No matter how they stumbled, there were times when they quarreled and there were good times. I think it is a very difficult thing. After reading his grandfathers diary, Mr. Guo sighed with emotion. If everyone has a significant other, he still hopes to be able to walk through his life in peace.find your soulmate

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Shanhai Video Report]find your soulmate

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