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The realm of a man is not status and talent, and the realm of a woman is not appearance and temperament.

What determines a persons height is the grade of the soul.

The first realm of the mind is: Reverencebest friend soulmate

Book of Changes: Heaven Vertical elephant, see good and bad.

Heaven and earth have their own rules, all things have their own rules, and there are gods when you raise your head three friend soulmate

If a person is in awe, then he must be righteous, return what he says, and stop what he does.

They fear heaven and earth, life, nature, and know what can and cannot be done.

They behave in a sincere way and do not break through the bottom line and friend soulmate

Without respect, life will become frivolous and disdainful and willful.

A river without river bank constraints can only become a torrent of friend soulmate

A world without reverence and restraint can only become a small paradise.

Do the right thing, walk the path of right view, have a bright heart, fear the world, all good things will come as friend soulmate

The second realm of the mind is: the heart of compassion

Book of Changes: The gentleman is worthy of virtue thing.

Great virtue is compassion, the power to hold up the world and liberate all friend soulmate

The ancients said: Great virtue will live long.

A wise person, a compassionate person, will be blessed with longevity and good health.

They dont care too much, they can always put themselves in the others shoes and think about each friend soulmate

In the face of offenses from others, it is not easy to go to extremes.

In the face of money and wealth, they are more generous and indifferent. There is no greed and depression in the heart, and live a simple and transparent friend soulmate

They are tolerant and forgiving, and they are often in a state of peace of mind.

A person with compassion has great wisdom and great friend soulmate

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The third realm of the mind is: the heart of willingness

Book of Changes There are two hexagrams of loss and benefit. If there is loss, it will be beneficial, and if there is gain, there will be friend soulmate

Everything in the world has a price.

If you want to pass the exam, you must always work hard; if you want to be famous, you must suffer.

There is something to give.

You cant have friend soulmate

Smart people know how to let go of improper self-positioning, they dont expect or fantasize.

Faced with the ups and downs of life, they are more able to maintain a normal mind.

Money and wealth come and go, and willingness is a state, but also a bearing and friend soulmate

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The fourth state of the mind is: Pragmatic Mind

The Book of Changes: Time When it stops, it stops, when it moves, it moves. Movement and stillness do not lose its time, and its path is friend soulmate

Do not procrastinate when it is time to act, and be unambiguous when changing to stillness, and you can grasp the timing between movements and friend soulmate

The rational spirit of a person is also a pragmatic state of a person.

They dont rush for quick success, and they dont opportunistically.

They have a good grasp of how much work should be done and when it should friend soulmate

There are many smart people, but in the end, most of them are people who are willing to bend down and do things.

Continuously doing one thing and doing one thing thoroughly can you truly achieve your desired friend soulmate

The grade of the mind determines the personality and determines the fate of a persons life.

Awe, compassion, willingness, and pragmatism, those who can achieve these four points will have a more exciting friend soulmate

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