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In life, facing some people and some things, sometimes you choose to forget, which is not a bad thing. Learn to forget and face life calmly, so that you will feel happy.


Learning to forget is a kind of psychological balance, but in reality, you will find that some people avoid talking about the embarrassment and embarrassment when they were disappointed in the past. On the contrary, they like to talk about it. The scenery of the good times. In the process, they forgot one thing, that is, whether it was a success or a failure before, it has become the past. If you blindly indulge in the past and cannot let go, you will only make yourself fall into delusion and not think about progress. , holding back.have i met my soulmate


There are also some people who always like to recall those painful events in the past, and always give people a face full of bitterness, hatred, and unhappiness. The Indian poet Tagore once said. But if you cry for losing the sun, you will also lose the stars. Isnt it, just remembering those sad things will only make you more sad, and the painful past will only hold back your future. Always talking about your own badness is actually taking the mistakes of the past to punish the current self, which will eventually cause trouble for yourself.have i met my soulmate

i lost my soulmate


A prisoner who has made mistakes before, after he is released from prison, he can tell himself not to make the same mistakes again, but there is no need to keep blaming himself for his mistakes. When you make mistakes, knowing your mistakes can improve a lot. Face yourself, cut out the bad memories in the past, and live a life that can make you feel more meaningful. Such forgetting is also worthwhile.have i met my soulmate

Learn to forget, not to forget everything, we should be selective, for example, there are always some things in life that make you unforgettable, then You should treasure it well. In addition, we should keep in mind the help of others to you, and it is best to forget about others bad treatment of you. This is actually how people are, simple and not complicated, and this kind of life is happier!have i met my soulmate


platonic soulmate meaning

Betweentheoppositesex,thesefeelingsaretherealsoulmatestwin flame meaning best friend

Those feelings are true soulmatesAudio:< span>progress bar00:0007:35< span>

Text/Gu Qinglin anchor/Yunwan

Source/Gu Qinglin (ID: Gu-QingLin)

Everyone comes When you come to the world, you are all half a soul. Only when you meet the other half of the same soul as yourself can your life be considered complete.soulmate drawing free

The greatest loneliness of a person is that there is no one around him who can relate to his heart.soulmate drawing free

full of ambition, no one can understand;full of sorrow Concerns, no one can complain.

Sometimes I really hope to meet someone who can tell each other my heart and understand my sorrows and joys , know that you are cold or warm.soulmate drawing free

Rolling red dust, long life, Only when you meet the other half with the same three views and the same mind, can life be considered a waste of life.soulmate drawing free

In the end, what kind of person is a soulmate?

is very simple. When you get along with it, you usually have the following three feelings, dont miss it !


< /span>

Although some encounters are vigorous, they may not last;soulmate drawing free

The reason is best explained by a sentence:

< section>

There are countless strong loves, but because of lack of trust, they finally broke up. On the contrary, it is the most insipid feelings, which contain the most sincere trust in the quiet years, so the water lasts for a long time.soulmate drawing free

In the vast crowd, it is easy to know each other but difficult to know each other.soulmate drawing free

People are only willing to open their Open your heart, trust each other, or become someone they trust.

From then on, trust each other, live up to each other, and be able to The most truthful words can also tell the hardest feelings.soulmate drawing free

thistrust and dependency , will make each other more and more in harmony, and life will be happier.

Therefore, if you meet someone who can make you feel at ease and be sincere to you, Please cherish it carefully.soulmate drawing free

Soulmates are not easy, trust is not easy Only once, dont give it up easily.

Sense of Compassion

< /span>

Someone once asked: Why did two people who had no intersection at first come together slowly in the end?soulmate drawing free

I think, in addition to fate, there is no lack of mutual understanding.

Because there is a tacit understanding, they will be looking forward to each other for the same period of time with the same thing happening.soulmate drawing free

Like the Korean drama “The Praise of Death” The male protagonist Kim Yoo Jin and the female protagonist Yin Xin De.It was the first time the two had dinner together. As soon as Yin Xinde sat down, Jin Youzhen ordered a bowl of noodles for her. Before she could speak, he pushed over a glass of water…< /section>

This kind of fit from the depths of the heart is incomparable to the so-called match and love at first sight.

Only a true soul mate will have this sense of tacit understanding.soulmate drawing free

soulmate mark

TA can see through your strength and understand you The fragility, break your silence, pick up your joy.soulmate drawing freeAnd you can also understand TAs implication, and better understand TAs overtones.

Yang Lan said:

When you are most helpless and weak, TA will hold your chin, straighten your spine, make you strong, and accompany you by your side. suffer fate.soulmate drawing freeAt that time, in addition to love, there was also a sincere loyalty, a tacit understanding, a mutual growth and unforgettable kindness.

Whether it is love or friendship, only the three views are the same, the soul Only if you fit, can you have the opportunity to become a soul mate.soulmate drawing free

Otherwise, no matter how long we spend together, we will not be able to identify with each other, and we will not be able to truly enter each others hearts world.soulmate drawing free


I have seen this sentence:

< span>In this lifetime, people will meet thousands of people. Only the person who makes him laugh can join hands with each other in the long river of time.soulmate drawing free

I used to think that loving someone is going to be a moth to a flame, regardless of the consequences. Only later did I realize thatsoulmate drawing freethe luck of life is to meet the most comfortable person at the most beautiful time.

No need to please and indulge, no need to be deliberate and restrained, with them, be quiet and peaceful , and warm and calm.soulmate drawing freeIn this way, we can have the energy to appreciate the sweet side of life in the chicken feathers of life.

The person who makes you smile every day is the right person.

TA is afraid of your sadness, and even more afraid of your injury, so she will try every way to make you laugh. Mind to please you.soulmate drawing free

This is a care and a sincerity.

Encounter is the luck of this life, no matter how hard life is, there is nothing to fear.

The most beautiful thing in the world is to meet .soulmate drawing free

If you can meet a person who can trust you with peace of mind, have a good heart, and be happy, you are lucky and even more so. is happiness.

Soulmates, one is enough.

May the pains and joys you experience in your life be shared with you, This unrelenting love brings the soul to shore.soulmate drawing free

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Author:Gu Qinglins Secret , Source: Gu Qinglin (ID: Gu-QingLin).

entp soulmate

Beforethewedding,mymothergavemeadowryof60,000yuan.Afteronenight,sheaskedmeforitback,butmyhusbandlaughed.twin flame karmic partner


Blood is the most wonderful thing in this world. Maybe in the hearts of many people, relatives are more important than everything in this world, but when things really happen, You will think, ah, the blood relationship is not as beautiful as we imagined. In the eyes of some people, money is more important than love. The idea that you once insisted on was ridiculous, but fortunately, there is a close person by your side. Take care of yourself, thats enough.soulmate in meaning

< p>Lin Meiqin took leave and returned to the home she hadnt returned to for a long time.

“Why are you back?” The mother was surprised at the first sight of her, and even a little panicked. Mikoto said hello to her mother, and then wanted to go to her room. She wanted to stop her from behind, but Lin Meiqin pushed open the door anyway.soulmate in meaning

Mikoto saw that the room was full of things, clothes and shoes were thrown everywhere, she knew that the room that belonged to her should have been occupied by her brother. Before he was born, Lin Meiqin enjoyed mothers love for a period of time. After he was born, Lin Meiqin never got her mothers love again.soulmate in meaning

It is said that in this era, equality between men and women is emphasized, but there are still some people in rural areas who prefer sons to daughters. They think that only sons can pass on incense, such as Lin Meiqins mother. Seeing that her first child was a daughter, she was unhappy for a long time and looked for a lot of remedies. Finally, two years later, she became pregnant again. This time she got what she wanted, a boy.soulmate in meaning

< p>02.

When she was little, Lin Meiqin had to let her younger brother do everything. Her mother told Lin Meiqin that it was right for the older to let the younger. Although her father didnt say anything, Lin Meiqin knew about him. It is also acquiescence. Lin Meiqin has had enough of this kind of life. When she was eighteen years old, she went out to study and never came back. If this time it wasnt for marriage, she would never come back.soulmate in meaning

She met her boyfriend Lin Jia when she was in college. The two have been in love for five years. When it came time to talk about marriage, they were going to come back together this time, but it was only temporary. Something happened to the company, and he could only buy a later ticket. Lin Jia was very embarrassed about this.soulmate in meaning

Her room has been occupied by her younger brother, and there are no extra rooms in the house. Lin Meiqin found a hotel that night. She thought about it a lot while lying in bed, and said that her married daughter was like being thrown out. The water, Lin Meiqin has heard this sentence many times since she was a child.soulmate in meaning

< p> She is very calm about her parents and feels that she owes them nothing. Although she has not come back after going to work, she has sent money to her home. Half of her salary is sent back every month. About a hundred thousand, she decided to have a deep talk with her mother tomorrow.

The next day, Lin Meiqin told her mother about her feelings, but her mother was happy and promised to marry her and give her a dowry of 60,000 yuan. After speaking, she gave her a card and said, “You also send this money. When you come back, there are still 60,000 in it, so Ill give you a dowry.”soulmate in meaning

Mikoto was very moved, it turned out that her mother still loved her.soulmate in meaning

In the early morning of the third day, Lin Meiqin was awakened by a knock on the door. When she opened the door, her mother was standing outside, and she said to Meiqin, “My daughter, Im afraid I cant give you the 60,000 yuan. .”soulmate in meaning

Mikoto hurriedly asked: “Why?”soulmate in meaning

The mother said: “Your brother is in a hurry to spend money now, he wants to buy a car to do business, if you are an older sister, please help your younger brother. I lent you the 60,000 yuan, and I will definitely supply you with the dowry in the future.” This should be the biggest joke Lin Meiqin has ever heard, it turns out that the dowry can also be made up.soulmate in meaning

03.soulmate in meaning

Lin Meiqin was reluctant to take it out, and her mother immediately changed her face: “Why are you so unconscionable, for your own sake, you dont even care about your family, why did I give birth to you? Such a white-eyed wolf!”soulmate in meaning

find your soulmate


Lin Jia just came over at this time. He had already arrived. When he saw Mikoto talking to someone, he stood aside and didnt come over. He knew what happened to Mikoto since she was a child. Wiping away his tears, he felt really distressed. He said to Mother Lin, “You can take the 60,000 yuan! Its just that Mikoto will be taken care of by me in the future, and I dont need to pay her a penny. I will love her well.”soulmate in meaning

Seeing Lin Jia, Mikotos mother immediately became serious and said, “You are the one who wants to marry my daughter. My daughter is a baby. It is not easy to raise such a big girl. The dowry should be at least 200,000, otherwise we will not agree.”soulmate in meaning

“Mom, youre too much, you just asked me to return the dowry, and now I want so much dowry, are you marrying a daughter?”soulmate in meaning

“What do you know?” Mother Glancing at Mikoto, he said, “The daughter is someone elses family when she grows up, so it is right to ask for a betrothal gift. The higher the betrothal gift, the higher your worth.”soulmate in meaning

Lin Jia smiled and said, “Auntie , you said just now that your daughter is someone elses family after she gets married, then after marriage, she has nothing to do with her parents family, right?”soulmate in meaning


“Yes, after marriage you will be your in-laws.”soulmate in meaning

” Well, Ill give this dowry, but after getting married, she can no longer take money from her parents house.” Lin Jia said, taking her mobile phone and transferring 200,000 yuan to her.soulmate in meaning

Seeing her son-in-laws generosity, Mikotos mother felt regretful. She thought she had asked for a huge sum of money for her son.soulmate in meaning

Two months later, the wedding was held as scheduled. Lin Meiqin invited many friends, but she did not see her parents to attend. Many people whispered that it was a pity that the parents of the married woman were not present, but later learned that It was Mikoto who didnt invite her, and after she knew the whole story, everyone expressed their understanding, and Mikoto felt a sense of relief, she could finally leave her family who had been despising her.soulmate in meaning

Lin Meiqin has a patriarchal mother. This is her misfortune. Maybe many people will be puzzled. It is the 21st century. There are all kinds of people. It is not uncommon for Mother Lin to have such outdated thoughts. I believe that there are many people like Mother Lin in this world. They blindly favor boys and ignore the other child. They were born in such a family. is unfortunate.soulmate in meaning

< p>Fortunately, Mikoto met a husband who understood her, and he stood up at a critical moment to help Mikoto get out of the predicament. This kind of love also reflected the sincerity of their relationship.

It is understandable for parents to spoil their children, but if they sacrifice one child to serve the interests of another child, it would be wrong. As a parent, treating children equally can also allow children to build people up. The good value of equality between people, I hope that Mikotos experience will not happen again, and every girl can get the best care from her parents.soulmate in meaning

ENDsoulmate in meaning

Todays topic: Do you think its right to favor sons over daughters?soulmate in meaning

twin flame soulmate karmic

AreYouSafeborrowsthethemeoftwomaleprotagoniststotalkaboutsoulmatesplatonic twin flame

Being dominated by the freshness and the authors writing style, I watched the two-night double male lead online article. It happened that I was chasing “Are You Safe” again recently, which is also a work with two male psychic soulmate drawing

I immediately associate with the emotions of the dual male protagonists or the dual female protagonists.

Usually, novels will tell you plainly that this is love. Movies and TV dramas are always ambiguous and ambiguous. If the original works are supported, they can basically be interpreted according to the original psychic soulmate drawing

If there is no original work, it can only be understood by the audience. Although the mainstream topic will lead to love, but Some people still have their own psychic soulmate drawing

1c950a7b02087bf4ae0d331ec059ab2613dfcffd< /div>

I also think that there is a blur between friendship and love. But it is not the kind of ambiguity with strong tendencies that is above AUO and not full of love. It is a form of friendship and love, which I call psychic soulmate drawing

The term soulmate is rarely heard in recent years.

Many years ago, I read an answer on a certain platform, which roughly means: another in the world He, when the two of them got along, felt that every cell was breathing psychic soulmate drawing

962bd40735fae6cdc55166cc3e39f32e40a70fcf< /div>

And later in life, I also met a person like psychic soulmate drawing

It is not enough to say it is friendship.

It is not necessary to say it is love.

In short, the spirit fits and resonates at the same frequency. There is no attraction between the two, but a state close to psychic soulmate drawing

The only difference is that she suffered from mild depression because of her previous life experiences. Maybe its because of the spirit of integration, she does get along more easily with me than with psychic soulmate drawing

Soulmates were also mentioned to me at that time. I wasnt sure at the time, but I thought it didnt matter, because all I wanted was to wish her well.

Do whatever you want and accept yourself. Dont force yourself to be a beautiful person in the eyes of others, allow yourself to lose your temper and allow yourself to psychic soulmate drawing

So when I watched “Are You Safe”, I could understand Qin Huais feelings for Chen Mo. Nor would it be classified as psychic soulmate drawing

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Its just blurry.

Gender ambiguous.

The relationship is ambiguous.

Because there is no word that can accurately express this emotion of human beings, when you describe it externally, you just say Its brotherhood, friendship, family-like feelings. Speaking of soul mates, it is not easy for others to psychic soulmate drawing

different types of soulmates

Im not a man, so I cant empathize with mens emotions, not sure how detailed it can psychic soulmate drawing

But I think it may be easier for girls to perceive this emotion because it is more common.

Although others see you as a good relationship, the form is similar to friendship, but you know in your heart that she is not Ordinary little psychic soulmate drawing

You wish her well, you want to protect her, and you are willing to pay for her. You will be sad when she leaves, but full of satisfaction is a psychic soulmate drawing

I think this emotion, delicate and warm. Even if you cant get together, the emotion you have for her nourishes your spirit and becomes your extra psychic soulmate drawing

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Qin Huai is obsessed with finding the whereabouts of Chen Mo, mainly because with his understanding of Chen Mo, he feels that Chen Mo is very likely to be in a dangerous situation psychic soulmate drawing

Otherwise, Chen Mo wouldnt let go of his mother for so many years.

In addition, he and Chen Mo had agreed to open a company together. Without Chen Mo, this dream would be incomplete.

So he has a sense of belief that he must find Chen psychic soulmate drawing

08f790529822720efcaac9e54e41f64cf31fabda< /div>

He went to Tamanda, only to be told that Chen Mo was dead.

Chen Mo came back quietly, but said he would break up with him.

These two times are equivalent to crushing his beliefs and dreams for so many years. Therefore, in the play, Qin Huai has two large-scale decadent scenes, and even plans to close the psychic soulmate drawing

Of course, in some scenes where he misses Chen Mo, he can also see that he is unhappy, I think Its psychic soulmate drawing

Insist on searching for years butfree psychic soulmate drawingno news< span>, no matter in life or spirit, he is overdrawn. But recalling the past of their dreams, they regained the strength to stand up.


This kind of soul-reaching intersection is difficult to have in an impetuous society, and its existence does not mean long-term. People dont have so much patience and energy to dig into their psychic soulmate drawing

Family, love, and friendship . The true soul mateothersme, can not be found.

Reading books and watching dramas seems to satisfy the yearning for this kind of beauty heart of. Finally, I put a picture of Qin Huais prosperous beauty. This shot wasfree psychic soulmate drawingvery good.




you are my soulmate