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Original title: Are you also looking for a soul mate?

Soulmates, originating from Platos “Symposium”, he believes that people are in the most real conceptual world before and after death, where everyone is a male and female Whole people come to this world and are divided into two. Therefore, people always feel that if they have lost something, they try to find their other half. Therefore, humans are born with a strong spiritual need to find a soul mate.soulmate


Xu Zhimo once said: I will look for My only soulmate. If I get it, Im lucky; if I dont, its my life. that is it. As a result, he also had three relationships, and finally turned into a cloud in the sky when he was less than 35 years old in order to participate in a speech meeting of his soul mate.soulmate


Nowadays, soul mates seem to be the aspiration of many people. The more delicate and richer the spirit, the greater the desire for a soul mate. But is having a soul mate really happy?soulmate


A perfect partnership should be a combination of soul, body and life, but perfection is often scarce. It seems that it should only exist in the sky.soulmate

my soulmate is

It is said that the chance of encountering true love in ones lifetime is only 3 in 100,000,000, which is much smaller than the probability of winning the 10 million jackpot.soulmate

The unique personality determines the differences in thinking and behavior of each person; there are various results in the interaction, interaction and combination of people, including conflict suppression and compatibility. As long as it fits, you will soon have a feeling of heartbeat. This is the theory of interpersonal trait matching in psychology.soulmate

Its like Baoyu first met Daiyu and said, “I dont think Ive seen this sister before. The souls are similar, only at first sight, the heart is in harmony.soulmate


So if you haven’t met your soul mate, you don’t have to What a pity. As Yu Dan said, inner strength can resolve many regrets in life.soulmate

If you have a strong heart, you will naturally embrace the imperfect life, face everything in life calmly, experience this life to the fullest, enjoy the harvest of work and the joy of life, and finally realize your own life value, own happiness.soulmate

You will also have your soul mate—your belief and pursuit will always accompany you!soulmateReturn to Sohu, see more

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