Betweenmenandwomen,3kindsofinductionbegintooccur,andyouaredestinedtobeeachotherssoulmateskarmic soulmate meaning

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What kind of person is a soulmate?

In the book “Li Yinhe Said Love”, Teacher Li Yinhe expressed what a soul mate is. She said: Soul mates are two people with a very, very high degree of soul fit, that is, she likes him, he likes her, and he likes what she likes. The characters of the two people are very attractive to each other, and there is no problem on all issues. Dont talk.etsy soulmate drawing

Agreed. Soulmates are actually very rare, and some people cant find the other half who can match their souls in their entire lives.etsy soulmate drawing

I used to be very obsessed with finding a soul mate, and even used a similar dating software, eager to meet my soul mate, but in the process of searching, you will It is found that there are very few real soul mates. The more you desire, the less you will meet. It is about fate.etsy soulmate drawing

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What’s more terrifying is that soul mates are not based on your personality, views and Various hobbies, conditions, etc. can be matched for you. Its really not easy to find someone who has the same interests and can talk to.etsy soulmate drawing

Although it is not easy to find a soul mate in life, it is not really impossible to meet. Like Li Yinhe and Wang Xiaobo, like Mr. Yang Jiang and Mr. Qian Zhongshu, etc., they are good examples of soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

And from them, we can realize that in fact, after three kinds of inductions begin to occur between men and women, you are destined to be each others soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

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We know each other, see each other late, and have a certain relationship in career‍etsy soulmate drawing

Li Yinhe said that she and her husband Wang Xiaobo are soulmates. The reason why she said that was because she felt that Wang Xiaobo understood her, and she also understood Wang Xiaobo, and even their careers were inseparable.etsy soulmate drawing

When she recalled her meeting with her husband Wang Xiaobo, she also said that it was a soul meeting, and both of them felt this way.etsy soulmate drawing

This feeling makes them feel very lucky to each other, not to miss each other, not to miss each other. The feeling of knowing each other and seeing each other late is the unique feeling of soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

Why did we meet so late? Its a little scary. We almost missed it. When there is such kind of fear and induction between two people, you are destined to be each others soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

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And Mr. Yang Jiang and Mr. Qian Zhongshu also feel the same way, they understand each other, Living together and studying culture together, Mr. Jiang even sorted out Qian Zhongshus manuscripts after the death of his husband. How could Mr. Yang Jiang be able to do this if they didnt understand each other and had a tacit understanding?etsy soulmate drawing

Of course, there are many examples of this in real life. I once had a colleague who often went to the library with a man on weekends. We all thought they were husband and wife, but it was only during the party that we realized that they were just friends and both had families.etsy soulmate drawing

This relationship looks messy to others, but in the hearts of these 4 people, they dont feel anything. My colleague and this man have a very high degree of soul matching. From the three views to the things they like, including books, they are very similar, and the two can talk about everything.etsy soulmate drawing

However, although the souls of two people attract and like each other, there is no element of love. They have been friends with each other for so many years and have never crossed the boundary, nor have they caused trouble for each others partners. .etsy soulmate drawing

I like this way of getting along very much. In love, there is the other half who likes each other. In friendship, there is a real soulmate who can talk about everything. .etsy soulmate drawing

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I can’t explain the unknown ties, even if they are separated, they still miss each other‍etsy soulmate drawing

infj soulmate

I wonder if you have ever felt this way about someone? When you are together, even though there is no closeness or physical contact, you can also be jealous of each other. Although there is no definite relationship, they still care about each other.etsy soulmate drawing

In fact, this kind of inexplicable bond is a powerful proof of soul mates. Teacher Li Yinhe also specifically talked about this feeling. She thinks this is the feeling between Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu.etsy soulmate drawing

In the novel, Lin Daiyu entered Jias house. Although she was a little girl, she felt familiar with Jia Baoyu when she first met. Later, when they reached adolescence, although they did not live together, the two fell in love with each other.etsy soulmate drawing

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And both people’s emotions will be influenced by each other, and they will be angry for a while , for a while happy, slapstick. It can be clearly seen that the feeling and state of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu are completely different from the feeling and state of Jia Baoyu and Xue Baochai when they are together.etsy soulmate drawing

This is actually a kind of spiritual attraction. Even if according to research, Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu have not kissed, but in Li Yinhes view, the two are a very typical soul mate, a platonic love, and they care and miss each other.etsy soulmate drawing

In real life, we often have this feeling, especially when we chat with someone for a long time, we will have a feeling that we cant tell each other. When they are in contact, they are happy, and when they are not in contact, they miss each other. This is actually a kind of spiritual entanglement.etsy soulmate drawing

But remember that when you feel this way about a person, you need to be calm and rational, because not everyone who feels this way will be a soul mate. It also takes time and proof and precipitation.etsy soulmate drawing

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Trust each other and have an inexplicable sense of securityetsy soulmate drawing

Audrey Hepburn once said this to Givenchy, she said: I am always nervous in front of the camera, but when I think of wearing the clothes you made for me, I feel that you are protecting me.etsy soulmate drawing

Maybe you would say that this is just a spiritual suggestion, but in my opinion, this kind of mutual trust, when you think of each other, you have an inexplicable sense of security. Prove that two people are each others soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

Maybe two people cant be husband and wife, nor are they each others lovers, but you are willing to give each other unreservedly and selflessly, and both of you know how to cherish it.etsy soulmate drawing

This kind of feeling is not limited to men and women, it can also appear between men and women of the same sex. can feel at ease.etsy soulmate drawing

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Don’t think that only couples can become soulmates, in fact, most couples can’t be called As each others soulmates, many couples will have a feeling: suddenly one day they look at the sleeping person next to them and feel that she is a complete stranger.etsy soulmate drawing

This is the magic of love. Sometimes there is a sense of alienation between intimate lovers, but between soulmates, even if there is no such love, There will be no strangeness and alienation.etsy soulmate drawing

Soul mates are not limited to any kind of relationship, it goes beyond love, friendship and even family, and of course can exist in any kind of relationship.etsy soulmate drawing

It takes luck to find your soulmate. If you have the above three feelings with someone, you are destined to be each others soulmates. But because of the complexity of our relationship, we still need to be rational and calm, and use time to further identify whether they are really each others soul mates.etsy soulmate drawing

If yes, it will be the luck of your life and you need to cherish it.etsy soulmate drawing

END.etsy soulmate drawing

Do you have a soulmate? How does the other person make you feel? Lets chat.etsy soulmate drawing

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