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I feel the Capricorn friend from the card face today. the first information. That is, you are more defensive, you will wrap yourself up, and you are unwilling to express your emotions or some ideas. According to todays card, in fact, this part of our Capricorn friends, we will be in the next time. Inside, the emotional aspect is actually relatively poor, that is to say, in November, there will not be a very stable relationship, and it will be more ups and downs. If it is a Capricorn friend who is in a relationship, in November, there may often be some small conflicts, and the problems are small problems, but you cant control yourself from thinking deeply.karmic twin flame


If it is a female Capricorn friend, in the near future you may You will encounter rotten peach blossoms. This rotten peach blossom is actually not very serious to you, nor is he very attentive, a bit like the sea king scumbag we said, so you also need to pay attention to the pursuit of the people around you. your opposite sex. And our Capricorn friend who has been relatively stagnant in relationship recently. As for your other half, he may not know how to communicate, because you dont like to express your emotions very much, and the other half is not good at communication, so there are certain problems in the development of your emotions. .karmic twin flame

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Then our single Capricorn friend, in the next time Inside, you have the opportunity to meet new friends of the opposite sex. This person should be a friend with a water sign or an earth sign. She is emotionally hot and cold. You are not very I can understand some of his thoughts, but I cant guess. He doesnt know how his feelings for you are, whether he wants to develop steadily, or just wants to be friends, because his attitude towards you is indeed relatively Copy, but no matter what kind of people you meet and what kind of attitude they treat you, you must know that no one can accompany another person for a lifetime.karmic twin flame


In fact, we all know that on this road of life, You will meet all kinds of people, and of course these people may accompany you for a while. But if you want the other person to accompany you through your life, the possibility is actually quite small. If someone wants to enter your life trajectory, someone will leave, so you can also choose to learn something from the other person. You must keep the other party by your side, so in November, Capricornus can hold a learning mentality, and dont have too much ambition, whether it is academic, career or emotional. How to say it, just keep your original intention, you can have ambition, but dont lose yourself because of ambition.karmic twin flame

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