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Behind the appalling online loan tragedy
What a appalling tragedy , Behind this news may be the tragedy of countless families, and we strongly appeal to everyones attention. The tragedy of Xiaoning in Anshan is just a typical representative of countless young people in debt. This generation of Internet aborigines has been brainwashed by the overwhelming advertisements, which has aroused more greed in human nature, so the desire for excessive consumption will inevitably fall into capital design. the loop.
A few years ago, Luo Zhengyu, a graduate student of the top three schools rated by Wuhan University of Technology, repeatedly climbed to the roof of a cheap hotel and repeatedly wanted to commit suicide and hesitated, but the last time, He still ended his life with a rope. When his family packed up his belongings, he found that his mobile Alipay balance was only 70 cents and 1 cent, and there were 13 mobile online loan apps, with an online loan debt of more than 50,000 yuan. The loan amount ranges from 1,500 to 8,000 in installments ranging from half a year to a year. The hotel where he lives is 55 yuan a day, and the relic is also a mobile phone of about 1,000 yuan. An empty tattered wallet and a few old clothes, so is he a spendthrift?
Later, the investigation found that his Alipay consumption records showed that his activities basically revolved around convenience stores, coffee shops, fried noodles, beef noodles and soup near the rented place Bao restaurant, it seems that he does not have any high consumption place. But the small loan actually brought him a debt of more than 50,000 yuan, that is, this amount of money overwhelmed the young man who had just entered the society.
We have no way of knowing how Luo Zhengyu embarked on this runaway loan road. But what we can be sure of is that the inductive advertisements do bear the necessary responsibility, but this is a question of values, because in the eyes of capital, making a lot of money is more important than the lives of teenagers, because they clearly know this There must be a lot of people in the trap that will be destroyed here, but they dont care at all. Those Luo Zhengyus who live in the corners like ants in this world, these young people at the bottom, some are going to school, some are just graduated, they do have All kinds of personal problems, but one after another pits designed by capital, waiting for them there. They should have been the backbone of social development, but because of being trapped, they quietly withered in the corner.
I would like to appeal to the society to pay attention to this dark corner, and even to crusade against this kind of capital trap, this unscrupulous financial black institution, they completely ignore their own Social responsibility, arrogantly toying with others, I believe that one day, they will be punished accordingly. There is a saying that people are doing it. The sky is watching, its not that the report is not reported, the time has not yet come.
Finally, we should also advise young people that we should face up to our desires and not be coerced by desires, because your desires must be within the scope of your ability and effort, rely on The way to live by tearing down the east wall to make up the west wall must be avoided. You must be able to avoid all kinds of routines and pitfalls on the road of life. This is a compulsory course in your life. I also hope that there will be more young people. People, young people who are about to embark on the road to college and independent living can read this article, learn lessons and experience from this article, and dont have a tragedy.

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