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Be a classic, be a celebrity

According to retail e-commerce big data, as of September 2022, the Tmall flagship store of Qingshi ranked third in the sales ranking of the entire Tao series tough biscuit category, which proved that Qingshi has become a favorite brand of netizens; the store level has risen to Level 5, the store ranks among the top quasi-heads, and has zero complaints and zero negative reviews, which has withstood the test of large sales on the offline supply chain.find soulmate

Whats interesting is that the top two brands are both new-generation Internet celebrity brands, and they pay for streaming. Domestic products have truly achieved high ROI and low cost-effectiveness ratio-competing with the new generation of brands, Qingshi is still very capable, and can afford the four words of the light of domestic products.find soulmate

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All peoplefind soulmate

Traffic is a technical issue; sales are the real test of product power and brand power. The essence of marketing, in the final analysis, is the product, and a good product is the premise of everything.find soulmate

A taste that can be remembered for generations, it must be a good taste. A consumer from the Tmall flagship store of Qingshi left a message saying that the old brand is trustworthy. 40 years ago, when I was a child, I ate it with milk powder, and I had to buy food stamps from all over the country when I was working in other places. Now that I am back in Shanghai, I still like this kind of biscuits. it is good! Qingshi has undergone time-tested with its excellent quality and friendly taste, and has formed a food IP with the emotional added value of a sense of memory. Internet celebrity brands are hard to compete with.find soulmate

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required One point of concern is that while achieving the breakthrough of new and younger users, the middle-aged and elderly consumers of Qingshi calcium milk biscuits have not been lost. In China, where people take food as their priority, the audience of good taste is not divided into age groups, and brand rejuvenation and retention of middle-aged and elderly users go hand in hand. The bubble milk supplementary food for children, the long-term password of the student party, the good product for the middle-aged to protect the stomach, the emotional dependence of the elderly… Regardless of age group, regardless of region, a popular brand that is universal and full of scenes is the youth The positioning of calcium milk biscuits – and the right to define the product is precisely in the consumers themselves.find soulmate

The emotional bond of family style stories and filial piety culturefind soulmate

More brand premium than one-way memory is two-way Even multidimensional emotional bonds.find soulmate

Looking through the comments, in the flagship store of Qingshi Tmall, many buyers buy biscuits for the elderly at home. The satisfaction of buyers is actually the satisfaction of their own elderly. In other words, many netizens buy because their parents are happy. Buying a few packs of Green Food Calcium Milk Biscuits conveys the thoughts of parents and elders, and the recognition of the value pursuit and life experience of the older generation.find soulmate

It is true that the elderly group needs to be recognized and have a strong desire to share. This is the emotional reason why the elderly group can quickly occupy platforms such as Doukuai and video accounts. The middle-aged and elderly groups need more companionship, which is also one of the factors that have led to the emergence of the pet track in recent years – the demographic structure has changed, the aging population has increased, and pets have replaced children who are not around, meeting the need for companionship. On the other hand, the group of lonely economy is not only the empty-nest old people, but also the young people who are used to living alone. There is a self-centered value orientation behind this, which is not worth promoting. There must be connections between people, and family members should have high-quality companionship, especially when there are children who give back to their parents.find soulmate

How many people think of the elderly at home when they see Green Food Calcium Milk Biscuits, and buy a few packs of calcium milk biscuits when they go home to visit the elderly. Products such as Qingshi Calcium Milk Biscuits, which have spanned several generations, are carrying such a function of keeping abreast of the times. They are the emotional bond of many families, connecting the emotions of generations, and appearing in the scenes where the whole family gathers together. Appears in the family customs story passed down by word of mouth.find soulmate

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Start For Qingshi, it is no accident that the corporate culture of filial piety and filial piety can be established.find soulmate

You are the warmest harbor when you are young and astringentfind soulmate

When you have eaten all the flavors, you are the best concernfind soulmate

Two lines of hidden poems, printed on a carnation-colored card, are the Double Ninth Festival greetings from Qingshi to every employee and elder. This old company built from scratch and experienced ups and downs has always adhered to a traditional and simple corporate culture, that is: respecting, loving and respecting the elderly, and requiring employees to pay attention to their families.find soulmate

With the development of the company, starting from 2018, each Qingshi employee will receive a Double Ninth Festival filial piety card worth 300 yuan; in 2022, filial piety The face value of the card has risen to 500 yuan, and it will only increase. Qingshi has limited the scope of use for the filial piety card, which can only be used to honor oneself and the parents of the other half, or to honor the elders, the elders, the elders, and the elders within the society. The parents of some employees were deeply moved and called Chairman Zhong Ming to express their gratitude.find soulmate

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green Food has more than 600 employees. We hope to first advocate the inheritance of the filial piety culture among these employees, and then through these 600 people, influence more people, and then advocate the whole society to consciously promote the filial piety culture. The culture of filial piety is the cultural tradition of our Chinese nation. Advocating filial piety is a manifestation of cultural self-confidence, and it is also the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise like Qingshi, said Zhong Ming, chairman of Qingshi.find soulmate

In addition to the parents of the employees, the employees themselves are deeply inspired by the corporate culture of filial piety, expressing that they can only be grateful and give back to the company.find soulmate

“The Book of Filial Piety, The First Chapter of Mingyi Zhang” has a cloud, standing up and practicing the Tao, making a name for later generations, showing parents, and the end of filial piety. Filial piety begins with serving relatives, in serving the monarch, and finally standing up. These words, in todays society, are that the best filial piety for a person is to have both loyalty and filial piety, and to make ones parents feel respected by ones contribution to the enterprise and society. Filial piety begins with serving one’s parents, and ultimately makes oneself useful to society and honors parents. This is the ultimate meaning of filial piety. Qingshi employees who are motivated by the culture of filial piety exemplify this very well.find soulmate

Whether the grand narrative of filial piety culture can be told through consumption innovationfind soulmate

In recent years, the aging-appropriate reform has become an important issue in many industries and fields. focus of attention. The National Health Commission held a press conference on September 20 to reveal that it is expected that around 2035, the proportion of the elderly population in my country will exceed 30%, entering a stage of severe aging.find soulmate

How to better serve the aging population, on this topic, Qingshi has also been concentrating on researching for a long time, and in the early morning layout of the big health industry, fructo-oligosaccharide calcium milk cake, shell Oligosaccharide and isomaltulose calcium milk biscuits and other products are research and development achievements that continue the taste of calcium milk biscuits and have more healthy attributes, in order to better meet the needs of the elderly.find soulmate

The brand value proposition has been established, and the subdivision track has also been cut in. However, how to make micro-innovation of products under mature brands, and how to improve consumer experience To the extreme, how to tell the grand narrative of filial piety culture through consumption innovation on the supply side… These are issues that Qingshi needs to consider at the moment, and it is also a new round of growth logic.find soulmate

No company dares to stagnate in the deeply intertwined consumption track, and I believe Qingshi is no exception.find soulmate

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