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Being dominated by the freshness and the authors writing style, I watched the two-night double male lead online article. It happened that I was chasing “Are You Safe” again recently, which is also a work with two male psychic soulmate drawing

I immediately associate with the emotions of the dual male protagonists or the dual female protagonists.

Usually, novels will tell you plainly that this is love. Movies and TV dramas are always ambiguous and ambiguous. If the original works are supported, they can basically be interpreted according to the original psychic soulmate drawing

If there is no original work, it can only be understood by the audience. Although the mainstream topic will lead to love, but Some people still have their own psychic soulmate drawing

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I also think that there is a blur between friendship and love. But it is not the kind of ambiguity with strong tendencies that is above AUO and not full of love. It is a form of friendship and love, which I call psychic soulmate drawing

The term soulmate is rarely heard in recent years.

Many years ago, I read an answer on a certain platform, which roughly means: another in the world He, when the two of them got along, felt that every cell was breathing psychic soulmate drawing

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And later in life, I also met a person like psychic soulmate drawing

It is not enough to say it is friendship.

It is not necessary to say it is love.

In short, the spirit fits and resonates at the same frequency. There is no attraction between the two, but a state close to psychic soulmate drawing

The only difference is that she suffered from mild depression because of her previous life experiences. Maybe its because of the spirit of integration, she does get along more easily with me than with psychic soulmate drawing

Soulmates were also mentioned to me at that time. I wasnt sure at the time, but I thought it didnt matter, because all I wanted was to wish her well.

Do whatever you want and accept yourself. Dont force yourself to be a beautiful person in the eyes of others, allow yourself to lose your temper and allow yourself to psychic soulmate drawing

So when I watched “Are You Safe”, I could understand Qin Huais feelings for Chen Mo. Nor would it be classified as psychic soulmate drawing

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Its just blurry.

Gender ambiguous.

The relationship is ambiguous.

Because there is no word that can accurately express this emotion of human beings, when you describe it externally, you just say Its brotherhood, friendship, family-like feelings. Speaking of soul mates, it is not easy for others to psychic soulmate drawing

different types of soulmates

Im not a man, so I cant empathize with mens emotions, not sure how detailed it can psychic soulmate drawing

But I think it may be easier for girls to perceive this emotion because it is more common.

Although others see you as a good relationship, the form is similar to friendship, but you know in your heart that she is not Ordinary little psychic soulmate drawing

You wish her well, you want to protect her, and you are willing to pay for her. You will be sad when she leaves, but full of satisfaction is a psychic soulmate drawing

I think this emotion, delicate and warm. Even if you cant get together, the emotion you have for her nourishes your spirit and becomes your extra psychic soulmate drawing

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Qin Huai is obsessed with finding the whereabouts of Chen Mo, mainly because with his understanding of Chen Mo, he feels that Chen Mo is very likely to be in a dangerous situation psychic soulmate drawing

Otherwise, Chen Mo wouldnt let go of his mother for so many years.

In addition, he and Chen Mo had agreed to open a company together. Without Chen Mo, this dream would be incomplete.

So he has a sense of belief that he must find Chen psychic soulmate drawing

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He went to Tamanda, only to be told that Chen Mo was dead.

Chen Mo came back quietly, but said he would break up with him.

These two times are equivalent to crushing his beliefs and dreams for so many years. Therefore, in the play, Qin Huai has two large-scale decadent scenes, and even plans to close the psychic soulmate drawing

Of course, in some scenes where he misses Chen Mo, he can also see that he is unhappy, I think Its psychic soulmate drawing

Insist on searching for years butfree psychic soulmate drawingno news< span>, no matter in life or spirit, he is overdrawn. But recalling the past of their dreams, they regained the strength to stand up.


This kind of soul-reaching intersection is difficult to have in an impetuous society, and its existence does not mean long-term. People dont have so much patience and energy to dig into their psychic soulmate drawing

Family, love, and friendship . The true soul mateothersme, can not be found.

Reading books and watching dramas seems to satisfy the yearning for this kind of beauty heart of. Finally, I put a picture of Qin Huais prosperous beauty. This shot wasfree psychic soulmate drawingvery good.




you are my soulmate

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