BJ60andtheemotionalhardcoredesignlanguagewerereleased,takingtheleadinenteringtheeraof3.0modelingmy best friend is my soulmate

From June 29th, the 2022 Beijing Off-Road BJ60 Home Play Conference will be held online. Beijing Off-Road will release a new building block technology platform and co-creation plan, and the BJ60 will also officially debut. At the same time It also released a new 3.0 styling language emotional hard core.found my soulmate

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Director of BAIC Motor Corporation Limited Chang Chen Wei attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that the BJ60 was not born out of nowhere, but the pioneering work of Beijing Off-Roads accumulated technology and design to create the third generation of classic products. The design mentioned by Chen Wei is the new 3.0 styling language of Beijing Off-Road.found my soulmate

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Conference, Beijing Automotive Research Shan Wei, vice president and design director of the General Institute, made an in-depth interpretation of the emotional hard-core design concept.found my soulmate

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Rounded rectangle , hardcore aesthetics also have emotional temperature

Beginning from the first-generation classic inheritance of Beijing 212 to the stunning 2.0 design language of BJ40, Beijing Off-Road has always been exploring and innovating in design for more than 60 years . Through years of research, we found that off-road vehicle owners have two demands, one is physical needs, and the other is emotional needs. Shan Wei said that in order to achieve tough functional attributes, off-road vehicles need to be designed with tall, powerful, and high-performance visual requirements; while the users emotional needs need to reflect more warm, comfortable, friendly and reliable elements in design.found my soulmate

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is based on the above two points , Beijing off-road brand new 3.0 styling language – emotional hard core came as the times require. Shan Wei interprets the specific embodiment of the emotional hard core in modeling from three aspects.found my soulmate

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Speaking of shape, nowhere The rounded rectangle that is not present is very noticeable on the BJ60, the pioneering work of the new emotional hardcore styling language. The rounded rectangle abandons the straight edges and right angles that are repelling thousands of miles, and is decorated with rounded, tough and full of temperature. It reflects the hard-core aesthetics passed down by Beijings off-road passion, and it also explores the future off-road aesthetic orientation.found my soulmate

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The rounded rectangle is the most characteristic The expression of and memory points is advanced to the five-hole grille, which is also the DNA of the front face of Beijing off-road, representing the full uprightness of the oriental spirit. Shan Wei further explained that the basic shape of the five-hole grille, the square, is taken from the image of the arrow tower in our country, and the square arrow path gives people a sense of solidity and stability; and the number of five is because it is the most important in mathematics in our country. Positive and balanced numbers also represent stability and reliability.found my soulmate

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BJ60 five-hole grille Extending from the middle of the front to the sides, it is integrated with the headlight group, which is simple and atmospheric. The unique grille lights are full of technology, which strengthens the system recognition of the BJ60, and the sensory interaction with the driver is more like the communication of partners, friends, and even family members.found my soulmate

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In the front design, the design team paid attention to the ratio of the upper and lower widths, especially the design of the large wheel eyebrows. The lower edge of the maximum width of the headlights was controlled within the center line of the wheel, which not only gave a sense of stability, but also improved visual safety. sense.found my soulmate

Premium face, high-quality muscle surfacefound my soulmate

The second design element of the emotional hard core is the face. The waistline, skirt line and car window are all offset and twisted on the basis of the basic surface of the body, which also shows the importance of the surface in the design of the body shape.found my soulmate

Through the design, we look for temperature and high-end feeling on the basis of hard core, and form a high-quality muscle surface, which is compact and powerful, emphasizing the unity of hardness and temperature of the surface in the natural state. Shan Wei said.found my soulmate

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The so-called muscle surface is just as healthy The bursting power and beauty of curves presented by Shuo Muscle create the visual effect of a big man, and at the same time give people a full sense of security, giving warmth in the hard core and feeling the warmth inside.found my soulmate

The muscular curved surface is also well reflected on the BJ60 – whether it is running through the entire side of the front and rear doors, or the tall and wide wheel eyebrows, or the strong and full rear, in the rhythmic highlights Under the cooperation, it is full of high-level beauty of power.found my soulmate

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Not only that, BJ60 is tough as a whole There is no lack of emotional details, the outline of the vehicle is square and round, and the posture is stable and heavy. The outline of the whole vehicle is relatively smooth, and the aerodynamics have also been greatly improved. The drag coefficient of such a large block is less than 0.38, which effectively reduces fuel consumption. The height of the hood is increased, which strengthens the momentum of the front of the car; the height ratio of the waistline is moderately increased, which makes the interior driver have a strong sense of security.found my soulmate

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As Shan Wei said, The muscle surface of BJ60 is rational and orderly, full and strong, showing strength and a sense of luxury at the same time.found my soulmate

Space block, the fusion expression of technology and cool playfound my soulmate

The last design element of the emotional hard core is the expression of the body. The body of the general body adopts the elements we call spatial body, and we want to use the body with emotion to show the comfort, safety and trust that the car brings to people. Shan Wei said that Beijing Off-Road hopes to form an emotionally hard-core design sculpture by superimposing basic graphics.found my soulmate

BJ60 block expression is particularly prominent. The light source design of the whole vehicle uses block cutting and splicing, and different materials are used to combine light and dark, which reflects the sense of machinery and technology, and also integrates the national trend. Unique block design concept. With traditional elements of digital taillights and a new generation of penetrating light sources, the national trend and modernity are perfectly integrated.found my soulmate

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The cockpit design is based on the human-computer interaction system of the off-road scene. The instrument often displays off-road information, and the central control off-road function is directly accessible with one button. The theme mode adapted to the differentiated scene can take into account different driving habits and scenes. In addition, the block-based interior design based on closed features and the stable layout of interspersed sense highlight the design intention of sturdiness, reliability and safety, and emphasize the integrity.found my soulmate

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The new generation of BJ60 provides powerful The modular design strictly follows the concept of form follows function. On the contrary, the function strengthens the form, and achieves a high-level and precise detailed mechanical design.found my soulmate

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Not only that, but also comfortable and luxurious Seats, multi-screen linkage with cool technology, and ATS all-region operating system in the center console make the interior space of the BJ60 clear and integrated, which is both comfortable and safe.found my soulmate

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What we want to interpret is the soul of Guochao off-road. From BJ212 to BJ40 to BJ60, the emotional hard core has always been there. It interprets the hard-core aesthetics passed down by Beijing off-road passion, and gradually forms the unique shape of Chinas first off-road vehicle brand. At the same time, it also injects passion, hardcore, technology, and national trends one by one, which also shows from the side that the future off-road family will not only be hardcore off-road.found my soulmate

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Shan Wei expressed Full of confidence: Beijing Off-Roads new 3.0 styling language will integrate the concept of emotional hard core into the entire product range from fuel to electric, bringing users not only a high-value car appearance, but also more safety and warmth. with trust. With the appearance of the first representative model of the 3.0 styling language, the BJ60, it is in a hot state. We have reason to expect that the BJ60 and the emotional hard core styling language will bring more surprises in the future.found my soulmate

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