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Maybe people are really amazing and suddenly dont like who they are now. Before, I always had a higher mind than the sky and strived to be the best, but now I am too ordinary. Maybe it was because after giving birth, my whole person was in a wrong state after I returned to school. In the past, if the experiment could not be done, I would use all my energy to fight to the end, but now, my heart is like a river of spring water, calm. More time every day is spent on mobile phones and watching live broadcasts. Yes, these things are the least thought-provoking. They may be one of the so-called comfort zones and what psychologists call inertia. In the past, I would test until dawn for the experiment, but now I would stay up until the early morning in order to brush my mobile phone, and the next day, I would drag my tired body to the laboratory again. Because of staying up late, the whole persons brain is buzzing and cannot function, and just like that, another day has passed. After a day of regret, I really made myself a waste. Like me, most people may set goals for themselves every day, but spend them in vain, and regret it later. But this vicious cycle will continue.karmic soulmate

karmic soulmate

Analyze why you are in this state. There are several reasons: First, because of herd mentality. There are people around who will live their lives as they want, so they feel that they are sorry for themselves, so they imitate them, so they are congenial; Second, they pay too much attention to themselves. Most of the time I use my phone is to watch live broadcasts, buy, buy, buy. I always see good-looking clothes as if I own them. I pay too much attention to myself, and I feel too self-conscious. The live broadcast is indeed poisonous. I hope everyone can stop it. , how can I buy so many useless things; third, reward their illusions. After a days work and exhausted, I always think that I look at my mobile phone and browse my favorite things to treat myself and relax. In fact, if the phone is swiped, it will not stop, and it will be in the early morning before you know it. You dont need me to tell you the harm caused by staying up late. Its not a reward at all, its self-harm. And, youll regret swiping your phone yourself, which adds to your damage again.


So, to sum up, we cant go on like this, we have to rise, we have to change, we are ordinary and ordinary , but we can crawl slowly like a snail. We dont have to hate ourselves because were mortals too, but we can do what we can.karmic soulmate

karmic soulmate

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Life is so short for decades, I am in my third year, I have children and a family, I want to set a good example for my baby. From today, I will quit messy thoughts, quit mobile phones, and quit staying up late. Exercise, read, chat, go shopping, and be a good and positive young man.karmic soulmate

karmic soulmate

< section> Specific implementation plan: If you dont bring your mobile phone at night, if you do, turn it off on time at 11:00. Turn off the phone after finishing the necessary work during the day. Be a good young man who enjoys every moment and share with you,

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