Anyrelationshipwillbedestroyedbythesethreewords!isfp soulmate

section A stable relationship,

must be a relationship that makes each other,

feel comfortable.

for a long time together,

must let each other,span>

I feel looking forward to getting along.

Some feelings,

everywhere, my heart is very tired;soulmate

Walking, chilling.

The grievances have accumulated too much,

there is no way to release,

Just thinking about running away!

Any relationship will be destroyed in three words:

Do not cherish!soulmate


01, love, cant stand disrespect for a long timesoulmate

< span>soulmate

Love cannot stand deceit and indifference.soulmate

My dedication to you,soulmate

You can see it,soulmate

Covet others favors and be stingy in giving back.soulmate

Get along like this,soulmate

The one who pays more in the long run,soulmate

< span>It will definitely be wronged.soulmate

A relationship must be respected,soulmate

respect and acknowledge each other’s it is good.soulmate

If you have him in your heart, give more feedback;soulmate

to my soulmate

If you don’t have him in your heart, stay away.soulmate

Dont consume others,

Dont deceive others.

Otherwise, sooner or later,

the other party will definitely leave you!


02, friendship, cant stand a long time of not being gratefulsoulmate

A healthy relationship,

< p>We must cherish each other.

You help me, I help you,

I am good to you, I am good to you.

I am willing to pay for you,

You cherish me and give me back.


two people together,

One party has been paying, the other party has been taking advantage,soulmate

One is sincere, the other is greedy,

Get along like this,

There is no long-term possibility at all.

Only a relationship of mutual benefit and reciprocity,

is the most stable and reliable!soulmate


03. Dont wait until you lose it to understand the value of cherishing< /span>

How precious is it?

Many people wait until they are lost.

The person who cares about them most has left,soulmate< /p>

I suddenly understood,

I really missed it,

It is hard to recover no matter how much I regret it. .

In this life,

actually the most expensive possession,p>

There is no more than one person,

dedicated to you.soulmate

If you miss it,

is for a lifetime.

Fate can be hard to find,

cherishing is the only way to treat fate kindly!


soulmate relationship

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