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Original title: Art is Emotion


As long as people live in the world

it is inseparable from emotion

this is why

some people feel relaxed and happy because of a painting

Someone will cry because of a song

Someone will change their life because of a videodear soulmate

People have different experiences

so When facing the same artwork

the feelings obtained are also different

the magic is

people from different countries

But because of the same artworkdear soulmate

similar feelings

Excellent artworks have a kind of charm

It makes people intoxicated when they appreciate it< /p>

And produce a different experience of the unique moment

That moment

The artist infected the audience with the feelings he had experienceddear soulmate

This is probably the most successful feedback for artwork


Exhibition Information


Liaoning International Cultural and Economic Exchange Centerdear soulmate

Yangtze Evening News

intp soulmate


Jingchao Art Museum

Support:< /p>

China Democracy Promotion Association Dandong Municipal Committee

Shanghai Minjin Entrepreneurs Associationdear soulmate

Minjin Shanxi Entrepreneurs Association

Liaoning Democracy Entrepreneurs Association

Hongkou Democracy Entrepreneurs Association

Democratic Shanxi Kaiming Painting Academy

Jiangsu Zhoudu Health Technology Co., Ltd.dear soulmate

Nanjing Lizhizhou Culture

Nanjing Mingde Quality Education Research Institute

Nanda Angao Blockchain Industry Research Institute

Jiangsu Xinruntong Real Estate Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd.dear soulmate

Pangu Art Network

Hongdao Art Museum

Public Support Unit:

Shanghai Dreams Come True Public Welfare Foundation

Curator: Hu Yaozhong< /p>

Co-curator: Feng Qiuhong

Academic host: Bao Guitao

Exhibition date: 2021.10.24-2021.11.13 (9:00-18:00 Holidays)dear soulmate

Exhibition Hall: Nanjing Library

Address: Exhibition Hall, B1, East Gate, Nanjing Library, No. 189, East Zhongshan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing< i>Return to Sohu, see moredear soulmate

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