AnalyzetheancientpoetryandsongILiveattheHeadoftheYangtzeRiverandfeeltheemotionaltoneandemotionalchangesofthesongfriend soulmate

The poem “I live at the head of the Yangtze River” is a representative of mens boudoir. Tone to tell, look forward to the delicate feelings of love.

But or subconsciously, it is described in the lyricssoulmate and twin flameThe melancholy of a womans lovesickness, the desolation and helplessness of partingand other emotions constitute the lyrical tone of the words mainlysad. Li Zhiyi used the identity and tone of a woman to create works, describing a womans deep nostalgia for the person she loved, andexpressed her longing for the person she loved after parting.


The main structural feature of the original word is that there are two upper and lower brackets, a total of eight The first four sentences and the last four sentences constitute two paragraphs with different content and structure, and the latter paragraph follows the former paragraph and has a new development.soulmate and twin flame

The emotion of “I Live at the Head of the Yangtze River” can be seen from the overall structure of the song , is a process ofsoulmate and twin flamefrom a gradual accumulation to a concentrated outbreak. By grasping the emotional changes in the song, you candeeply understand the artistic conception of the work.

The melody structure of the song contains the structure of the word, and it is also in the music creation. There is development. The structure of the tune is basically in the form of two sections, A and B, and section B is also the development of section A:soulmate and twin flame

tune Starting from paragraph A, it is narrative, as ifsoulmate and twin flametalking to itself, but at this time it has hidden endless thoughts, inner emotions To be revealedgradually.

At the beginning of section B, the mood of the music does not follow the direction of the previous melody Instead of showing a high momentum, it uses asoulmate and twin flamesofter tune, which seems to suppress the development of emotions.

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I only hope that your heart is like my heart, it seems to be just a potential heart here wish in. Such processing not only enriches the emotional expression of the song, but also makes it more subtle, delicate and full of changessoulmate and twin flame, and also fully prepares for the development of music and emotions in the future , to give a solid foundation for a stronger musical mood.


B section appears three times in total, and the changes are repeated twice, like the style of the Book of Songs, sung over and over again, in the form of The top is repeated and the emotion is not. Emotions aresoulmate and twin flamelow back and forth, lingering, and the tone iscontinuous, up and down. This repetition is not only change, but also development.

Mood changes, the color of the music deepens continuously due to repetition, a little The change has added a little more anticipation to this yearning and eagerness. When segment B appeared for the second time, the wish that your heart be like mine has gradually become stronger.soulmate and twin flameIt cannot be concealed and needs to be expressed.


With the development of music, segment B appeared for the third time. At this time, It has already expressed not just a wish, but asoulmate and twin flamea request, amore passionate request for love. This complex emotional change and inner activity is reflected in the tune very clearly.

The next four sentences are processed separately and repeatedlysoulmate and twin flame< strong>Three times in total, when these four lines appear for the third time,the emotion develops to the climax of the whole song, and the deep feeling of longing is fully reflected.


Love-themed artworks express pure emotions, beautiful ideals and yearning for the future. This song was composed when Qingzhu was incognito when he was wanted. He used this pure emotion to express his inner feelings, his nostalgia for the comrades who lost their lives for the revolution, and his beautiful ideals and hopes for the salvation of the nation, making it a counter-intuitive The psychic power of oppression, the struggle against darkness.soulmate and twin flame


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