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Many people are writing about soul confidants and soulmates, because people in this world are lonely. That Xu Zhimo had already said that he was looking for a soul mate. Those who win are lucky, those who lose are fate… Too many people are eager to be understood and to find a soulmate in the soul world.soul partner meaning

Can you find that person?

I want to say from the following aspects

1. The emotion of a soul confidant is inseparable from the appreciation and trust of love.soul partner meaning

The meeting of confidants in the soul starts from liking, and then gradually develops to an emotion similar to admiration. There can be no true confidant without this loving appreciation, commitment and tolerance, trust.soul partner meaning

Second, it is difficult for a friend of the opposite sex who is close to admiration to go on normally, even in the soul world.soul partner meaning

Understanding and trusting support are the fundamental relationship between confidants. They can talk to each other, share emotions and share secrets. This kind of communication is very difficult for a relationship between the two sexes that is not aimed at love.soul partner meaning

Love is exclusive. If you have a family, your family does not allow you to have a soul confidant other than that, which means that you share your feelings for him with others. If youre single, then also, if youre married, congratulations.soul partner meaning

Three, soul confidants who can get along normally have actually degenerated. If they really have feelings for each other and are rational, they can only bury their emotions in their hearts, restrain themselves, and stop talking about everything. The relationship between Lin Huiyin and Jin Yuelin, in addition to Lin Liangs husband and wife relationship, can only be friendship, otherwise, there will be cracks in the marriage, even for couples with high cognitive awareness. Being a confidant is an assumption in a vacuum.soul partner meaning

Fourth, the soul-confidant relationship cannot be maintained even in the state of Zen enlightenment.soul partner meaning

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If your enlightenment is very high, similar to meditation, etc., then this kind of soul confidant will inevitably degenerate, bury, and fade away. If you dont speak out your feelings and dont communicate, you wont be able to damage your family. If they cant enjoy each other, they are no longer in a state of soul confidant relationship that each others souls watch over.soul partner meaning

Five, soul confidants are not easy to exist.soul partner meaning

Women need to talk and understand in their thinking, nothing else, as long as they have the same mind and nature, listen and understand, and can give emotional support. Men are very realistic, they dont want to be your soulless confidant! Once they find the connection in their souls, they either want to get closer to the relationship, or they will reflect calmly. Since you cant get closer to him, he cant get anything realistic. Its better not to get along with other people who are tasteless. He needs the whole world. The more realistic people are, the more they will feel that this kind of relationship is inappropriate, or there is no torture, and it is useless, and they will definitely stay away from you. Those ultra-romanticists are a different story.soul partner meaning

In conclusion, it is almost impossible for people with normal families to be deep soul confidants. The best state for you and him is to maintain a proper distance, be good friends who understand each other and trust each other. Or, you bury each other in your heart, tacitly, but you cant get any closer.soul partner meaning

Mutual trust and support, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, tacit understanding, moderate distance, is the best relationship between the opposite sex.soul partner meaning

Personal opinion, welcome to discuss.soul partner meaning

soul partner meaning

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