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“Hello, Brother” is a comedy movie and a movie about family love.


Because the mother died at birth, Xiao Wu played by Chang Yuan and father played by Wei Xiang have been nervous since childhood. Relationship, this is the lack of emotional warmth caused by a family that lacks female caring.sole mates meaning

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The relationship between father and son has grown increasingly strained following his fathers Alzheimers disease. The son blamed his father for guarding his own money and refusing to arrange a marriage for him. The father, whose symptoms were up and down, was also very wary of his sons attitude of only looking at money and not affection.sole mates meaning

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All this changed until the son accidentally obtained the crossing function through the parents ring.sole mates meaning

The son finally knew that he was defending his parents’ love and his right to exist before, but he was actually defending his mother . After giving up the right to survive, he is also defending his mother.sole mates meaning

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And he survived because his mother was defending him. This is the cycle of love.sole mates meaning

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Therefore, he completed self-redemption, and finally understood the love of his father, and he was also defending his mother .

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For many people, it can also arouse a deep resonance, from the various misunderstandings about parents at the beginning, to the final effort parents.sole mates meaning

This is a process of self-healing for oneself. Feel how precious the harvested love is.

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When we were young, maybe like the protagonist, we could not understand the love of our parents, but when we experienced some things, we gradually changed You have to grow up, and slowly let go of things that you cant understand.sole mates meaning

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The format of this movie has become higher at once. While there are laughs, there are also touching tears. It is a movie A warm comedy that can bring a lot of emotions.sole mates meaning


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