Anopenlettertomywife(originalemotionaltalk)meeting your soulmate


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It has been 8 years since you and I met, fell in love, got married and had our daughter Rui Rui . I havent written you a letter yet, and I didnt expect this first letter to tell you the good news youve longed for—good morning soulmate

I also cheated.

Once, because I found a business wife, I felt honored on my face, not only rich, but more importantly, you were beautiful, which made the male and female colleagues in the unit envied. You are also in your circle of friends, proud and proud of me because I am a government official.good morning soulmate

After getting married, my daughter went to kindergarten, you have less stumbling around you, you are free, and I gradually found that your shortcomings are exposed. When I got home, I took my cell phone and lay on the sofa for a long time. Although there was a nanny, they washed the dishes and mopped the floor after dinner and went home. And when you go home, you will not only take the tableware and chopsticks, but also take the mobile phone. I can also see some clues from your facial features. Next, Im going out for a while. Some clients ask me to talk to me about something. I dont go home for dinner at night. The wording is logical and I expected it. In the evening, I dont have you at home, so I have dinner with Rui Rui and the nanny. When Rui Rui asked her mother why she went out at night, I can only say that my mother wants to go out to talk about things for us at night. Buy you new clothes. My daughter is looked after by a nanny every day, and it makes me sad to see her and the nanny making out. When you first hired a nanny, you kept insisting on hiring people in their forties or fifty years old, for fear that I would have any trouble.good morning soulmate

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Some people say that there is a seven-year itch between husband and wife, but after three years of marriage, it tends to be dull, and there is no longer any passion for love between men and women, together When sleeping, they looked at their phones back to back and yawned. When you say where to take Rui Rui to play on weekends, and sometimes what to eat at night, you always say that you are busy, and everything you do can be covered up by customers.good morning soulmate

When you were discovered by me for the first time, I only said lightly that you should do it yourself, seeing how good our Rui Rui is, you have to bear it. Later, you became more and more crazy and unscrupulous. You brought your little lover home and said that he was a competent person in your company. In my heart, I said angrily that she was your competent sex partner! Because you are beautiful, there are always men around you, and it is popular to look for fresh meat, so you will always have a handsome and masculine bodyguard by your side.good morning soulmate

In the past four or five years, I have endured too much from you, and I have long held grudges in my heart. I am a man, and I also need a woman, a warm woman. Suppressed self-abuse, and finally sacrificed not only my body, but also my spirit. When a persons energy is gone, I will die day by day.good morning soulmate

platonic twin flame

So I had to cheat.good morning soulmate

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She is divorced. She has a son who is two years younger than Rui Rui in the business unit. She is three years younger than you. She is not as plump and beautiful as you, but she is beautiful and lovely.good morning soulmate

She and I feel sorry for each other, and we are very happy together. She knew how to be caring and considerate of me, and she didnt ask me what to do.good morning soulmate

I want to end my marriage with you, and I know you wont. You cant change your sloppy behavior, because your environment and your character are determined. I also dont want to hurt our precious daughter. I hope she grows up healthily and happily in a sunny environment. I hope we will love her as always.good morning soulmate

After I send it to you, you dont have to call me back, and you dont have to come back tonight. Well wait for Rui Rui to sleep tomorrow night, lets talk about it.good morning soulmate

I cant keep a secret, so Ill confess to you.good morning soulmate

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your my soulmate

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