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In this huge In this world, it is not easy to meet someone who truly knows you, understands you and loves you.

Many times, encounters have cost a lot of fate. To become each others soul mates, a lot of opportunities and means are needed.karmic soulmate meaning

The so-called soul mate is what we usually call the muse. The other party can be the source of all your inspiration and the trigger of all your joys, sorrows and sorrows.karmic soulmate meaning

For men, life without a soul mate is lonely and lonely.

However, a man is not a kitten or a puppy, and he can eat any piece of meat he wants.

The soul mate they are looking for is not only at the level of understanding him and them, but the most important thing is to be able to support them personally.karmic soulmate meaning

Therefore, women must understand that it is not that simple to become a mans soulmate, and you need to be familiar with some routines to truly impress their hearts.karmic soulmate meaning


Maybe many people will think that love is mixed with some routines Its not simple anymore.

But you have to know that although men are committed to the pursuit of their only soulmate in life, they are not so sensitive to feelings and can quickly capture the kindness released by women.karmic soulmate meaning

At this time, a woman needs to learn some routines and means to let him see your excellence, let him accept your goodness, and completely fall in love with you.karmic soulmate meaning

So, what exactly does a woman have to do to become a mans soulmate? Its very simple, follow these three routines, and you can get what you want:karmic soulmate meaning

First of all, when men encounter difficulties, dont openly lend a helping hand to them. Men are very face-saving, so you He had to darken Chen Cang and silently help him through the difficulties.karmic soulmate meaning

As the saying goes, when the spring breeze is proud of horseshoes, of course people are willing to show themselves extremely well when they are bright and beautiful, because what they get in this way is the envy and praise from others.karmic soulmate meaning

However, once you fall out of the horse and become stretched and poor, you will no longer want to expose your scars in front of others. For men, self-esteem is more than heaven.karmic soulmate meaning


Therefore, if a woman wants to be a noble person who can help a man in a hurry, Then dont put on a charitable attitude, you have to keep a low profile, otherwise men will think that you are belittling him and disrespecting him.karmic soulmate meaning

For example, if you see a man so poor that he cant even afford to eat, dont put money directly into his card or give him the money in person, but just tell the man, you want a In the name of a friend, I invited him to dinner and told him not to think too much.karmic soulmate meaning

In this way, you not only help the man, but also let the other person have the corresponding steps, without feeling embarrassed.karmic soulmate meaning

When the low point in a mans life is over, he will definitely look back and thank you. I cant say what kind of loving partners you will become, but at least you can become each others lifelong confidants and friends.karmic soulmate meaning

To put it bluntly, all soulmates will eventually become close friends.


Secondly, we must learn to figure out the meaning of a mans words. A man who doesnt seem to fight or fight often has more lofty aspirations and ambitions, but due to the pressure of reality, he has never spoken out about his dreams.karmic soulmate meaning

There are always such characters in film and television dramas and novels, that is, talented people who are unrestrained and unrestrained by the rules of the world. The one-leaf lotus that is gentle and not demonic.karmic soulmate meaning

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But in fact, these talented people really have no dream of entering the official career, and do they really have no goal to rise up from officialdom to government for the common people in the world?karmic soulmate meaning

The answer is of course no, because even Li Bai, who was called by the emperor and couldnt get on the boat, hopes to be reused by todays saints, but he is just like those frustrated talents who are underappreciated. wish.karmic soulmate meaning

Lets put it more clearly, Li Bai used wine to relieve his sorrow and poetry to express his feelings, but he was just covering up his helplessness and unwillingness.karmic soulmate meaning

And in real life, we often encounter such things. When a man is brave and says that he is okay, he is unwilling to bow down for five buckets of rice, and if he fails, someone must have made a fool of himself. , you talk to him and tell him that failure is the mother of success and why it makes the other person angry.karmic soulmate meaning

Therefore, women should be smarter, understand the ambition behind mens dejected words, and dont follow their words to further undermine their self-confidence.karmic soulmate meaning

You have to fulfill his decency, not expose his stubbornness, and at the same time give him enough company and support to let him know that you support his dream no matter what.karmic soulmate meaning

In fact, what a man desires in his relationship is a woman who can never leave him and support him without reservation.karmic soulmate meaning


Finally, the ideal soul mate of a man can always be Take the trouble to stay by their side and listen to their innocuous thoughts.karmic soulmate meaning

It is said that women are sentimental. In fact, men also have some little feelings of nostalgia and nostalgia, but they are reluctant to express it because of their identity, because it is too damaging big man face.karmic soulmate meaning

In this case, women should not dissect men, and should silently accompany them to enlighten them.karmic soulmate meaning

Women have to understand that if you want to really impress a man, then dont do those superficial things, for example, you cant rush to say some scenes that have no practical effect once the man is sad and sad.karmic soulmate meaning

Although your original intentions are good, the comforting words that cant solve the problem are just some nonsense at best, and in the end, it will only move you.

Besides, the words of comfort are all the same, you will say that others will also say, so how can you let a man know your sincerity?karmic soulmate meaning

A woman like Jie Yuhua is an existence that no man can resist. Compared with a woman who is always strong and has to point fingers at everything, a woman who knows how to listen and is willing to give silent comfort is more It is easy to enter a mans heart and become the white moonlight that he will never forget.karmic soulmate meaning


Time Emotion Class:karmic soulmate meaning

True Yes, if a woman wants to be a mans soul mate, its not enough to rely on beauty and sweet words alone, you have to be careful.

Mastering these three routines, that is, to keep silent, to help secretly, to encourage men to realize their dreams, and to be a mans Jie Yuhua, will have a multiplier effect.karmic soulmate meaning

In fact, to put it bluntly, all the routines summed up are nothing more than empathy.karmic soulmate meaning

Think about the problem from the perspective of a man, what kind of love he wants, what kind of woman he wants to accompany him,

I understand this , you have found the right way to get along, and it is a very simple thing to become a woman that a man cherishes in the palm of his hand.karmic soulmate meaning

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