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Original title: After middle age, meeting a soul mate is not necessarily a good thing


I remember someone once said: the best Good love, in the end, is actually the interdependence of the soul.

You have me, I have you, and we are inseparable from each other.3 soulmates in a lifetime

What a beautiful word it sounds, but the most beautiful things always have certain prerequisites.

Just like in love, the premise of finding a soul mate is to be alone.3 soulmates in a lifetime

If you have already married and started a business and entered middle age, it may not be a good thing to meet someone who fits your soul.

You have to consider whether this abandonment is worth it or not; whether the challenge of love is within the scope of your own tolerance; to the interests of those around you.3 soulmates in a lifetime

So, meeting a soul mate after middle age is not necessarily a good thing, but more like a bet, betting on your current happiness and future.3 soulmates in a lifetime


Suddenly remembered the “My First Half of My Life” I had seen.

Luo Zijun and Chen Junsheng have been married for many years, with a stable marriage, a harmonious family, and a very lovely son.3 soulmates in a lifetime

And Chen Junsheng works in high-end enterprises, earning a good salary, and Luo Zijun, who is a full-time wife at home, lives a life that is envied by many people.3 soulmates in a lifetime

And Luo Zijun himself is very content with the status quo, happy and hard-working to manage his family.

But Chen Junsheng doesnt think so. He feels that Luo Zijun lacks the ability to take care of himself. He can support a whole family with his own salary. He feels that Luo Zijun is incapable and does not know how to share for himself.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Being bored and dissatisfied, Chen Junsheng met another company colleague Ling Ling.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Ling Ling is intellectual and generous, and her performance is also very decent and excellent when giving speeches at company meetings.

Although Ling Ling was also divorced, this did not affect Ling Lings image in Chen Junshengs heart at all,3 soulmates in a lifetime

Chen Junsheng felt that this kind of rich life experience was stable and mature performance.

In this way, Ling Ling and Chen Junsheng started dating tacitly, and the two talked about their dreams.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Chen Junsheng felt that Ling Ling was the soul mate he was looking for, much stronger than Luo Zijun, who only talked about designer bags and clothes at home.3 soulmates in a lifetime

So Chen Junsheng divorced Luo Zijun very quickly and married Ling Ling into the house.

Cooking is not as delicious as Luo Zijun, and even more boring than Luo Zijun. Todays married life is always very depressing.3 soulmates in a lifetime

The two began to quarrel day and night, and their married life has always been a wave of ups and downs.

soulmate connection

So he wanted to save Luo Zijun, but Luo Zijun had already walked with He Han.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Life will never give you a chance to start over because of your regrets.

The middle-aged self should have understood long ago that the temptation around you is far less than the person beside you at the moment.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Just like Chen Junsheng, he always felt that Luo Zijun was incompetent, but he forgot that it was for the sake of running the family that Luo Zijun gave up a high-paying job;3 soulmates in a lifetime

He felt that Ling Lingcai It is the soul mate that I met in middle age, but this companionship is only based on maintaining a proper distance, and it will soon break down after the real marriage.3 soulmates in a lifetime

In fact, life is short for decades. It is not a bad thing to pursue what you love and what you want;

But you should also look at you while pursuing Is everything you have worth your hard work and gambling?3 soulmates in a lifetime

Meeting a soul mate in middle age is not necessarily a good thing. It affects your future choices in life and the harm or sacrifice made by people around you for your choices.

The middle-aged self has long lacked the willful courage, and knowing the rationale to weigh the pros and cons is the true meaning of life.3 soulmates in a lifetime


What exactly is a soulmate?

I believe that many people, when they meet their soulmate, always feel that she does not eat the fireworks of the world, and has a feeling of mystery and fit with themselves.3 soulmates in a lifetime

But when you think about it, were all part of the world, and what youre seeing now may be just selectively ignoring our weaknesses and appreciating our strengths while keeping our distance.3 soulmates in a lifetime

But you have forgotten that she will eventually fall into the mundane world in your heart, and she will show her inherent inferiority in the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt.3 soulmates in a lifetime

By then you may miss your former partner, and more likely regret your choices, but its too late.

I remember someone once said: Dont seek the so-called freshness in love, because you will fall into the cycle of freshness and cannot extricate yourself.3 soulmates in a lifetime

People are still looking for novelty and so-called romance after middle age.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Its like Helen Keller once said: Maybe people are like this, they dont know how to appreciate what they have, but they blindly pursue what they dont have.

But in fact, life can only be happy if you understand contentment.3 soulmates in a lifetime

When people reach middle age, they should look more at what is around them, instead of blindly caring about their own nothing. Only in this way can it benefit you and the people who love you.3 soulmates in a lifetimeReturn to Sohu, see more

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