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Speaking of love, I have to say, Mr. Xiaoxian, love is also an invention that needs continuous improvement. The greatest act of unrequited love is realization; feelings make people forget time, and time also makes people forget feelings; such pessimistic feelings, like classics, go deep into the hearts of lovers. However, I still do not see the wisdom or so-called experience in these proverbs. Every time you read it, every time you sneer, do you agree? Hey, I dare my soulmate

Its no use waiting for a plant unless its a sentimental rabbit; dont complain about being out of touch with your feelings, buddy. Nobody likes a guy who is ready to stay put. Even if you go to eat, you cant always eat leek fried godmother in one place. In other words, when you meet love on the corner, you will be supported on the road, you are like a telephone pole. Except for an electrician, who has nothing to touch you and say he loves you like a mouse loves rice? Although not pursuing feelings, being proactive is extremely beneficial. In addition to a few shameless or shameless insults, it can also bring true feelings. Understand: love, waiting for you on the my soulmate

Emotions are exciting and serious hide-and-seek. When you grab it, remember how hard it was. If you cant catch it, you cant forget the fun; falling in love, this is a very troublesome thing, but since its very troublesome, why should you oppose the parents orders and the matchmakers words? Arent you asking for trouble? So, tell your lover that love is a lifetime thing, big things are troubles, and those who are afraid of troubles will achieve nothing, including relationships; when you hear your prospective daughter-in-law calling you to go shopping, don’t look indifferent, and throw away Yuxi and Yuxi in your hands at the speed of Shenzhen. Mouse, walk on the target my soulmate

Its normal for a brokenhearted person to be bored with love. When they saw these words, they naturally felt that they were just speaking from their hearts, so these words inexplicably became the supreme classic quotations, and then this so-called emotional truth was printed into a book, in the form of absurdity pass down. Now it seems that this empathy famous saying not only does not give people any enlightenment of wisdom, but misleads people, it is very pure and my soulmate

It is said that long-distance relationships cant hurt people, distance is not beauty, but doubt. What doubt? What makes you so paranoid? What is the basis of affection? Trust each other, if you dont even have the most basic mutual trust, then dont worry about such feelings; think about it, the mountains have no edge, the heaven and the earth are together, only dare to say goodbye to you. What does it feel like?be my soulmate

It is said that unrequited love is good, because you will not lose love, buddy, girl, can you practice it for me? If you are afraid of falling out of love, then you can have a crush on that girl forever. Secretly watching the hot girl drool, saying that the incense burner produces purple smoke. This is a wonderful realm. Congratulations, this is the pinnacle. The crush in junior high school was not expressed because of cowardice. Of course the most important thing is not to fall in love early. The high school crush at that time was because you were shy or didnt have the money to buy them meat buns. Although there are thousands of reasons, you are still a fly, flying forever, but that thin enough piece of paper, when she smiled at you and you waved to her, a lonely road stretched to both ends; The ideal is on the same front, and dont end with an empty my soulmate

my best friend is my soulmate

There are no fixed feelings about relationships and no strings attached. Any RV is just a cloud. Are you married or married to the garage? Work hard together if you want. If you think what I want is simple, Im afraid youre used to being laid back. The BMW runs on the highway and the rear wheels turn around. People who are satisfied with their feelings are always happy, and feelings are life. Can you learn how to use roots to wear cold and eat less vegetables?be my soulmate

Girl, you have to understand: dont always expect a man to be handsome and rich. If you think its better to laugh in the back of your bike than in a BMW, cry hard because outside your window, the guy on his bike is happily chasing the sunset. You have to understand that there is no justice in this world, and you will always lose more than you gain!be my soulmate

Boy, you have to understand: dont always expect a woman to love herself deeply and be sensible, but as we all know, a woman is capricious in love; if she is smart and sensible, and takes the overall situation into consideration, 80% of her thoughts are Changed, at least not as firm as before. You have to understand that the only woman who can afford to love you with all her heart is your my soulmate

If it doesnt work, just look down at your own shadow. Its the only thing that wont leave my soulmate

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EmotionaltalkZhaoYouting,GaoYuanyuan,ZhangJunningsloveapocalypse,pleaseconfirmthatheissinglebeforefallinginlovesoul partner

u=714175398,2754360267& fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=639&h=399&s=23CDB0448213167644ECE8820300F08AZhao Youting

Text/Su Jin

Compared with the love of most ordinary people, the love of entertainment stars gives people more inspiration. In these places where money, power and status are blended, the authenticity of love is easier to detect early, and whether those loves that have been weighed by interests can be like lotus flowers in various complex environments. Lian but not demon? When Feng Shaofeng met Ni Ni and broke through love and abandoned Qingchuan; when Ling Xiaosu remarried and abandoned Yao Chen, a big-mouthed beauty; when Zhao Youting and Zhang Junning broke up peacefully, Gao Yuanyuan was taken by the mistress. Can we experience something from it to warn us about our love? Can we take the pulse of our love and find a person who will accompany us for a lifetime?i want to find my soulmate

u=3996497075,3481416403&fm= 173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=640&h=854&s=02B2E4200821B28C28385D8D0300F0E1Zhao Youting

Dang Wu The hero lost the justice in “The Ruffian Hero”, when Zhang Youting inherited the domineering and sexy of the mosquito in “Monka”, when he was regarded as Mark who despised love as always in “LOVE” at first, a man who looks indifferent but yearns for a new life. A man of lasting love. In reality and ideals, in entertainment and life, in perseverance and cheating, how should we choose a person who is worthy of our lives to persevere?i want to find my soulmate

u=4221902948,2293707325&fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=400&h=400&s=22A3DA073833B29C2288148A03005010High Circle
< /div>

When dating, you must first determine whether the other party is currently single, so as to avoid being involved in unnecessary emotional whirlpools. When Rin Xiaosu meets football baby, where is Yao Chens happy marriage? When Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen, where should Nicholas Tses man be? When Myolie Hu met Huang Shaoqi, where did Huang Zongzes seven-year itch go? With constant disputes and tangled entertainment circles, how should the public fans view the separation and integration of idols, and how should we view these marriages that are accelerated by money interests and small three diaosi? When Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Youting were in full swing, Zhang Junning posted her photo of He Rundong in the scarf. All things have their value in existence. When you cant afford to waver and concubine the ancient well water, everything is meaningless. Zhang Junning explained that she and He Rundong are just friends during the filming, which shows that He Rundong has become her trustworthy friend. Her good sister Zhang Xuan said: Zhang Junning likes calm and powerful boys, all boys are disgusted by her because they are self-righteous and self-righteous.i want to find my soulmate

u=2644082009,2853967269&fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=640&h=851&s=200AF51702235AB86B04FCFF0300702EJunning Zhang
< /div>
u=1148617154,1142779714&fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=472&h= 640&s=66701BC7C032B39E863C2CFA0300D012Zhang Junning

The trend of marriage in the entertainment circle actually reflects what most people face in real life. The problem, we can zoom in and out under the microscope to see the minutiae. Love is faithful and sincere. When you have a good impression of a person, you must first check whether the other person is single, whether he cares about you, and whether he has a plan to spend a lifetime together. If you dont even know these things, it is very likely that Xiaosan will play the role of tearing down other peoples families. Although everyone is equal in the face of love, it is also in priority. Two flowers on the wall, sooner or later, it should be yours that will come sooner or later. Dont deliberately touch marginal characters. The lovers who can be poached by you will also be poached by others.i want to find my soulmate

quantum entanglement soulmates

A boy should have vision and ambition, no matter what the situation is, he should deal with the problem calmly, not panic, not stingy, let alone Spending a lot of money, spending such a lot of money, won the smile of beauty. Dont judge people by their appearance, dont be greedy. Treat the people and things around you with integrity and enjoy the current life. As the most popular beauty in Taipei, Zhang Junning naturally has many suitors, but it is really difficult to find a handsome and caring partner. There is no perfect person in the world. What matters is where you focus on, whether it is a delicate appearance or a strong heart. As her friend Zhang Xuan said: handsome guys are insecure!i want to find my soulmate

Break up is still a brother, why do you have to be flesh and blood to let go boldly, give yourself a chance and give others a ban. It is better to let yourself be in a clean love than to be someone elses unnamed mistress. Those who are obsessed in real life and who are looking for life and death for love should learn to be free and easy of entertainment stars, and they can afford it. I would rather die with the incense stick, and never blow it off in the north wind. What should come will still come, let us wait for new love with a calm mind. For Zhao Youting to Gao Yuanyuan, will Zhang Junnings love be far behind?i want to find my soulmate

u=4102665262,3717477059&fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG?w=446&h=300&s=D6E6BC45060328EE50A459A3030010C0Zhao Youting
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(original articles are prohibited from plagiarizing pictures from the Internet)i want to find my soulmate


a soulmate

Emotionaltalk-curiositymaybetheothersideofthemirrorbest friend soulmate

I remember that one day in 2012, a friend suddenly made an appointment. After meeting, he saw that his face was not good, and he asked the reason in detail.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally said what he had kept in his heart for many years.losing your soulmate

It turned out that this gentleman and his wife knew each other because of their work relationship. In a company where he worked, his wife was the executive director of the company.losing your soulmate

There are some intersections in the usual work, his wife is said to like another Pan surname in the company they used to work for Boy, but the boy surnamed Pan ignored everything except borrowing money from her place, and borrowed a lot of money back and forth.losing your soulmate

It happened that the boy surnamed Pan, whom his wife liked, had more interactions with him at work, and gradually became more familiar with him and became friends .losing your soulmate

After get off work one afternoon, a boy surnamed Pan was having dinner with my friend and asked curiously: How are you and the executive developing? already?losing your soulmate

The boy surnamed Pan was evasive and did not want to elaborate. In this case, the friend called the executive in the name of inviting dinner come out. In the end, there was no result. When they were preparing to go home, the administrative supervisor suddenly stopped my friend and said: You called me out, are you responsible for my safety, should you send me home?losing your soulmate

My friend had no choice but to send him home. When the executive got home, he invited the boy to sit in the house and have a drink. My friend thought, This is also normal.losing your soulmate

After drinking, my friend was about to say goodbye to go home. The girl suddenly stepped forward to hug my friend and said softly: Hug me!losing your soulmate

On that night, a friend who was full of energy had a relationship with the girl who was the executive director of the company at that time. After the incident, the girl took the initiative to The boy added daily utensils and other items. At that time, in the boys heart, he felt that this woman was virtuous and meticulous. The next day, when my friend returned to her place of residence, the girl called and said, “Why dont you go home? Ill cook dinner and wait for you to come home?”losing your soulmate

My friends have experienced things between men and women, but I only know some things about women for the first time from novels and movies. Women will be very happy for the first time. It hurts and bleeds.losing your soulmate

I also asked the woman afterwards: Why didn’t you bleed?losing your soulmate

The woman replied: I used to practice long-distance running in high school, maybe I exercised too much, and the hymen has ruptured since then!losing your soulmate

The boy heard the words, but didnt go into it, and actually didnt understand the reasoning.losing your soulmate

In life, this woman is very considerate and meticulous to her friends.

At that time, my friends thought that this woman was virtuous, sensible, and meticulous. Because there was a relationship between men and women, they were together.losing your soulmate

Later, I also heard some rumors about this woman intermittently from other colleagues, saying that this woman had had several boyfriends before, and Just broke up with my ex.losing your soulmate

A friend also asked about this woman, but the woman denied it directly, saying that her ex-boyfriend was a college student, and she was very simple at that time. , The relationship with the ex-boyfriend only developed to the point of holding hands and kissing the lips at most. It means that I am very innocent.losing your soulmate

Two years later, at the urging of the woman, she got married. At the time of marriage, the woman had been pregnant for several months.losing your soulmate

There was a little episode when I got the marriage certificate, that is, the girl’s age was two years older than the age she told the boy, and it was exactly Three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think that girls are pregnant with their own children, so if they are three years older, they should be three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think about the good times and look forward to a bright future.

romantic soulmate

But one day, the boy found some sensitive information about the girl chatting with other men from the girls instant messaging tool. The amount of information was huge, The boy collapsed in an instant.losing your soulmate

In the chat log, all kinds of ambiguity and nakedness are revealed.

The saddest thing for boys is that there are some sensitive photos sent by men to girls in the chat records.losing your soulmate

After seeing the photo, the girl showed the kind of need that the boy could not accept.

And the girl also took the initiative to say to the man that her husbands is not as big as that mans, which is not good.losing your soulmate

The friend pointed to the girls chat record and questioned it face to face. The girl said lightly: Its just a chat, dont think too much.losing your soulmate

Under the pressure of friends, the girls couldnt hide some things, so they said that they started living together with their male classmates in the girls dormitory when they were in school. , used a cloth curtain as a cover, and said that all the girls in the bedroom did that. She was not alone, there were several couples living together in the same bedroom at the same time.losing your soulmate

The girl said she didnt live together for a few days, and broke up after just a month.losing your soulmate

My friend was broken down, angry, and deeply distrusted from the bottom of his heart.

4e4a20a4462309f7f4747fd8e75750f4d6cad646Marriage is more honest

The girl also said that she didnt know this man, she was just curious and chatting.losing your soulmate

At this point, my friend was in a tangle, and he did nothing to the business he had created, and soon there was a business crisis . Faced with the crisis of career and marriage, we also need to consider the feelings of children and elderly parents. That kind of suffering may be difficult for those of us who have not experienced that kind of thing to understand.losing your soulmate

My friend asked me: what should I do next?losing your soulmate

Actually I don’t know what to do, we are all outsiders, the kind of pain that only people who are deeply involved in, we can’t feel that.

I just tell my friends, if you need help with anything, you can always say, 24 hours online.losing your soulmate

Other than that, I really dont know how I can help him.

Many years have passed, but the friend and his wife are still together. Fortunately, the group did not talk nonsense or come up with ideas. .losing your soulmate

Seeing friends again after the epidemic this year, he said calmly: Everything will be settled when his son graduates from high school. I dont want to delay the children, and I dont want to hurt the elderly (his parents-in-law treat him well, and they dont know it).losing your soulmate

I admire my friends tolerance and patience. Maybe this is life.

Fortunately, he is now dedicated to running his business and nurturing his children, but when his children graduate from high school in 5 years, think about the one who once failed His woman is already 45, his youth is gone, he is old, and his friend will only be 42. I dont know what his plans are, and I hope they wont hurt each other.losing your soulmate

All temptations come from curiosity, and curiosity will drive people to make irrational and inappropriate decisions.losing your soulmate

In the world of emotions, there may be no winners.losing your soulmate


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8.< /strong>elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingGI(General Inquirer)Dictionary of Evaluation Words(English, The dictionary collects 1,914 positive words and 2,293 negative words, and labels each word with different labels according to polarity, intensity, part of speech, etc., which is convenient for flexible application in sentiment analysis tasks.< strong>9.Subjective Word Dictionary(English, The subjective words of this dictionary come from the OpinionFinder system, The dictionary contains 8,221 subjective words, and each word is marked with part of speech and sentiment polarity.

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10.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingHowNet Evaluation Word Dictionary(Simplified Chinese, English, http ://www.keena The dictionary contains 9,193 Chinese evaluation words/phrases, 9,142 English evaluation words/phrases, and is divided into two categories of praise and criticism. Among them, the dictionary provides evaluation phrases for sentiment analysis Provides richer emotional resources.

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DongjiangHaiyingEmotionalMiscellaneousTalk1Ibrokeupwithmyex,howtoquicklygetoutofthepainoflovelorni want to find my soulmate

First of all, I will give you a time limit to relieve the pain: no matter how painful you are now, as long as you strictly follow my advice, if there is no accident, usually a month, or a maximum of half a year, you will be able to get out.soulmate reading

The suggestions are as follows:

1. Keep yourself busy, pay attention to the busyness here is not busy, but to invest your time and energy in some positive things that can improve yourself Go in the middle of things. For example: fitness, beauty, learning a new musical instrument, reading some good books, etc. The first lesson of lovelorn is to teach you that you must first learn to focus and please yourself, because in this world, except yourself, all people may leave you, so only when you are rich enough , you have the spare energy to manage a relationship well, and you can ensure that you will not repeat the same mistakes in the next relationship.soulmate reading

2. Broaden your social contacts and contact the opposite sex more. Note that contacting the opposite sex here does not allow you to quickly start a relationship with a new opposite sex. I am very opposed to the lovelorn who has just broken up and is in a period of emotional fluctuations. Use new feelings to cover up your brokenhearted pain, because its very irresponsible to yourself and your new lover. More contact with the opposite sex is to help you divert your attention, and by broadening your opposite-sex social circle, change your gender-deprived mentality due to lovelorn. Because the two sides of the lovelorn, especially the one who still misses their ex after the lovelorn, often over-beautify their ex because of their obsession, which will produce a filter effect, and then fall into missing each other and ask for nothing. in a vicious circle. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into this endless cycle that makes you miserable, you must have more contact with the opposite sex. If you are shy and usually have a small social circle, it is recommended that you first expand the social circle of the opposite sex through the Internet (premise note that Safe, many times you can communicate online, don’t meet until you are not sure about safety), such as online games, anonymous social platforms, etc. If you are really afraid of socialization, you can go to a place with more handsome guys and beauties to see more handsome guys and beauties. , Its okay to take care of your own eyes first, haha. After you have seen enough of the opposite sex, if you still cant help but think about your ex or compare your ex with these opposite sex, you can deliberately recall the bad things about your ex and strengthen yourself Keep recalling, keep repeating. The second step is done continuously, and one day you will feel that the ex who once glittered in front of you is nothing more than the same.soulmate reading

3. Mentality building: First of all, you need to make it clear that breaking up with a breakup is actually a good thing for you, because your last relationship broke up, no matter who the reason is, since you can get to the breakup It means that there is indeed an irreconcilable contradiction between you. Then such an inappropriate relationship is over, which means that you can stop your losses in time, and you have a chance to be with a better person, isn’t it? a good thing? As for those beautiful things that make you unforgettable, they can only represent the past, and they no longer exist. Dont let yourself fall into obsession for the beauty of the past, stop your losses in time, and you will encounter better futures One.soulmate reading

i found my soulmate

I welcome friends who have problems in emotional relationships, career development, life planning, etc. to follow my account, maybe I can give you the help you need, good luck!soulmate reading

< p>From the column

A collection of responses to emotional questions of Dongjiang Haiyingsoulmate reading

v2 6e7e175c3624421606cf045b2b63aa21 720w

Dongjiang Haiying·1 Contentssoulmate reading

soul mate meaning spiritual

BrotherShanesEmotionalMiscellaneousTalkWhichfivekindsofmenareworthyofawomanslifetimejungkook soulmate tarot

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Follow Shanes emotionsTowards a happy starting point

Cheat, betrayal, mistress , mistress, extramarital affairs; there are endless modern emotional loss;jungkook soulmate tarot

entangled, depressed, sad, helpless, troublesome! This is the habitat for healing your emotional scars.

Do not vomit unhappy, love confusion, marital troubles, emotional confusion, family trivia,jungkook soulmate tarotCome and ask for help from Brother Shan, Answers to any questions.

Shangge emotional online, help you open ones heart knot, and provide advice for your marriage and love problems!jungkook soulmate tarot

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Which five men are worthy Women cherish a lifetime?jungkook soulmate tarot

< strong>Text/Pang Fengshan

For women, it is not easy to meet a man who makes them very pleasant in this life, and women always sigh , Why is my life so hard, why cant I marry a good man? It seems that there is a song that sings where all the good men die? So, what exactly should a good man be, and what kind of man will make women stop sighing and complaining and cherish them for a lifetime?jungkook soulmate tarot

1, a man who often helps women with houseworkjungkook soulmate tarot

traditional marriage The distribution method of the model has always been that men are outside and women are inside, that is, men work hard outside to earn money to support their families, while women are at home with their husbands and children, and handle housework. Under this influence, this unwritten principle of family division of labor has always dominated our lives. However, with the progress of society, the improvement of womens status, and the awakening of womens consciousness, more women are no longer playing the role of housewives. They are fighting in various jobs just like men, and after a busy day of work, they return home. It is very hard to do laundry and cook for a man. At this time, if a man does notTjungkook soulmate tarotsympathize with womens hard work, and does not take the initiative to share womens housework, it is really unfair. In life, a man who can take the initiative to help women do housework, who can know how to care for women, and who knows how to share for women will surely make women cherish and love them for a lifetime.

2, a man who is willing to take the initiative to apologize no matter who is wrong or who is right when they are in conflictjungkook soulmate tarot

have i found my soulmate

When men and women live together, it is inevitable that they will have conflicts with each other. However, what is important is how we deal with and deal with the conflict when it comes, and what kind of mentality and principle we should use to deal with the conflict between the two. Personally, I think that there are conflicts and disputes between men and women, no matter who is wrong and who is right, it is better for men to be more polite and let women be more polite. Men should be more open-minded, more tolerant, take the initiative to resolve conflicts after quarreling with each other, coax women more, and take the initiative to admit their mistakes, and even the biggest conflicts will be resolved. Therefore, a man who can take the initiative to apologize to a woman regardless of right or wrong will make a woman cherish for a lifetime.jungkook soulmate tarot

3, the man who can take care of the womans parents as soon as possible when the womans parents are sick and hospitalizedjungkook soulmate tarot

For men and women who have entered into marriage, living together is not just as simple as just two people. At this time, it is inevitable to mix two families. In particular, the parents of both parties often mention important agendas, and they also appear in the world of the two from time to time. Married men and women should bear in mind that no matter whose parents are parents, they should respect and treat the elderly well. For women, when their parents are in trouble or are sick and hospitalized, their other half can express their concern and rush to take care of them as soon as possible, which will move the womans heart and swear in her heart that such a man must Cherish for a lifetime.jungkook soulmate tarot

4, a man who never forgets to send blessings and gifts on a wedding anniversary or a womans birthday no matter how busy he is at workjungkook soulmate tarot

Women generally lament the big changes that men make before and after marriage. A large number of men do have two completely different states. Even after marriage, they often become forgetful and no longer remember their womans birthday and wedding anniversary. Even if they do remember, they may not pass on a statement when these festivals come. , I didnt wait until the woman asked angrily, then pretended to realize it and exclaimed: Im really sorry, Im too busy with work, Ill make it up for you in the future. As everyone knows, this kind of perfunctory mens is very chilling to women. Only those men who can take the initiative to remember these important festivals will make women cherish them for a lifetime.jungkook soulmate tarot

5, stay away from men who eat, drink, prostitute, gamble, smoke, cheat and stealjungkook soulmate tarot

this world On, there is no perfect person. Men more so, no man is perfect, he will always have a little bit of this or that. However, as long as a man can stay away from those principled flaws and bad habits, for example, stay away from pornography, gambling, drugs, cheating, stealing, and domestic violence, this is close to perfection in the eyes of women. If men, on this basis, can know how to take care of womens emotions and have a heart to care for them at all times, then such men will undoubtedly be cherished by women for a lifetime.jungkook soulmate tarot

Shan Ge Wei Emotional Consultationjungkook soulmate tarotWeChat:< span>qingganchufang

About Shange:jungkook soulmate tarotShangge is< span>Pang Fengshan, a self-media person, an early commentator, and an expert in online commentary, his works are mainly flooded in the Internet, and are scattered in the “Beijing Morning News”, “Life News”, “New Evening News”, “Harbin Daily”, “Southern Metropolis Daily”, “Housewife” “Xianyang Daily”, “Modern Express”, “Xinjiang Metropolis Daily”, “Tibet Business Daily”, “Peoples Beginning”, “Family Weekly” and other paper media. Social commentary works have been included in the cross-annual commentary anthology of “The Horsefly of Criticism” published by Nanhai Publishing Company.

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BookofChangesThefourlevelsofthemind,whichlevelareyouatto my soulmate

SnTC0Iz9HS3BtS~noop.image? iz=58558&from=article

Author: Unknown Source: Internet

The realm of a man is not status and talent, and the realm of a woman is not appearance and temperament.

What determines a persons height is the grade of the soul.

The first realm of the mind is: Reverencebest friend soulmate

Book of Changes: Heaven Vertical elephant, see good and bad.

Heaven and earth have their own rules, all things have their own rules, and there are gods when you raise your head three friend soulmate

If a person is in awe, then he must be righteous, return what he says, and stop what he does.

They fear heaven and earth, life, nature, and know what can and cannot be done.

They behave in a sincere way and do not break through the bottom line and friend soulmate

Without respect, life will become frivolous and disdainful and willful.

A river without river bank constraints can only become a torrent of friend soulmate

A world without reverence and restraint can only become a small paradise.

Do the right thing, walk the path of right view, have a bright heart, fear the world, all good things will come as friend soulmate

The second realm of the mind is: the heart of compassion

Book of Changes: The gentleman is worthy of virtue thing.

Great virtue is compassion, the power to hold up the world and liberate all friend soulmate

The ancients said: Great virtue will live long.

A wise person, a compassionate person, will be blessed with longevity and good health.

They dont care too much, they can always put themselves in the others shoes and think about each friend soulmate

In the face of offenses from others, it is not easy to go to extremes.

In the face of money and wealth, they are more generous and indifferent. There is no greed and depression in the heart, and live a simple and transparent friend soulmate

They are tolerant and forgiving, and they are often in a state of peace of mind.

A person with compassion has great wisdom and great friend soulmate

soulmate in meaning

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The third realm of the mind is: the heart of willingness

Book of Changes There are two hexagrams of loss and benefit. If there is loss, it will be beneficial, and if there is gain, there will be friend soulmate

Everything in the world has a price.

If you want to pass the exam, you must always work hard; if you want to be famous, you must suffer.

There is something to give.

You cant have friend soulmate

Smart people know how to let go of improper self-positioning, they dont expect or fantasize.

Faced with the ups and downs of life, they are more able to maintain a normal mind.

Money and wealth come and go, and willingness is a state, but also a bearing and friend soulmate

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The fourth state of the mind is: Pragmatic Mind

The Book of Changes: Time When it stops, it stops, when it moves, it moves. Movement and stillness do not lose its time, and its path is friend soulmate

Do not procrastinate when it is time to act, and be unambiguous when changing to stillness, and you can grasp the timing between movements and friend soulmate

The rational spirit of a person is also a pragmatic state of a person.

They dont rush for quick success, and they dont opportunistically.

They have a good grasp of how much work should be done and when it should friend soulmate

There are many smart people, but in the end, most of them are people who are willing to bend down and do things.

Continuously doing one thing and doing one thing thoroughly can you truly achieve your desired friend soulmate

The grade of the mind determines the personality and determines the fate of a persons life.

Awe, compassion, willingness, and pragmatism, those who can achieve these four points will have a more exciting friend soulmate

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ArtificialIntelligenceTechnologyLandingAnOverviewofSentimentAnalysislosing your soulmate

From the perspective of natural language processing technology, the task of sentiment analysis is to extract the entity of the comment from the text of the comment, as well as the sentiment tendency expressed by the commenter for the entity, all the core technologies of natural language. question. Therefore, sentiment analysis is considered a subtask of natural language processing.soulmate dreams

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Sentiment Analysis Overviewsoulmate dreams

Compared with other artificial intelligence techniques, Sentiment Analysis is a bit special because Other fields are based on objective data for analysis and prediction, but sentiment analysis has a strong personal subjective element. The goal of sentiment analysis is to analyze peoples sentimental tendencies and opinions about entities and their attributes from texts.soulmate dreams

With the development of social media such as Twitter and e-commerce platforms, a large amount of content with opinions has been generated, which provides the required data basis for sentiment analysis. Today, emotion recognition has been widely used in many fields.soulmate dreams

For example:soulmate dreams

  • In the field of commodity retail, user evaluations are very important feedback information for retailers and manufacturers. It can quantify the degree of praise and criticism of the product and its competing products, so as to understand the users appeal for the product and the comparison between its own product and its competing products.
  • In the field of social public opinion, the trend of public opinion can be effectively grasped by analyzing the publics comments on social hot events.
  • In terms of corporate public opinion, sentiment analysis can be used to quickly understand the societys evaluation of the company, provide decision-making basis for the companys strategic planning, and enhance the companys competitiveness in the market.
  • In the field of financial transactions, analyze traders attitudes towards stocks and other financial derivatives, and provide auxiliary basis for market transactions.

At present, the vast majority of artificial intelligence open platforms are capable of sentiment analysis. In addition to sentiment analysis in the general field, there are also analysis in several specific fields of automobiles, kitchenware, catering, news and Weibo.soulmate dreams

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Sentiment analysis example of Posen Chinese Semantic Open Platform

So what exactly is sentiment analysis?soulmate dreams

From the perspective of natural language processing technology, the task of sentiment analysis is to extract the entity of the comment from the text of the comment, as well as the sentiment tendency expressed by the commenter for the entity, which is the core of all natural language. Technical issues, such as: lexical semantics, referential resolution, stinginess, information extraction, semantic analysis, etc., will be used in sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

Therefore, sentiment analysis is considered as a sub-task of natural language processing, and we can express peoples sentiment towards an entity target in a quintuple format: (e, a, s ,h,t)soulmate dreams

  • e represents the target entity of sentiment analysis, which can be a concrete instance or a class, but must be the only object.
  • a represents the attribute of a specific evaluation of a viewpoint in entity e.
  • s represents the sentiment contained in the opinion on the attribute a of entity e, which is usually divided into three categories: positive positive, negative negative and neutral. It can also be converted into an evaluation level of 1 star to 5 stars through a regression algorithm.
  • h is the holder of an emotional opinion, which may be the evaluator himself or someone else.
  • t is the time the idea was published.

Take the picture as an example, e refers to a restaurant, a is the cost-effectiveness attribute of the restaurant, s is a positive evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of the restaurant, h is the commenter himself, t is 7/27/19. So the sentiment analysis of this review can be expressed as a quintuple (a restaurant, value for money, positive compliment, reviewer, 7/27/19).soulmate dreams

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Users evaluation of a restaurantsoulmate dreams

Sentiment analysis can be roughly divided into three levels of tasks according to the granularity of the processing text, namely text level, sentence level level and attribute level.soulmate dreams

Lets take a look at them separately:soulmate dreams

1. Text-level sentiment analysis

The goal of text-level sentiment analysis is to judge the entire text Whether the document expresses a positive or negative sentiment, such as a book review, or a comment on a hot current affairs news, as long as the text to be analyzed exceeds the scope of a sentence, it can be regarded as a discourse-level sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

There is a premise for text-level sentiment analysis, that is, the opinions expressed in the whole text are only for a single entity e, and only contain the opinions of one opinion holder h.soulmate dreams

This approach regards the entire document as a whole, and does not study the specific entities and entity attributes contained in the text, which makes the text-level sentiment analysis more limited in practical applications, unable to analyze the text in a piece of text. Multiple entities are analyzed separately, and the opinions of multiple opinion holders in the text are also indistinguishable.soulmate dreams

For example the text of the review is: I think this phone is great.soulmate dreams

The reviewer expresses a positive evaluation of the phone as a whole, but if it is: I think the camera function of this phone is very good, but the signal is not very good such a sentence, there is a positive evaluation in the same comment Derogatory words appear in the word again, which cannot be distinguished by discourse-level analysis, and can only be analyzed as a whole.soulmate dreams

But fortunately, there are many scenarios where there is no need to distinguish between opinion-evaluated entities and opinion-holders. For example, in the sentiment analysis of product reviews, the object of the review can be the product being reviewed by default. The opinion holders are also the reviewers themselves.soulmate dreams

Of course, this also depends on what the product being reviewed is. If it is a travel service such as parent-child travel, then the review is likely to contain more than one opinion holder. In practical work, text-level sentiment analysis cannot satisfy us for more detailed evaluations. If we need to conduct more precise and detailed analysis of comments, we need to split each sentence in the text. This is sentence-level sentiment analysis research. The problem.soulmate dreams

2. Sentence-level sentiment analysissoulmate dreams

Similar to text-level sentiment analysis, the task of sentence-level sentiment analysis is to judge whether a sentence expresses a positive meaning or a Derogatory sentiment, although the granularity reaches the sentence level, the same premise of sentence-level analysis and discourse-level analysis is that a sentence only expresses one opinion and one emotion, and there is only one opinion holder.soulmate dreams

Sentence-level analysis is indistinguishable if a sentence contains more than two evaluations or the opinions of multiple opinion holders. Fortunately, in real life, most sentences express only one emotion.soulmate dreams

Since sentence-level sentiment analysis has the same limitations as chapter-level sentiment analysis, whats the point of doing sentence-level sentiment analysis?soulmate dreams

On this issue, we need to explain the difference between subjective and objective sentences in linguistics. In our daily language, sentences can be divided into subjective sentences and objective sentences according to whether there is subjective emotion of the speaker in the sentence, for example: I like this new mobile phone. It is a subjective sentence that expresses the inner emotion or opinion of the speaker, and: This APP was updated with new functions yesterday. It is an objective sentence, which states an objective factual information and does not contain the subjective emotions of the speaker.soulmate dreams

By distinguishing whether a sentence is a subjective sentence, it can help us filter out some sentences that do not contain emotion, making data processing more efficient.soulmate dreams

But in practice, we will find that such a classification method does not seem to be particularly accurate, because a subjective sentence may not express any emotional information, and knowledge expresses expectations or guesses. Example: I think hes on his way home now. This sentence is a subjective sentence, expressing the speakers guess, but not expressing any emotion.soulmate dreams

And the objective sentence may also contain emotional information, indicating that the speaker does not want this fact to happen, for example: the new car just bought yesterday was scratched. This sentence is an objective sentence, but combined with common sense, we will find that this sentence actually contains the negative emotions of the speaker.soulmate dreams

Therefore, just classifying sentences subjectively and objectively is not enough to meet the requirement of filtering data. What we need is to classify whether sentences contain emotional information. If a sentence directly expresses or implies emotional information, it is considered that the sentence contains emotional opinions, and the sentences without emotional opinions can be filtered.soulmate dreams

At present, most of the classification techniques for whether sentences contain emotional information use supervised learning algorithms. This method requires a large amount of manual annotation data to classify sentences based on sentence features.soulmate dreams

In short, we can divide sentence-level sentiment analysis into two steps:soulmate dreams

  • The first step is to determine whether the sentence to be analyzed contains opinion information;
  • < li> The second step is to analyze the sentiment of these sentences containing opinion information, find the tendency of the sentiment, and judge whether it is positive or negative.

The method of analyzing sentiment tendency is similar to the chapter level, and it can still be processed by supervised learning or by the method of sentiment word dictionary, which we will explain in detail in the following sections. Sentence-level sentiment analysis has more granularity than chapter-level sentiment analysis, but it can only judge the overall sentiment, ignoring the attributes of the entity being evaluated, and it cannot judge comparative sentiment views.soulmate dreams

For example: the user experience of product A is much better than that of product B. For a sentence that expresses multiple emotions in such a sentence, we cannot simply classify it as a positive or derogatory emotion, but we need to further refine the granularity, extract the attributes of the evaluation entity, and combine the attributes Correlates with related entities, which is attribute-level sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

3. Attribute-level sentiment analysissoulmate dreams

The above-mentioned chapter-level and sentence-level sentiment analysis cannot know exactly what the evaluators like and dislike. What is the specific thing that you like, and at the same time, it is impossible to distinguish the situation of having a positive tendency towards the A attribute of a certain evaluated entity, but a derogatory tendency towards the B attribute. But in actual language expression, a sentence may contain multiple viewpoints with different emotional tendencies.soulmate dreams

Example: I like the decor of this restaurant, but the taste of the food is average. Similar to such sentences, it is difficult to understand the attribute level of the object through the sentiment analysis at the text level and the sentence level.soulmate dreams

In order to be more refined on the basis of sentence-level analysis, we need to find or extract the subject information of the evaluation object from the text, and judge whether the evaluator expresses praise for each attribute according to the context of the text. Or derogatory emotions, this is called attribute-level sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

Attribute-level sentiment analysis focuses on the evaluated entities and their attributes, including evaluators and evaluation time. A complete quintuple opinion summary of the target entity and its attributes.soulmate dreams

From a technical point of view, attribute-level sentiment analysis can be divided into the following six steps:soulmate dreams

  1. Entity extraction and resolution:Extraction All expressions involving entities in the document, and clustering methods are used to group the expressions of the same entity into one class, each class corresponding to a unique entity.
  2. Attribute extraction and resolution:Extract the attributes of all entities in the document, and cluster these attributes. Each attribute category corresponds to a unique attribute of the object entity.
  3. Extraction and elimination of opinion holders:Extract the opinion holders in the document, and cluster the holders. Each opinion holder category corresponds to a unique opinion holder. an opinion holder.
  4. Time Extraction and Normalization:Extract the publication time of each opinion and normalize the format of different times.
  5. Sentiment classification and regression of attributes:Sentiment analysis is performed on a specific attribute to determine whether it is a positive, derogatory or neutral emotion, or assign a numerical value to the attribute through a regression algorithm sentiment score, such as 1 to 5.
  6. Generate opinion quintuple:Use the results of tasks 1-6 to construct a quintuple of all opinions in the document.

About entity extraction and referential resolution in text, we have already introduced them in the relevant chapters of knowledge graph, so I wont repeat them here. For the three types of sentiment analysis tasks: text-level, sentence-level, and attribute-level, a lot of research has been done and many classification methods have been proposed. These methods can be roughly divided into two types: dictionary-based and machine learning-based. Detailed explanation.soulmate dreams

Dictionary-based sentiment analysissoulmate dreams

Sentiment words are inseparable from sentiment analysis. Sentiment words are the most basic units that carry sentiment information, except for basic words In addition, some phrases and idioms that contain emotional meanings are also collectively referred to as emotional words. The sentiment analysis method based on sentiment dictionary is mainly based on a dictionary containing marked sentiment words and phrases, in which the sentiment tendency and sentiment intensity of sentiment words are included. Generally, positive sentiments are marked as positive numbers, and derogatory sentiments are generally marked as positive numbers. The sentiment label for is negative.soulmate dreams

The specific steps are shown in the figure. First, the text to be analyzed is firstly segmented, and the result of the segmentation is preprocessed to remove text data such as stop words and useless words. Then, the result of the word segmentation is matched with the words in the sentiment dictionary, and the text is added according to the sentiment score marked in the dictionary. If the final calculation result is positive, it is a positive sentiment, if it is negative, it is a derogatory sentiment. Scores with insignificant affective tendencies were either neutral affective or no affective.soulmate dreams

Dictionary-based sentiment analysis processsoulmate dreams

Sentiment dictionary is the core of the entire analysis process. The quality of sentiment word labeling data directly determines the result of sentiment classification. In this regard, it can be directly used Existing open source sentiment dictionaries. For example: BosonNLPs sentiment dictionary based on Weibo, news, forums and other data sources, Hownet sentiment dictionary, National Taiwan University Simplified Chinese sentiment polarity dictionary (NTSUSD), snownlp framework dictionary, etc. At the same time, you can also use Harbin Institute of Technology to organize The synonym word forest expands the dictionary as an auxiliary, through this dictionary, you can find the synonyms of emotional words and expand the scope of the emotional dictionary.soulmate dreams

Of course, we can also train sentiment dictionaries according to the needs of the business. At present, there are three construction methods for mainstream sentiment word dictionaries: artificial methods, dictionary-based methods and corpus-based methods.soulmate dreams

As for the sentiment assignment of sentiment words, the easiest way is to assign all positive sentiment words as +1, derogatory sentiment words as -1, and finally add them to get the result of sentiment analysis. However, this assignment method obviously does not meet the actual needs. In actual language expression, there are many expressions that can change the intensity of emotion, and the most typical one is degree adverbs.soulmate dreams

There are two kinds of degree adverbs:soulmate dreams

soul mate meaning spiritual

One is to strengthen the original emotion of emotional words, which is called emotional intensifiers, such as good compared to good emotion The degree will be stronger, very good and stronger than very good. The other is emotional weakening words, such as not so good, although it is also a positive tendency, but the emotional intensity will be much weaker than that of good. If an enhanced word appears, the sentiment score needs to be increased on the basis of the original assignment, and if a weakened word appears, the corresponding sentiment score needs to be reduced.soulmate dreams

Another situation that needs attention No, making it a derogatory term.soulmate dreams

Early research will directly take the opposite number of the emotion words that are matched with negative words, that is, if the good emotional tendency is +1, then the bad emotional tendency is -1. However, this simple and rude rule cannot correspond to the real expression of emotion. For example, too good is a word with a stronger tendency to praise than good. If the value of good is +1, then too good can be assigned a value of +3, plus a negative word is not very good to -3 is obviously a bit too derogatory, and it may be more appropriate to assign it to -1 or -0.5.soulmate dreams

Based on this situation, we can also add a degree of assignment to negative words instead of simply taking the opposite number. For words that express strong negation, for example, they are not assigned as ±4. When it encounters a combination with a compliment word, the compliment word takes a negative number, and the combination with a derogatory word takes a positive number. For example, the unpleasant assignment of a pejorative word is -3, and the negative word becomes a less unpleasant emotional score. (-3+4=1).soulmate dreams

The third case to be aware of is conditional words. If a conditional word appears in a sentence, the sentence is probably not suitable for sentiment analysis. For example, if I can travel tomorrow, then I Must be very happy. , there are obvious positive sentiment words in this sentence, but because of the conditional word if, this sentence does not express the true emotions of the opinion holder, but an assumption.soulmate dreams

In addition to conditional sentences, there is another language expression that needs to be excluded in the data preprocessing stage, that is, interrogative sentences.soulmate dreams

For example, is this restaurant really as good as you say it is? , although it is good to have a very strong positive sentiment word in the sentence, it still cannot be classified as a positive sentence. Interrogative sentences usually have fixed endings, such as…? Or…? , but some interrogative sentences will omit the ending words and use punctuation directly? , for example, are you unhappy today? , this sentence contains unhappiness composed of negative words and positive words, but it cannot be classified as a derogatory emotion.soulmate dreams

The last situation to be aware of is transition words, typical words are, however, the emotional tendencies that appear before the transition words are usually opposite to the sentiment tendencies after the transition words, for example: I was in this hotel last time The accommodation experience was very good, but this time I was disappointed. In this transitional sentence, very good before the transitional word is a strong positive word, but the real emotional expression is very disappointed after the transitional word, which should finally be classified as a derogatory emotion.soulmate dreams

Of course, there are also situations where there are turning words, but the emotion of the sentence itself has not changed. For example, you have made great progress in the exam this time, but I think you can do it Better, the turning word here does not have a turning meaning, but a progressive meaning.soulmate dreams

In actual operation, we need to first determine which emotional expression of the transition sentence is true before we can perform correct analysis and calculation.soulmate dreams

Constructing a sentiment dictionary is a labor-intensive task. In addition to the above-mentioned problems, there are also problems such as low accuracy and difficulty in quickly including new words and Internet terms into the dictionary. At the same time, based on the dictionary There are also many limitations in the analysis method.soulmate dreams

For example, a sentence may have emotional words, but no emotion. Or a sentence that does not contain any emotional words, but does contain the emotion of the speaker. And the problem that the meaning of some emotional words will change with the change of the context. For example, the word shrewd can be used as a positive word to praise others, and it can also be used as a negative word to criticize others.soulmate dreams

Although there are many problems at present, the dictionary-based sentiment analysis method also has an irreplaceable advantage, that is, this analysis method is highly versatile, and in most cases it can be done without special field data annotation. Analyze the sentiment expressed by the text, which can be the preferred solution for general domain sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

Emotion recognition based on machine learningsoulmate dreams

We have introduced many classification algorithms in the chapter on machine learning algorithms, such as logistic regression, Naive Bayes, KNN etc. These algorithms can all be used for emotion recognition.soulmate dreams

The specific method, like machine learning, needs to be divided into two steps: the first step is to construct an algorithm model based on the training data; the second step is to input the test data into the algorithm model and output the corresponding results, then connect the Lets do a detailed explanation.soulmate dreams

First of all, we need to prepare some text data for training, and manually label the data for sentiment classification. Under the usual practice: if it is a two-category of positive meaning and negative meaning, the positive meaning is marked as 1, and the negative meaning is marked as 0. If it is three categories of positive meaning, negative meaning and neutral meaning, the positive meaning is marked as 1, the neutral meaning is marked as 0, and the negative meaning is marked as 0. is -1.soulmate dreams

In this link, if a purely manual method is used for labeling, it may have a certain impact on the labeling results due to personal subjective factors. For efficiency, there are some other tricky ways to automatically label the data.soulmate dreams

For example: In the field of e-commerce, product reviews usually have a 5-star rating in addition to text data. We can use the users 5-star rating as the labeling basis. If it is 1 -2 stars are marked as derogatory, 3 stars are marked as neutral, and 4-5 stars are marked as positive.soulmate dreams

Another example: in the community field, many communities will have the function of like and dislike on posts, and this data can also be used as a reference for sentiment annotation.soulmate dreams

The second step is to segment the text marked with emotional tendencies, and preprocess the data. The previous article has already introduced a lot of word segmentation, so I wont go into too much detail here.soulmate dreams

The third step is to mark the words with emotional characteristics from the results of word segmentation. Here, I will say that if you are classifying emotions, you can refer to the emotional dictionary for labeling, or you can use the TF-IDF algorithm. Automatically extract the feature words of the document for labeling. If the analysis is in a specific field, it is also necessary to mark the words of the specific field. For example, for sentiment analysis of product evaluation, it is necessary to mark the product name, category name, attribute name, etc.soulmate dreams

The fourth step is to construct a bag of words model according to the word frequency of word segmentation to form a matrix of characteristic words, as shown in the table. In this step, each feature word can be weighted according to business needs, and the feature word score can be obtained by multiplying the word frequency by the weight.soulmate dreams

The last step is to use the feature word matrix as input data according to the classification algorithm to obtain the final classification model.soulmate dreams

After the classification model is trained, the test set can be classified. The specific process is similar to the modeling process. First, the test text data is segmented and data preprocessed, and then according to The feature word matrix extracts the feature words of the test text to construct a word bag matrix, and the word frequency data of the word bag matrix is substituted into the previously trained model as input data for classification, and the classification result is obtained.soulmate dreams

Using machine learning-based methods for sentiment analysis has the following shortcomings:soulmate dreams

  • The first is that the language description differences between each application domain lead to training The resulting classification model cannot be applied to other domains and needs to be constructed separately.
  • Secondly, the final classification effect depends on the selection of training text and the correct sentiment labeling, and peoples understanding of sentiment is subjective, if the labeling is biased, it will affect the final result.

In addition to dictionary-based and machine learning-based methods, some scholars use the two in combination to make up for the shortcomings of the two methods, and the classification effect is better than using one method alone. .soulmate dreams

In addition, some scholars have tried to use deep learning methods such as LSTM to analyze sentiment. I believe that in the future, sentiment analysis will be applied to more products to help us better understand user needs and improve User experience with smart products.soulmate dreams

Difficulties and challenges of emotion recognitionsoulmate dreams

With the application of algorithms such as deep neural networks, the research direction of emotion analysis has made great progress. However, there are still some problems that have not yet been solved. In the process of practical operation, special attention should be paid to the following types of data:soulmate dreams

(1) Kaomoji, emoji and expression packssoulmate dreams

Communication on the Internet is not only carried out through simple words, a large number of emotional expressions are realized through emoji or emoticons, such as the classic emoji for smiling faces :D, such texts Expressions cannot be linked to context, so it is difficult to tell what the physical objects they are evaluating are.soulmate dreams

But fortunately, this kind of data itself represents a very strong emotional tendency. To analyze emotions at the granularity of the chapter and sentence levels, we can use a specific emoji as a special phrase. Build an emotion dictionary and manually assign emotion scores. For emoji expressions, standard emoji codes can also be compiled into the emotion dictionary. The recognition of emoticons is a computer vision problem. At present, no scholars have carried out research in this field.soulmate dreams

(2) Ironic sentencesoulmate dreams

Ironic sentence is a special kind of emotional expression. Commendation, but the actual meaning is derogatory, or the literal meaning is derogatory but the actual meaning is compliment.soulmate dreams

Example: Great! This takeaway cured my years of constipation!soulmate dreams

Ironic sentences are very difficult to deal with in sentiment analysis, because to distinguish the meaning of such sentences, it is usually necessary to combine common sense or relevant background knowledge to understand, and it is impossible to correct only through context. Decipher the meaning of sarcasm. Ironic sentences are not common in the evaluation of commodities, but are more common in the evaluation of public opinion or social news. Identifying ironic sentences is a research difficulty in the direction of sentiment analysis.soulmate dreams

(3) Comparative sentencessoulmate dreams

Comparative sentences are also a special kind of emotional expression, for example: I think this dress suits me well, but I Prefer that one.soulmate dreams

There are usually more than two entities or attributes in this kind of comparison sentence. If only at the sentence-level granularity, it can be identified that the sentence contains a positive sentiment, but at the attribute-level granularity Under the circumstance, the emotion defined by the emotion quintuple cannot judge one entity as the attribute of another entity, and it is difficult to distinguish which entity or attribute the opinion holder expresses emotion to. Such statements are very common in product reviews and require special attention.soulmate dreams

(4) Sentiment classificationsoulmate dreams

At present, the analysis of sentiment is still in its infancy, and only three kinds of sentiments are positive, negative and neutral. However, the emotions in real life are far more than these three types, for example: in the field of psychology, the emotional wheel proposed by the famous psychologist Robert Plutchik contains 8 basic emotions, And each emotion is divided into different emotional intensity levels, and the 8 emotions can also be combined with each other to form more emotions, as shown in the figure.soulmate dreams

RYF0IRiHe4biWC~noop.image? iz=58558&from=article

Placeks emotional wheelsoulmate dreams

The emotional wheel is widely used in user experience design, and many emotional designs are based on the emotional wheel . But in the field of artificial intelligence, multi-classification of emotions is much more difficult than the three-classification task of sentiment analysis, and most current classification methods are less than 50% accurate.soulmate dreams

This is because the emotion itself contains too many categories, and different categories may have similarities. An emotional word may express different emotional categories in different contexts. Algorithms have a hard time classifying it. Even manual sentiment labeling of text is often ineffective, because sentiment is very subjective, and different people may have different understandings of different texts, which makes the process of manually labeling sentiment analogies extremely difficult.soulmate dreams

How to make machines understand real emotions is still an unsolved problem.soulmate dreams

This article was originally published by @黄汉星 Originally published on Everyone is a Product Manager. Reproduction is prohibited without permissionsoulmate dreams

The title image is from Unsplash, based on the CC0 agreementsoulmate dreams

soulmate dreams

AreyouafraidofbeingaloneEmotionaltalksoulmate in meaning

cb1f8d42183e4f06a7d9d08b55c3c8fc~noop.image? iz=58558&from=article

The sociality of human determines the social property, Peoples daily friendship, work, love, marriage, etc., are all for distraction, to divide the lonely heart, to not be lonely. The ancient version of the Bible also said that people were originally one body, but God was jealous of the carefree life of human beings, and split people into two halves, half male and half female, so that they had to face loneliness and conflict from birth. With a sense of integrity, only by trying to find the other half can we get rid of the torture of loneliness.139 days soulmate meaning

People are afraid of loneliness. In order to prevent themselves from being lonely, they choose to use busy work to prove their ability; to use continuous entertainment to reflect their self-worth; to make frequent friends to make up for their own feelings. emptiness. People are selfless and show their brightest and brightest side in front of the public, but when night falls, after people go to the empty building, when there is only one person left on the huge stage, is there still full of enthusiasm? Is there still a face full of enthusiasm? Do you still have the confidence to release yourself? I believe that at that moment, only a strong sense of loneliness struck, which caught people off guard.139 days soulmate meaning

c05b0fbecb024e4a99a00276c7b6e3a2~noop.image? iz=58558&from= article

Overheard a An old song, one of the lyrics is the most impressive, loneliness, is a persons carnival, carnival, is the loneliness of a group of people. Loneliness is not the same as loneliness, loneliness is just a personal feeling, and loneliness is more connected and interactive with the surrounding. Loneliness has its own unique charm. He is not passive and low-spirited. In some cases, he is even the driving force for positive actions.139 days soulmate meaning

When you feel lonely, you can try to listen to light music with empty inspiration. With the rhythm of the music, you can enter another fantasy world, you can resonate with birds, gallop with horses, Play with fish and fly with eagles. At that moment, you are free and happy, and the loneliness at this time becomes a happy feeling. You can also try to listen to influential classical music. Classical music has very delicate and abundant emotions, and the melodious tunes like A good medicine can slowly relieve the melancholy and make people feel relaxed like never before.139 days soulmate meaning

found my soulmate

b71259eca38e47878108e0ac65fc51e8~noop.image? iz=58558&from= article

The loneliness at this time is became a wonderful feeling. You can even try to listen to the energy of the mantra, you can feel the original power from the universe, warm and strong, just like being wrapped in a soft light, watching yourself quietly, and finally melting in this place. In the world of incantations, the loneliness at this time becomes the perception of joy.139 days soulmate meaning

Loneliness is the beginning of cognition of life. Without the experience of being alone with yourself, you will not know how to get along with others; prudence and loneliness is the beginning of a fulfilling life, the sublimation of loneliness, self-discipline, self-discipline, sincerity in the middle, and form in the outside. . To enjoy loneliness is not to be self-enclosed or isolated from the world, but to generate more tentacles to connect with the surrounding, to perceive the world with more delicate emotions, and to love the world more.139 days soulmate meaning

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AnAnhuihusbandandwifehadaconflict,causingawarbetweenmother-in-lawanddaughter-in-law,butthehusbanddidnotsayanything.intj soulmate

I didnt want my son to marry you! The angry mother-in-law pointed at the woman on the opposite side and cursed, and the woman who was scolded did not show weakness and directly responded, then tell me earlier, I still dont want to marry your family! , the father-in-law on the side stepped forward to persuade and hold the mother-in-law, but unexpectedly, the mother-in-law lifted the bench and wanted to smash the father-in-law. On the 21st, a conflict between a young couple in Maanshan, Anhui Province resulted in a family chaos.dear soulmate

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It is said that harmony is the most important thing in the family. Why didnt he see the man who was both a son and a husband at the time of the incident? Lets sort it out.dear soulmate

The cause of the incident is actually not complicated. Living at home, it is inevitable that the pots and pans are clanking, but the mother-in-law heard it. The mother-in-law, who loved her son, was worried that her son would be bullied, so she rushed into the bedroom and accused her daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law was not easy to mess with. The couples conflict between husband and wife eventually became a farce for the whole family of four.dear soulmate

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A small household matter made everyone unhappy, and the sudden intervention of my mother-in-law could be said to add fuel to the fire.dear soulmate

First of all, when the son is married, the parents should not interfere. A child is eager to understand that men are not just your sons, but also other peoples husbands. If they have conflicts, they should let them solve it themselves. Can they manage it once for a lifetime? It is clearly inappropriate to rashly intervene.dear soulmate

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Secondly, even if you want to intervene, the smart way should be to persuade and stop disputes. Look at what the mother-in-law has done: protecting her son, scolding her daughter-in-law, and keeping her mouth shut. If you dont want to, you can go back and wait. Its hard for anyone to accept this, and it will only expand the conflict.dear soulmate

Thirdly, when the father-in-law came forward to pull the mother-in-law away, the mother-in-law actually lifted the stool and smashed the father-in-law. The quarrel and disputes rose to limbs. The mother-in-law went a little too far. It is not difficult to see that the mother-in-law should be a strong woman.dear soulmate

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It is definitely not right for the mother-in-law to intervene strongly, but the disputes can get out of hand, and the behavior of women is also inappropriate: I Mom doesnt care, why do you care? , Can you take care of him? , If you cant let him go, tie him up and let him get married? Lier was indeed that Lier, but this language would only irritate her mother-in-law under the circumstances. And the sentence Im not willing to marry your family can be said to be more lethal.dear soulmate

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Mother-in-law interferes, daughter-in-law is not easy to mess with, what about the key person in their mouth? When the incident happened, the man was in the room, standing silently on the side, and even started playing with his mobile phone! The problem is so big, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the mans inaction!dear soulmate

As long as a man can come out to persuade him, even if he cant alleviate it, at least he can avoid the expansion. Of course, some people may say that one is a mother and the other is a daughter-in-law, and it is not easy to be sandwiched in the middle, so just let them make trouble.dear soulmate

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However, this kind of inaction will only make both women feel cold, the mother-in-law protects the child, and the son does not care; the wife needs The husband said something fair, but the husband lowered his head and played with his mobile phone. Whats the use of marrying such a man?dear soulmate

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It is difficult for an honest official to cut off housework, and the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has existed since ancient times. Let the children live their lives. As long as they dont speak up, the mother-in-law cant interfere. Even if they want to intervene, saying a few words for the daughter-in-law may alleviate the conflict and promote harmony more than protecting the son.dear soulmate

On the other hand, the daughter-in-law of the younger generation should also have basic etiquette and respect for the elderly. Treat your mother-in-law as your own mother and support her. Peoples hearts are full of flesh. No matter how mean mother-in-law is, she will not make things difficult for her.dear soulmate

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At the same time, the son and husband as the middleman should play a better role. Dont go to reason, explain to the mother well, let her know that this is not a big deal, love the wife more, let the wife understand that the old man only cares. When a man does well, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law naturally get along well.dear soulmate

What do you think about this? Have you been troubled by the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Comments and exchanges are welcome.dear soulmate

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