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The pain of losing a loved one cannot be washed away by time. What will still make your heartache years later is the true love that was easily given up back then; many times, the moment we thought we couldnt last, actually passed naturally after we endured it. The world is like a chess game, if you are not persistent, you will be a master; life is like a pot, and if you break it, you will be a vacuum. Life is not perfect, and happiness is not perfect. When attachment becomes a burden, letting go is liberation. You cant even control when you go to bed, how do you still want to control your life? Your problem is that you know everything, but you are lazy! Dont drink more than six points drunk, eat less than seven points full, and love a lover less than eight points. But most people often get drunk, overeat, and then fall in love again and become fools. In the end, they vomit, grow a pile of meat, and be abandoned; if you help someone 100 points, when one day you are only willing to help 80, he will Empty all your graces, and would rather choose to be friends with people who only help him with 70 points. A grain of rice feeds a benefactor, a stone of rice feeds an enemy, and what the old man said is right. Dont give everything you have at every turn, leave some pride and distress to yourself, remember, the coldest thing is the heart. Life is not too long or too short, do what you like, dont look forward to anyone anymore, love is nothing, making money is the most important thing; there are cracks in life, the sun will shine in, there is no eternal night, only the dawn that has not yet arrived . If you think that love cannot tolerate any flaws, then you will probably never find love in your life; it is so depressing when you are unable to change everything, do what you want, and have what you want. We may no longer be able to be irreplaceable to each other as we used to be. My heart has changed, you dont care. Your love has changed, but I cant help but ask; even if I say I love you a thousand times, it can be over with just one word of goodbye. This is love. If one day, you love someone like I love you, you will know how tired I am. In life, everyone will encounter setbacks. Moderate setbacks have a certain positive meaning. It can help people drive away inertia and promote people to forge ahead; there are many reasons for not loving, busy, tired, not feeling, inappropriate, for your own good , and the expression of love is only one, just want to be with you. If I were a passer-by in your world, you would never meet a second me; dont let yourself cry easily, when you laugh, the whole world laughs with it. But when you cry, you are the only one in the world crying. Its not that I dont like you anymore, its that Ive waited for you for a long time and you havent responded, whether you pretend to be confused or dont understand, dont come back to me again, just like cold food, reheat it again, its not The original taste is gone; you have to be a heroine who is omnipotent and overcome all obstacles, until you meet someone who can entrust your life to it, and then become a little princess who cant unscrew the bottle cap. No matter what your life is like, there will be people behind your back who will make irresponsible remarks about you. Laughing at it without arguing or caring about it is actually the best kind of contempt; it’s tiring to pay too much attention to others and longing to be noticed by others. It’s a good thing to get used to being alone, and then you find that the people you want to depend on and connect with are getting more and more The less, the person becomes calm and calm, not so tired anymore. People must stand up to lies, perfunctory, deceit, forget their promises, and let go of everything. What I lost has never really belonged to you, and there is no need to regret it; no one accompanies me with spring and autumn, no one accompanies me with poetry and wine, and in the end, no one accompanies me to share a white song. I just want to find someone to live with, I like him, he likes me, there are no secrets, no unhappiness, if the personality is not suitable, you can run it in, you can adapt to different habits, as long as you have a determination to keep going; If the person waiting has not come, it is not abandoned, but the other party is still on the way.capricorn and libra soulmates

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