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On June 29th, Beijing Off-Road released a new building block technology platform, a co-creation plan and a new 3.0 modeling language – emotional hard core. At the same time, theBJ60telepathic connection with soulmatewas also officially unveiled as the first representative model to apply this styling language.

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Off-Road In order to achieve tough functional attributes, the car needs to be designed with tall, powerful and excellent visual requirements; while the users emotional needs need to reflect more warm, comfortable, friendly and reliable elements in the design.telepathic connection with soulmate

Based on the above two points, Beijing Off-Roads new 3.0 styling language – emotional hard core came as the times require. Online, Shan Wei, vice president and design director ofBAIC Motortelepathic connection with soulmateResearch Institute, made an in-depth interpretation of the emotional hard-core design concept from three aspects.

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say To the shape, the ubiquitous rounded rectangle is very remarkable on the BJ60, the pioneering work of the new emotional hard-core styling language. The most characteristic and memorable expression of the rounded rectangle is the five-hole grille. This feature is also the DNA of the front face of Beijing Off-Road, representing the full uprightness of the oriental spirit.telepathic connection with soulmate

BJ60s five-hole grille extends from the middle of the front to the sides, and is integrated with the headlight group. In addition, the unique grille lights are not only full of technology, but also strengthen the system identification of the BJ60.telepathic connection with soulmate

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emotion The second design element of the hard core is the face. The muscle surface is also well reflected on the BJ60 – whether it runs through the entire side of the front and rear doors, or the tall and wide wheel eyebrows, or the strong and full rear, with the coordination of the rhythmic highlight trend, the muscle surface follows. Light and shadow flow, full of high-level beauty of power.telepathic connection with soulmate

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full The outline of the car is relatively smooth, and the aerodynamics have also been greatly improved. The drag coefficient of such a large block is less than 0.38, which effectively reduces fuel consumption. The height of the hood is increased, which strengthens the momentum of the front of the car; the height ratio of the waistline is moderately increased, which makes the interior driver have a strong sense of security.telepathic connection with soulmate

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as of Body expression, BJ60 is particularly prominent. The light source design of the whole vehicle uses block cutting and splicing, and uses different materials to combine light and dark, which reflects the sense of machinery and technology, and also integrates the block design concept with the characteristics of the national tide. With traditional elements of digital taillights and a new generation of penetrating light sources, the national trend and modernity are perfectly integrated.telepathic connection with soulmate

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BJ60 The new generation of off-road smart cockpit is designed based on a human-computer interaction system based on off-road scenes. The instrument often displays off-road information, and the central control off-road function is directly accessible with one button. The theme mode that adapts to differentiated scenes can take into account different driving habits and scenes. In addition, the block-based interior design based on closed features and the stable layout of interspersed sense highlight the design intention of sturdiness, reliability and safety.telepathic connection with soulmate

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worthy It is worth mentioning that the new generation of BJ60 provides a powerful modular design, strictly following the concept of form follows function. On the contrary, the function strengthens the form, and achieves a high-level and precise detailed mechanical design.telepathic connection with soulmate

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not only In this way, the comfortable and luxurious seats, the multi-screen linkage with cool technology, and theATStelepathic connection with soulmateall-region operating system in the center console make the interior space of the BJ60 clearly segmented, but integrated, like It is an extension of home in the wild, comfortable and safe.

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【 Car Power Talk] With the new 3.0 styling language of Beijing Off-Road, the concept of emotional hard core is integrated into its entire product series from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, which will not only bring users a high-value appearance design, but also more safety, Warmth and trust. People also have reason to expect that BJ60 and emotional hardcore styling language will create more surprises in the future.telepathic connection with soulmate

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