Becauseoftheconflictbetweenhusbandandwife,hecommittedsuicideandrandomlyselectedthetargetofthecrime!Mansmotivefordrivingintostspiritual soulmate


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辽宁建昌通报致5死19伤冲撞事件:< /strong>

Suspect committed suicide due to marital conflict

At 12:15 on the 22nd, in front of the second primary school in Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, a man drove his car into a crowd of people passing by. So far, 5 minors have been killed and 19 people have been injured, including 3 people seriously.psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

Review of the report, poke ↓↓

Burst! 5 dead and 18 injured! After school, a car suddenly rushed towards the group of studentspsychic drawing soulmate

On the evening of the 22nd, a reporter from Nandu from Liaoning Province The Propaganda Department of the Jianchang County Party Committee of Huludao City was informed: At 12:15 on November 22, 2018, in front of the No. 2 Primary School in the section of Hongqi Street, Jianchang County,a man drove into the left side of the road and drove in the opposite direction. , rammed into the passing crowd, then drove away from the scene, and was later arrested by the public security organs.psychic drawing soulmate

After preliminary investigation by the public security organs, the suspect in this case, Han Mouhua, male, 29 years old. Through the alcohol and drug testing of criminal suspects, thepublic security organs have identified and ruled out drunk driving and drug driving.psychic drawing soulmate

The criminal suspect Han Mouhua was detained by the public security organs according to law on suspicion of endangering public safety by dangerous means. The case is under further investigation.psychic drawing soulmate

This morning (23rd), the Propaganda Department of Jianchang County Party Committee once again reported that after investigation by the public security organs, thecriminal suspect Han Mouhua , male, 29 years old, from Jianchang County, unemployed. The person is introverted, paranoid, and narrow-minded. Recently, due to the conflict between husband and wife, he committed suicide and developed extreme thoughts. He adopted the method of driving and crashed, and randomly selected the target of the crime, which led to the occurrence of the case.psychic drawing soulmate

The driver is controlledpsychic drawing soulmate

cause p>

5 students who diedpsychic drawing soulmate

The Southern Metropolis reporter learned that one of the injured was a teacher, the other was a parent of a student, and the five dead were all students.psychic drawing soulmate

The staff of the medical department of Jianchang County Peoples Hospital said that more than 10 students received treatment in brain surgery and surgery. It is reported that among the injured students currently receiving treatment in the hospital, the youngest is 6 years old and the oldest is 8 years old.psychic drawing soulmate

The staff of the medical department of Jianchang County Peoples Hospital told Nandu reporters that shortly after the accident occurred at noon, the hospital received the alarm and immediately sent medical personnel to the scene. Nandu reporters learned that there are also some injured people receiving treatment in Jianchang County Rehabilitation Hospital.psychic drawing soulmate

At about 17:00 on the 22nd, the staff of Jianchang County Rehabilitation Hospital confirmed to Nandu reporters that two people are currently receiving treatment in the hospital. In the department of orthopedics and surgery, both of them are boys, and there is no serious problem after treatment.psychic drawing soulmate

The evening of the 22nd, Jianchang County, Liaoning Province At the entrance of No. 2 Primary School, dozens of local people spontaneously placed candles and flowers in mourning. [Nandu N Video] Video: Wang Kai Gongna Editor: Lin Yunpsychic drawing soulmate

The Second Primary School of Jianchang County is located in The second section of Hongqi Street is only 510 meters away from the Jianchang County Public Security Bureau. Southern Metropolis reporters learned from the owner of a shop on Hongqi Street that the No. 2 Primary School in Jianchang County has school personnel taking students across the road every day after school. After the incident, the road was unblocked at about two oclock, and normal traffic was resumed.psychic drawing soulmate

The boss said that many students could still be in normal classes in the afternoon, but the class that heard the accident had been suspended in the afternoon, and the students of other classes were also picked up by their parents one after another. .psychic drawing soulmate

Southern Metropolis Daily (nddaily) Comprehensive Reportpsychic drawing soulmate

Southern Metropolis reporter Yu Yijing Huang Chibopsychic drawing soulmate

According to Peoples Daily (Reporter: Xin Yang)psychic drawing soulmate

中国多家电商平台下架杜嘉班纳产品psychic drawing soulmate

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to Dolce & Gabbanas insult to Chinapsychic drawing soulmate

< p> Italian luxury brand Dolce&Gabbana, which was deeply involved in the scandal of humiliating China, was collectively removed from the shelves of many Chinese e-commerce platforms. On the 22nd, the reporter noticed that at present, related products and products have not been searched on platforms such as Tmall,,, Netease Koala, Vipshop, Yihaodian, Yangquan, Xiaohongshu and Secoo. content.

In response to the Italian reporters question about Dolce & Gabbanas humiliating China incident, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang responded on the 22nd that he should not ask questions Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is better to ask ordinary people in China how they view this issue.(The Paper Global Network)psychic drawing soulmate

Chongqing After the bus crashed into the riverpsychic drawing soulmate

There are still more than ten cases of assault on drivers nationwidepsychic drawing soulmate

Wu Chungeng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, said on the 22nd that after the Chongqing bus crashed into the river, cases of attacking drivers continued to occur nationwide. As many as ten. Wu Chungeng revealed that at present, the Ministry of Transport is studying and will take a series of special actions and work measures to guide the public to ride in a civilized manner.(Southern Metropolis Daily)psychic drawing soulmateDetails>>

The Chinese Athletics Association reiterates that no ceremonies shall interfere with the competitionpsychic drawing soulmate

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Marathon Office of the Chinese Athletics Association released the “Notice on Further Regulating and Strengthening the Organization and Management of National Marathon Competitions” through its official WeChat account.psychic drawing soulmate

The notice reiterates that the organizers and organizers of national marathon events should attach great importance to the organization of the competition and strictly implement the rules and regulations of the marathon competition. Any ceremonial activities shall not affect the normal operation of the competition, and shall not affect the fair competition among the contestants.(Southern Metropolis Daily)Details>>psychic drawing soulmate

/span>psychic drawing soulmate

Hebei Zhangjiakou Dog neutering halved administration feepsychic drawing soulmate

Winter dog walking is limited to 9pm-7am

In order to standardize dog-raising behavior, the Peoples Government of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province recently issued the “Regulations on the Administration of Dog Raising in Zhangjiakou City” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), which regulates dog breeding within the citys main urban area. Only feeding and related management activities are specified. The regulations will take effect on January 1, 2019.psychic drawing soulmate

The “Regulations” propose that dog breeders are encouraged to sterilise their dogs. If the dog owner sterilizes the dog he raises, the management service fee will be halved with the dog sterilization certificate. The “Regulations” delineate the time range for dog walking. The dog walking time is from November 1st to March 31st of the following year from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am the next day; from April 1 to October 31st from 10:00 pm to the next day 6 am today.(Southern Metropolis Daily)Details>>psychic drawing soulmate

A university in Shanghai bans food delivery:psychic drawing soulmate

The food delivery staff rides Multiple Accidents on Phonepsychic drawing soulmate

Student House


Dust explosion at HKBU

12 students burned


According to Hong Kong, a fire broke out in the Weilun Building, the student dormitory of Hong Kong Baptist University, in the early morning of the 22nd, and a student was suspected of splashing flour while celebrating his birthday. , but the birthday candle did not go out, causing a dust explosion and 12 students burned. Nie Yuanfeng, chairman of the Hong Kong Fire Services Federation of Trade Unions, said that with sufficient dust density, coupled with air and heat, continuous explosions may occur. In the event of a dust explosion, stop, lie down, and roll actions should be taken to reduce possible damage. The injured in the accident included 8 women and 4 men, aged between 18 and 23, with burns to most of their hands, feet and faces. All the injured are non-life threatening, 5 of them are still hospitalized, and the rest of the students have been discharged.(China News)psychic drawing soulmate

400g ! Nations lightest premature infant discharged from hospitalpsychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

week 2psychic drawing soulmate

(Southern Metropolis Daily)

left home alone by family

4-year-old breaks window screen Climb out

[Nandu N Video] Written by: Southern Metropolis reporter Liu Huilong Editing: Huang Yilin Yaohua Editing: Chai Hua Ouyang Yunweipsychic drawing soulmate

11:54 on the 21st In a garden community in Zhangluo Community, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan, a 4-year-old child was left to sleep at home alone by his family. After waking up, the child broke the window screen in the bedroom and climbed out of the building window. At the critical moment, the iron cavalry team rushed to the scene, broke into the house with fire extinguishers and other tools, and smashed the window railings while holding the child to prevent it from falling, and successfully rescued the child from the window.(Southern Metropolis Daily)psychic drawing soulmate

Malicious discard ! A large number of shared bicycles are found in Zhuhai canalspsychic drawing soulmate

Thousands of bicycles rescued in one yearpsychic drawing soulmate

romantic soulmate

[Nandu N Video] Written by: Nandu reporter Zhu Pengjing Edited by: Lin Yaohua Edited by Dai Jingna: Ouyang Yunweipsychic drawing soulmate

The Southern Metropolis reporter received a report that the flood discharge channel at the junction of Jianmin Road and Xinxi Road in Zhuhai was cluttered horizontally and vertically Dozens of shared bicycles of different colors are stacked on the ground, some are like stacks of Arhats, and some have been mostly trapped in the mud. On November 21, the operation and maintenance personnel of Hellobike carried out the third salvage operation this month in the flood discharge canal. According to the on-site workshop personnel, since the launch of Hellobike in Zhuhai for a year, more than ten canals have been recovered. Or in the river, thousands of maliciously abandoned bicycles were rescued, of which less than 20% could be directly reused.(Southern Metropolis Daily)psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

83 dead in Northern California wildfirespsychic drawing soulmate

More than 500 people are still missingpsychic drawing soulmate

According to According to media reports, the Camp wildfire in Northern California has been burning for two weeks. Californias Butte County Sheriff said on the 21st that as of that day, the most destructive wildfire in Californias history had killed 83 people. More than 560 people are unaccounted for. At present, the northern part of California has ushered in rain, which has helped firefighters to fight the fire. However, the rain has also raised concerns about disasters such as landslides and flash floods.( )psychic drawing soulmate

Phoenix Phoenix is now a mobile phone for Chinese touristspsychic drawing soulmate

The bottom of the ship is loaded with 3 tons of cement blocks, and there are 3 less drainage doorspsychic drawing soulmate

span>Cement Blockpsychic drawing soulmate

Chinese passport

17th, Phoenix After the ship was salvaged from the water, Thailands Tourism and Sports Minister Velassa said that during the investigation, everyone except the designated investigation team was prohibited from approaching the Phoenix. Nov. 2 On the 0th, the Thai side announced some details of the sunken Phoenix.psychic drawing soulmate

It was mentioned that there were a large number of cement blocks on the bottom of the Phoenix ship. At the same time, there are only one of the four drainage doors that should be provided on the ship. During the inspection, Thai staff also found luggage left by Chinese tourists on board, including multiple passports and mobile phones.(Southern Metropolis Daily)psychic drawing soulmateDetails>>

span>Mostly sunnypsychic drawing soulmate

Cool in the morning and eveningpsychic drawing soulmate

< strong>

The Guangdong Meteorological Observatory predicts that the weather in most parts of Guangdong will be fine from the 23rd to the 24th, with low temperatures in the morning and evening, and a large temperature difference between day and night. The lowest temperature in the northern high-altitude mountains can reach 5 ℃ ~ 7 ℃. On the 25th, the cloud cover in Guangdong increased, and the temperature gradually rose. In addition, on the 23rd, the coastal waters of Guangdong, the Taiwan Strait, the Beibu Gulf, and the northern part of the South China Sea had winds of magnitude 6-7 and gusts of magnitude 8, and the winds of magnitude 6-8 in the central and southern South China Sea turned to magnitude 7-9.psychic drawing soulmate

The specific forecast is as follows:psychic drawing soulmate

23 It is a sunny day in the whole province, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The lowest temperature: 7℃~11℃ in northern Guangdong and northern Zhaoqing cities and counties (including 5℃~7℃ in alpine mountainous areas), 15℃~17℃ in southern coastal cities and counties, and 11℃~15℃ in other cities and counties.psychic drawing soulmate

On the 24th, the province was partly cloudy, with low temperatures in the morning and evening, and a large temperature difference between day and night. The lowest temperature: 8℃~12℃ in northern Guangdong and northern Zhaoqing cities and counties (including 6℃~8℃ in alpine mountainous areas), 16℃~18℃ in southern coastal cities and counties, and 12℃~16℃ in other cities and counties.psychic drawing soulmate

On the 25th, it was partly cloudy and sunny in the cities and counties in the central and northern parts of the country, and it was cloudy with scattered showers in the cities and counties in the south. The lowest temperature: 11 ℃ ~ 14 ℃ in northern Guangdong and northern Zhaoqing cities and counties, 17 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ in southern coastal cities and counties, and 14 ℃ ~ 18 ℃ in other cities and counties.psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

psychic drawing soulmate

November 21st, the 14th National Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports Games The competition on the two competition days continued to be held in the gymnasium of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine University City Campus. The martial arts competition in the martial arts conference also ushered in the most exciting duel training items. The masters who participated in the duel training competitions not only have great skills, but also require realistic entry. play.psychic drawing soulmate

According to Li Zhaowei, Deputy Dean of the School of Physical Education, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pair training is one of the programs of Chinese martial arts , Two or more people are required to conduct duel training, requiring no less than 50 seconds of fierce confrontation, bare-handed or holding weapons such as knives, guns, sticks, etc. It is required to achieve a realistic fighting atmosphere, accurate moves, skilled movements, and coordination.psychic drawing soulmate

From the 22nd to the 23rd, the martial arts events of the 14th Traditional Health Sports Games of the National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine will stage swordsmanship, For the competition of swordsmanship, stick technique and Taiji sword, interested citizens can go to the Gymnasium of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the university town to watch the competition for free. Southern Metropolis reporter Tan Qingju correspondent Xiao Jianxi reportspsychic drawing soulmate

Hot stations stand uppsychic drawing soulmate

Recently, Qingdao The cancellation of the morning rush hour senior bus cardpsychic drawing soulmate

caused fierce debate among netizens around the worldpsychic drawing soulmate

Some support, some oppose, and netizens quarrelpsychic drawing soulmate

What do you think? Please click the image below to vote and commentpsychic drawing soulmate

↓↓psychic drawing soulmate

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Nandujun Special Selectionpsychic drawing soulmate(click the title below)

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BREAK! 5 dead and 18 injured! After school, a car suddenly rushed into the group of studentspsychic drawing soulmate

The man had a swollen throat and a sore throat, but he died a few hours later! Beware of this sore throatpsychic drawing soulmate

5℃! The new cold air is on the shelves, and it will rain and rain later! There are still two waves of typhoons on the way…psychic drawing soulmate

Dong Mingzhu ran a red light? Netizens laugh crazy after knowing the truthpsychic drawing soulmate

The most unhappy seller in history is showing fire! Netizen: I cant be happy if I change it hahahapsychic drawing soulmate

< span>psychic drawing soulmate

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