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No matter how much you save, please be generous to yourself with these three things .

01. The first thing is to learnwe are soulmates

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Studying requires a fee, even the sage Confucius, when answering questions and doubts, he has to accept dried meat as a gift.

Learning expenses are slightly different from buying and selling other goods.we are soulmates

You dont know how much knowledge you can get, it depends not only on the teachers level, but also on your own state.

In some cases, this is a bit like buying cattle across the mountain, even more risky than stocks.we are soulmates

No one can guarantee that you will be admitted to university after paying the tuition fee, you can only invest in advance.

Opportunity is a child holding a wedding dress, if you don’t love learning, many good things may never appear in your life palace.we are soulmates

02, the second piece Things are travelingwe are soulmates

Everyone is born a tadpole and grows up All turned into frogs at the bottom of the well.

Its not your fault, its just your limitation, but you have to make up for it.we are soulmates

To understand the world, you must go far away.

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Travel costs money, as everyone knows.

The benefits of travel are not immediately visible, and often need to be accumulated over time.we are soulmates

Some people think that traveling is just to take some photos and buy some small crafts, but it is not.

Travel makes our body aware of different winds and waters, and our minds become alert under the nourishment of different styles and colorful.we are soulmates

The eyes are so hot and the conversation is so humble.

03, the third piece The thing is to exercise.we are soulmates

The ancients did not have the habit of exercising. A full meal without fat.

The need to survive forced them to keep running and hunting. Dancing while dancing is not light physical labor, and it does not accumulate excess calories.we are soulmates

With the progress of society and the abundance of materials, the inexhaustible heat has become a lingering burden for us.we are soulmates

So artificially trudging on machines, floating and sinking in chlorine-filled pools, in artificial snowflakes and Rolling on ice, climbing artificial concrete cliffs…we are soulmates

But we have no choice but to keep investing money, Exercise barren muscles and bones to maintain a minimum of strength and a minimum of agility.

As women, we need to remind ourselves often: study, travel, and sports are activities that we need to devote all the time, so that life will be More and more exciting!we are soulmates

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