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The sociality of human determines the social property, Peoples daily friendship, work, love, marriage, etc., are all for distraction, to divide the lonely heart, to not be lonely. The ancient version of the Bible also said that people were originally one body, but God was jealous of the carefree life of human beings, and split people into two halves, half male and half female, so that they had to face loneliness and conflict from birth. With a sense of integrity, only by trying to find the other half can we get rid of the torture of loneliness.139 days soulmate meaning

People are afraid of loneliness. In order to prevent themselves from being lonely, they choose to use busy work to prove their ability; to use continuous entertainment to reflect their self-worth; to make frequent friends to make up for their own feelings. emptiness. People are selfless and show their brightest and brightest side in front of the public, but when night falls, after people go to the empty building, when there is only one person left on the huge stage, is there still full of enthusiasm? Is there still a face full of enthusiasm? Do you still have the confidence to release yourself? I believe that at that moment, only a strong sense of loneliness struck, which caught people off guard.139 days soulmate meaning

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Overheard a An old song, one of the lyrics is the most impressive, loneliness, is a persons carnival, carnival, is the loneliness of a group of people. Loneliness is not the same as loneliness, loneliness is just a personal feeling, and loneliness is more connected and interactive with the surrounding. Loneliness has its own unique charm. He is not passive and low-spirited. In some cases, he is even the driving force for positive actions.139 days soulmate meaning

When you feel lonely, you can try to listen to light music with empty inspiration. With the rhythm of the music, you can enter another fantasy world, you can resonate with birds, gallop with horses, Play with fish and fly with eagles. At that moment, you are free and happy, and the loneliness at this time becomes a happy feeling. You can also try to listen to influential classical music. Classical music has very delicate and abundant emotions, and the melodious tunes like A good medicine can slowly relieve the melancholy and make people feel relaxed like never before.139 days soulmate meaning

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The loneliness at this time is became a wonderful feeling. You can even try to listen to the energy of the mantra, you can feel the original power from the universe, warm and strong, just like being wrapped in a soft light, watching yourself quietly, and finally melting in this place. In the world of incantations, the loneliness at this time becomes the perception of joy.139 days soulmate meaning

Loneliness is the beginning of cognition of life. Without the experience of being alone with yourself, you will not know how to get along with others; prudence and loneliness is the beginning of a fulfilling life, the sublimation of loneliness, self-discipline, self-discipline, sincerity in the middle, and form in the outside. . To enjoy loneliness is not to be self-enclosed or isolated from the world, but to generate more tentacles to connect with the surrounding, to perceive the world with more delicate emotions, and to love the world more.139 days soulmate meaning

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