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Shange emotional public account: pfs976In which situations are married men most likely to cheat?

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In life, women often say: Men dont have a good thing. The implication is that men are very lustful, all have the problem of liking the new and dislike the old, and all have the possibility of being unfaithful and betrayed by their wives. This is indeed the most common and fatal shortcoming of men. However, although men are lecherous, not all men go to play cheating casually. In general, married men are more likely to cheat in the following situations, please be careful as a wife:free psychic soulmate drawing

1, your own thoughts When I cant get my wifes understanding, and I have less and less common language with my wifefree psychic soulmate drawing

A man wants his wife to be beautiful and beautiful In addition to her appearance, she also hopes that her wife can have a tacit communication with her in the spiritual world. When I have a lot of ideas in my heart from career or work, or when I look at a certain issue, I can gain my wifes perception and understanding. Even if I cant reach a certain agreement, it is best to give myself some pertinent opinions. To put it bluntly, the couple should have some common language and roughly the same viewpoints. At least they cannot be screwed up as soon as they communicate. In reality, many couples have communication barriers and confusion in communication. The two of them wanted to discuss something together, but they started arguing as they were talking, and they ended up blushing and having a thick neck and breaking up. This means that what people say is not speculative. In this way, when a man cannot communicate normally with his woman, when there is no common language with each other, the possibility of this man cheating outside is very high. Of course, the reverse is true for women, psychic soulmate drawing

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2, when the wife lacks enthusiasm for the married life, and even often has a negative and slack moodfree psychic soulmate drawing< /p>

As we all know, a harmonious, smooth and high-quality married life is the glue of feelings and can promote the emotional integration between husband and wife. Therefore, couples must be enthusiastic and active in their intimacy, and do not ignore the blending and sublimation of the sexes because of embarrassment or trivial matters in life. As a woman, dont always passively wait for a mans request, or even show negativity and annoyance to a mans active show of love. This is very harmful to the self-esteem and enthusiasm of the man. After a long time, your man will use this as a psychological breakthrough and an excuse to cheat and seek spiritual compensation. To avoid this problem, couples should still have more active communication and psychic soulmate drawing

3, when your career is booming and your business is getting bigger and bigger, and your life is getting more and more successfulfree psychic soulmate drawingp>

As the saying goes, men become bad when they have money. When a man is relatively successful, when he has a huge income and a proud career, his sign of self-success starts to magnify obviously, and it is logical to conquer the capital of women as a man to show off. Coupled with the drive of successful people to be arrogant and possessive. At this time, the possibility of a man cheating is extremely high, because at this time he has been carried away by victory, and the cheating of a man at this time should be more enjoyment of psychic soulmate drawing

4, the family has no warmth, the society has no status, and the work is unsatisfactoryfree psychic soulmate drawing

< p>There is a man who is just the opposite. It is precisely because he is not successful in his career that he is not valued in society, and he is always neglected at home, even bullied, and unsatisfactory everywhere. Such a man is the easiest Thoughts of cheating. However, the object of his derailment is often difficult to find a fixed lover, and more likely to express his frustration and vent his inner dissatisfaction through prostitution. If such a man does not save him in time by his wife, he will be easily broken, disheartened, and degenerate.

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