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Emotionalhealingtextmeeting your soulmate

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First, if you want to forget a relationship, there is always only one way: time and a new love. If time and new love cant make you forget a relationship, there is only one reason: the time is not long enough, and the new love is not good enough.soulmate drawing free

Second, if you are sad and cry every day when you are in a relationship, you have to stop and ask yourself, are you looking for a partner or an onion?soulmate drawing free

Three, adult love is not about holding hands and hugging, it is about supporting each other and building a family together, so you need to love each other, you need tacit understanding, you need to have the same three views, and you need to stand firmly on the other side. beside.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

Fourth, if you like someone, you are happy together; if you love someone, you want to be together even if you are not happy. ——Han Han

Five, there is a person, because you are good to him, so you feel good, this is the person you love; there is a person, because he understands your goodness, so he wants to be good to you, This is someone who loves you.soulmate drawing free

6. Two things that women are most likely to overestimate: one is their own beauty, and the other is a mans feelings; two things that men are most likely to overestimate: one is their own charm, and the other is their former Girlfriends feelings for him.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

7. When two people are together, more is not to change each other, but to accept. This is tolerance. If you just think about change, it is not life, it is war.

Eighth, its best to keep a little bit of cleanliness in love, dont start casually, dont rush to compromise, things that are truly worthwhile will not be so easy.soulmate drawing free

Nine, behind every long-term love, there will be someone who gives silently. Many times, I will try to please, accommodate, tolerate, tolerate, and forgive. It is not that I will not feel heartache, but that I regard love as more important than myself.soulmate drawing free

10. In the years when you need to struggle the most, you should love someone who can give you motivation, not someone who can make you exhausted.soulmate drawing free

Eleven, when you have passed a vigorous age, you will understand that the love you really want is the company of a long stream of water. Saying 10,000 words of I love you is better than having me at ease.soulmate drawing free

losing your soulmate

Twelve, if there is a person who can understand you, appreciate you, tolerate you, understand your personality, appreciate your advantages, and accept your shortcomings, and allows you to fully develop your potential, then he is the most suitable person for you.soulmate drawing free

Thirteen, love is such a wonderful thing, no matter how many times you have lost it, as long as you use it, the next time you will be as flustered as the first time, and you will never be proficient.soulmate drawing free

14. People marry because of lack of judgment, divorce because of lack of patience, and remarry because of lack of memory.soulmate drawing free

Fifteen, good love will not let you discount, for good love, every little change is actually only the icing on the cake. Instead of changing for others and becoming another person, it is better to be yourself and wait for the right person to appear.soulmate drawing free


16. The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the late night. People who lie to you will say more than those who love you, so dont fall in love with your ears. Whats good for you is all about the details.soulmate drawing free

Seventeen, many people ask whether to choose the one who loves them or the one they love? its actually really easy. If you are strong, choose the person you love; if you are not strong enough, choose the person who loves you. ——Zhao Geyusoulmate drawing free

Eighteen, you will eventually meet someone who makes you feel that meeting him is a blessing, because the person you are waiting for is also experiencing a lot of people. Sad things get better, wait until you meet the best of you at the right time.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

Nineteen, there is no shortage of love these days, but people who take love seriously.

Twenty, the first button is wrong, but you cant find it until the last one; a relationship is wrong at the beginning, but you dont have to admit it until the end.soulmate drawing free

Twenty-one, you set many standards for the future object, but in the end it is often the one outside the standard that holds hands with you. When I met him, the looks, weight, whether or not he was riding a white horse, or whether he was talented or not, didnt matter. Because he is not the kind of person you like, but the person you like.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing freep>

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Doyouknowthe6majorcontradictionsinmarriagesoulmate birthdays

Love can be talked about without life, but marriage cannot, marriage is a trivial life

You must know these six truths about married life

< p>01 , housework

It was only after I got married that I realized that the normal state of life turned out to be chicken feathers, firewood, rice, oil, and salt.past life soulmate

Writer Wang Anyi said that when there is a home, there is housework.

But many men dont understand it, so when they get home, they will be the shopkeeper.past life soulmate

The heavy housework is left to the wife alone. Health grievances complain.

In marriage, what kills love is usually not an earth-shattering event,

its the floor that cant be cleaned, the clothes that cant be washed,< /p>past life soulmate

The garbage that needs to be taken out every day, the water stains on the sink…

If a man can be considerate of his wifes hard work in doing housework,

willing Share with her, I believe that many conflicts between husband and wife will be resolved easily.past life soulmate

02, child

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For children, the best education is neither

rich nor poor, but love.

Its the parents who love each other and give him a warm home.past life soulmate

The impact of the original family on the child is life-long:

A child with a good family atmosphere has seen what a good relationship looks like.

Having the right relationship A keen sense of smell of healthy love can easily run in the right direction.past life soulmate

And those children who grew up with their parents arguing in the Cold War,

dont know what is good, have to spend a lot of effort kicking out those bad feelings,< /b>past life soulmate

It takes many years to hit a wall before knowing which way is right.

From the moment we choose marriage,

We should take the responsibility of parenting, manage the marriage with heart,past life soulmate

Do it and cherish it, let a person Children grow up in a healthy and loving environment.

03, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Some people say that the relationship between your husband and his mother determines the relationship between you and your mother-in-law.past life soulmate

In a marriage, the husband is like a link connecting the two women in the family.

When the two sides disagree, if he can stand up and reconcile,past life soulmate

let the big things be small and the small ones, instead of just ignore them,

do In general, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not be too rigid.past life soulmate

Smart men always know that the relationship between husband and wife is the center of the family.

Will not let parents interfere too much in the life of husband and wife,

I will come forward when I have to discuss with my parents.past life soulmate

Because the safest relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is to keep a certain distance,

respect each other and be polite.

04, complaining

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The reason why some people are unhappy is because they are constantly comparing themselves with others and complaining constantly.past life soulmate

Why cant you be like other peoples husband and other peoples wife?

Hang on the lips, complaining that the husband earns less, complaining that the wife has a bad temper.past life soulmate

But I didnt find out: The husband may not earn much, but he is very considerate;

soulmate dreams

The wife has a bad temper, but is famous for being able and sharing a lot of the burden of supporting the family …past life soulmate

Happy people are silent.

If you are always comparing yourself with others and accustomed to complaining, you will only feel that your situation is desolate.past life soulmate

People cant delusionally get all the benefits of this world.

Choose what you love, love what you choose, this is the secret of long-term happiness.

05, Communicationpast life soulmate

Many couples are busy during the day, and

After getting home from get off work, they are holding mobile phones to swipe nonstop.

Without communication and little common language,

two people who were supposed to be close relatives just drifted apart.past life soulmate

The distance between the heart and the heart is long, and it is even more difficult to understand each other.

Once there is a conflict, the only thing left is to chat and drink impatiently.past life soulmate

Actually, its okay for couples to quarrel occasionally,

what I fear most is losing control of my temper during quarrels, saying a lot of hurtful things, and hitting each others heart with every sentence.past life soulmate

The ability to manage a marriage is communication,

willing to share with each other the bits and pieces of life,

knowing when quarreling Hold back your temper.

A couple who can communicate effectively can have a happy marriage.past life soulmate

06, grow

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Some women start to revolve around children and families after they get married, and

give up their former career interests and feel that paying blindly is the best love for their family.past life soulmate

No more dressing up, no more reading sports, life is rough and perfunctory.

Gradually lose the enthusiasm for life,

as time goes by, I get less and less love from my husband and children, and the ending is usually unsatisfactory.past life soulmate

They forget that a womans destination is always herself.

Dont give up on yourself too soon,

Be sure to dress yourself up, improve yourself, and care for yourself.past life soulmate

You have value, and your love has value.

And a woman who can make her own life well and colorful,

knows how to live, will also be able to take care of her home in a decent manner.past life soulmate

To grow old is not a legend, but an inspirational story.

Long-term happiness depends on wisdom and management.

May you understand these truths in marriage as soon as possible.

Cultivation in the firewood, rice, oil and salt of life, and experience happiness in love and being loved.past life soulmate

In the long process of staying together, each of us is working hard to make love come to the end in our own way.past life soulmate

I have worked hard, paid, compromised, and tolerated. Dont forget the original intention, I hope the text can help you when you are lost.

The article is selected from my public account, Fu Yiqing said.past life soulmate

Im Fu Yi, love is too messy, Ill help you sort it out.

my soulmate is married

DetailedanalysisofCancersemotionalfortunein2023soulmate reading

Detailed analysis of Cancers emotional fortune in 2023

Marriage is the ultimate destination for most people, and it is a very lucky thing to be able to walk into the marriage hall with the person you love. , But before we find a suitable partner, we will all experience loneliness, experience a persons despair and helplessness, and hope that before encountering happiness, everyone can maintain an optimistic attitude and wait patiently for the flowers to my soulmate

Peach Blossoms Continuouslyto my soulmate

? 2F2022%2F0915%2F174c608dj00ri85od000wc000rs00j3g

Cancers behavior has always been well received by everyone, so he is eager for stability In the eyes of the opposite sex, Cancer is undoubtedly the best marriage partner, so in 2023, the peach blossoms of Cancer will be very strong, and many opposite sex will extend olive branches to them to express their goodwill, so Cancer will have many choices, and they can be found among suitors. The object of their heart, the opportunity of love is always available but not sought after, I hope that Cancer can seize this opportunity, and they will definitely find their emotional my soulmate

i lost my soulmate

Cultivation of successto my soulmate

At the end of 2023, Cancer is expected to enter the marriage, their relationship with the object will gradually become stable, the relationship will become deeper and deeper, and naturally they will go further. After marriage, Cancer treats their lover the same way. The two people will get along very well. The division of labor is clear and they share the responsibility of the family. Running a family is never the responsibility of one person. My lovers greatest understanding is mutual understanding and negotiation, and life is more and more my soulmate

The place that attracts peach blossomsto my soulmate

Cancer friends are very responsible both in love and work, their calm personality is very trustworthy, and their boss will take important The task is given to Cancer, and friends always trust Cancer the most, and the same is true for Cancer in love. After Cancer has identified the object, they will treat it wholeheartedly, and there will never be a situation of chaos. They are synonymous with loyalty and guard their hearts. Because of his lover, he is invulnerable to all outside temptations. This is the embodiment of the sense of my soulmate


childsgrowthisfirstofallspiritualbest friend soulmate

■ Pay attention to spiritual education:

When watering a tree, it is necessary to water the roots, squat down and approach the child

Sukhomlinski said: Education, first of all, is human learning! Since it is humanism, we must pay attention to the spiritual world of people and the spiritual growth of children. Good teachers and parents can build a spiritual paradise for children to grow up healthily. In education, in addition to the stipulated hard lines (school discipline, class rules, etc.), if we add the soft line of spiritual education, the effect will be more obvious. As a teacher or parent, you must first approach your child, squat down, communicate with your child on an equal footing, open your heart and narrow the spiritual distance when communicating with your child.soul partner

■ Focus on spiritual growth:soul partner

Raise your head and walk, a childs growth begins with spiritual growthsoul partner

Sukhomlinski incorporates the concept of harmonious education into a comprehensive in development theory. In the book, he proposes to find the bright spot in each student, so that the child will have an emotional drive and emotional transfer, so that each child will raise his head and walk, and confirm that he is a capital me, so as to find and open the comprehensive development. breakthroughs, so as to promote the all-round development of students.soul partner

Ignoring spiritual growth is the biggest misunderstanding in education. Chen Lunguo believes that the real goal of education is to improve the overall quality of children. In school, one cannot only attend lectures, homework, and exams without spiritual life. Students full spiritual life and rich inner world are an extremely important sign of their all-round development.soul partner

■ Cultivating a healthy personality:soul partner

Diversified topics and exchanges, dont go straight to the score to ask the rankingsoul partner

The primary task of education is to cultivate childrens healthy mind and sound personality. In life, many parents and teachers only talk about scores and rankings, ignoring the most fundamental thing—whether the child is mentally healthy or not. A childs spiritual growth requires balanced nutrition. It is more important to give the child a positive evaluation and build up self-confidence than to score once or twice.soul partner

infj soulmate type

Chen Lunguo believes that children now have many advantages and many disadvantages. The most fatal one is psychological problems: strong self-awareness, poor resistance to setbacks; Many parents are afraid that their children will suffer a little bit, but they dont know that only by letting their children suffer a little bit can they improve their ability to tolerate setbacks. Excessive pampering and overprotection will not only fail to make the child grow up healthily, but will encourage the childs indifference.soul partner

■ Always reflect and do more introspection:soul partner

Dont make your child feel like a failure right awaysoul partner

What is education? Education is an activity in which the educator exerts influence on the educated.soul partner

Parents are their childrens first teachers and teachers for life. In reality, we often say unintentional words and act unintentionally, making children feel that they are a failure. For example, if the child is already six or seven years old, the parents will do the arranging of schoolbags, rain gear, etc., and send the child to the school gate, and also say: Slow down, dont fall! Children at home trying to help with dishes and dishes, many parents will stop you and you will break the dishes. There are even first- and second-grade children who are spoon-fed by their parents when they eat. From these examples, we can see that we lack confidence in childrens behavioral abilities, so that children feel that they cant do anything well, and self-confidence will be wiped out little by little.soul partner

Set a good example, teachers and parents to have a positive influence on children. Chen Lunguo said that parents should first have a sunny attitude, be good at controlling their emotions, love life, be kind to themselves, and care for others. Guide children to be good at learning the strengths of others, be able to know their own weaknesses, and be able to accept criticism, especially well-meaning and correct criticism.soul partner

Finally, Chen Lunguo sent the parents eight words: the most important thing is the usual time, and the most important thing is the right time. In the process of educating children, dont let it go, and hit hard when there is a problem.soul partner

(Chen Kemao, correspondent of Changjiang Daily, Xiang Jie)soul partner

Source: Changjiang Dailysoul partner

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BrotherShanesEmotionalTalkWhichsixtypesofwomenhavethehighestrateofderailmentaftermarriagefind soulmate

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Network Title:twin flame soulmate karmicExpert of Phoenix Fashion Emotional Expert Group; Special columnist for the Internet and blog network; Sina Weibo real-name certified commentator; Tencent Weibo certified columnist; Sina emotional popular blog, Tianya recommended famous blog, blog day registration blog, Phoenix VIP blogger;

Areas of expertise:twin flame soulmate karmicSentiment analysis of marriage and love, emotional Q&A, emotional counseling between the sexes, consultation and marriage.

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Asanemotionalanchorfor18years,Ihaveseencountlessfamilyscandalsmy soulmate is

https://g. ://


“She seemed to have a deadly needle stuck somewhere in her lung, shallow Some breaths can be painless. But every time she takes a deep breath, she notices that the needle is still there.”

< span>——Alice Monroe “Escape”twin flame karmic partner

< /section>

twin flame karmic partner< span>As an emotional anchor for 18 years, I have witnessed countless domestic scandalsAudio:progress bar00:0027:13

Interviews, Writing  | Cheese and Salted Fishtwin flame karmic partner

Ten OClock Originals

< /p>

Marven Ye received a call. The woman on the other end of the phone said that she is 49 years old this year, living a decent life to outsiders, her husband has a high income and no affair, and her children have grown up.twin flame karmic partner

On the surface, this marriage is close to perfect, but she feels that she is very painful, there is no love in the marriage .twin flame karmic partner

I say Im not happy, Im miserable, everyone thinks Im sick .twin flame karmic partner

The audiences confusion was revealed invisibly Modern womens reflections on family and self-feelings are also one of the countless emotional stories that Ye Wen heard.

Listening to the hearts of ordinary people and solving the audiences emotional confusion is a great The main content of the work. She is a well-known emotional show host, and the radio program Ye Wen has something to say is a household name in the three eastern provinces. Through calls from the audience, Marven Ye has witnessed all kinds of emotional difficulties. She is known as the wildest voice over Heilongjiang because of her straightforward and pungent conversation, which is a common memory of Northeasterners more than ten years ago.twin flame karmic partner

At its peak, the listening rate of “Ye Wen Has Something to Say” was as high as 30%, and the radio station in the same period The show is less than 1%. As an emotional program, “Marven Ye has something to say” is inseparable from common emotional problems such as derailment and domestic violence, but in addition to this, the program focuses on many issues that are still pioneering today:twin flame karmic partnerp>

The role of gender in marriagetwin flame karmic partner

Freedom and scale of divorce< /span>twin flame karmic partner

Violence in intimate relationshipstwin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

Until today, Marven Ye still hosts this show and goes to the Internet to face more peoples emotional issues.She believes that hidden humanity can be reflected through a persons attitude towards emotions.twin flame karmic partner

From the traditional radio station to the emotional live broadcast room, Ye Wen has experienced eighteen years. How have the emotional patterns of the Chinese people changed over the years? What are people suffering from today?twin flame karmic partner

Eighteen years after the “Ye Wen has something to say” program, we found Ye Wen , tells us the story behind the show, and the changing times she sees from the troubles of ordinary people.twin flame karmic partner

The following is Ye Wens self-report.

>Family Ugly Can Be Public

In 1999, I graduated from the Department of History of Heilongjiang University, and I got into the radio by accident. Radio hosting was my first job. There were more than a dozen young people who dialed into the Heilongjiang Peoples Broadcasting Station. Later, two of them became hosts and the others became reporters. I was also frustrated because of why I couldnt be a reporter.twin flame karmic partner

When I was in college, there were very few domestic colleges and universities that specialized in teaching broadcasting and hosting. Many people in this industry are half-way monks and have never received professional training. They can only learn from their predecessors and practice slowly by themselves. Step by step, cross the river by feeling the stones.twin flame karmic partner

A few years before I joined the radio station, I broadcasted news, did service, night talk, Variety shows, can be said to be related to several types of radio programs, I have dabbled in all of them.twin flame karmic partner

At the end of 2004, I only took over “Something to Say”. is social news. I went to study the ratings and real-time listening effects with the broadcast director at the time, and found that listeners had the strongest demand for the emotional realm of social news.twin flame karmic partner

In January 2005, we renamed the program “Ye Wen has something to say”, focusing on In the field of marriage and love, there is a strong personal style of hosting. I have also started taking calls from the audience since then, and this hosting form has gradually become fixed.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

Wen Yetwin flame karmic partner

At that time, I was in my twenties and had not been married for a few years. When I received the first phone call, I was not used to it. After the caller finished speaking, I panicked and told him, what is it, I will listen When youre done, put the phone down first.twin flame karmic partner

I felt that emotion was a very complicated thing at the time, I lacked confidence and felt it (emotional program) Only people who are very old and have rich life experience can do it well.twin flame karmic partner

However, this lack of self-confidence and inability to communicate only lasted for one day, and the next day I back to normal. Guan Mingyu, a resident psychological consultant on the show, is also my close friend. He said that I have a stronger empathy ability than others, so I can quickly enter other peoples experiences.twin flame karmic partner

The program is broadcast from 4:30 to 6:00 pm every day, and about 300 calls are made to the director Between 40 and 50 calls were screened, and between 3-6 incoming calls were received.twin flame karmic partner

I am very engaged in every call I take, listening intently to what the other person is saying.In the traditional Chinese concept, family ugliness should not be made public, and most people are reluctant to show their vulnerable side in front of outsiders.twin flame karmic partner

If they hadnt been forced to die, they wouldnt have been beaten Call me.twin flame karmic partner

A friend who studies big data said that the ratio of males and females in my audience is close to 46%, and the same is true for males Focus on emotional issues, but women are good at expressing, and men want to talk about their family affairs in secret. There are also many men who are ashamed to open their mouths and carry a heavy gender burden.twin flame karmic partner

I was impressed by a call from a man. He and his wife have a very good relationship and are engaged in a profession that is particularly respected by outsiders. The two have met and fell in love since college, and they are deeply in love. They are the kind of couple that others will envy.twin flame karmic partner

Suddenly one day, the man found out that his wife was cheating on him. After finding out, the wife quickly admitted her mistake and cut off contact with her lover. The wifes momentary slip made both of them miserable. This man once thought that his marriage was perfect, even if there were problems in marriages all over the world, his own marriage would not.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

Stills from “Love Is Lost”twin flame karmic partner

It was the pain of being destroyed, he told me that half of his hair had turned white since he found out his wife was having an affair.twin flame karmic partner

He finally chose to forgive his wife, but his heart was still very painful, and he just gritted his teeth and did not mention it.Love is exclusive, and the parties understand better than anyone else that they just cant get over this hurdle.twin flame karmic partner

This gentleman came to me not to seek any solution, but to me confide. He asked me, was it a mistake for me to choose to forgive her?twin flame karmic partner

I told him that in your current state, it would only be more painful to leave your wife. I suggest that he talk to a psychiatrist, or change the setting with his wife.twin flame karmic partner

The more emotional and sensitive a person is, the easier it is to get overwhelmed by this kind of thing.twin flame karmic partner

< img src=”″>Weakness is burningtwin flame karmic partner


From 2005 to now, I have received about 100,000 consultation calls.

In addition to emotional confusion, I also received some unexpected calls. She lost her mind and wanted to commit suicide, saying she wanted to see me before she died; and a female college student called and said that she had been sexually assaulted by her biological father for several years…twin flame karmic partner

From the radio station to the live studio, I heard too many bizarre and unbelievable stories, as if I have walked into the most hidden and darkest part of human nature, and heard a lot The thing that a man will never believe in his whole life has also heard the most painful cry.twin flame karmic partner

If you come into contact with similar things a lot, you will find that people who value love and righteousness are almost the same , people with a lack of moral sense are similar.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

电视剧《人间失格》剧照< /section>

But until now, every time I receive a call from the audience and hear them express their pain and grievance, I still It would be sad, and it was hard not to be moved when they told me the most secret things.twin flame karmic partner

Over the years, people often say to me:

If it werent for you, my family relationship wouldnt be better now;

If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt want to change my temper;twin flame karmic partner

If it wasnt for you…

< /section>

I would be happy if I could help the audience. On the contrary, if I really cant help them for various reasons, the feeling of powerlessness is scorching.twin flame karmic partner

We have made many return visits to the audience to ask questions about the The current situation of the audience. But to be honest, some people have indeed changed, but very few people can really get out of the predicament.twin flame karmic partner

More than ten years ago, I received a call from a young Her boyfriend lives together and has a child, but her boyfriend often beats her to such an extent that she can break bones.twin flame karmic partner

It was the time when MMS was still being sent, she sent a photo with many parts of her body. The place was swollen and swollen, and the child was beaten.twin flame karmic partner

Still from “Dont Talk to Strangers”

I said, hurry up, hurry up, get out of that man, and take the child to a place where he cant find it. I feel very scary, but I dont Advised her to call the police, why? Because then men would beat her to death.twin flame karmic partner

that man Its really scary. When I look back now, I can even think of the Ram case. I advise the girl to leave him as soon as possible.twin flame karmic partner

Three years later, the girl called again, guess what? She said she was married to that man. The man still called her, this time she called to ask,he What if you still hit me?twin flame karmic partner

I was about to lose control and I was Tell her not to continue living with this kind of person, it will be life-threatening, you can go to the sub-district office or the Womens Federation for help, I told her all the ways I know for help.twin flame karmic partner

Maybe in another two years she will call me and tell me that her leg is broken and she will continue to ask What should I do? I think Ill pick up the phone then and keep telling her this.twin flame karmic partner

There are not many such examples. When I was young, I was very curious, why is it all like this, these women are still reluctant to leave the family, they used to be so angry that their eyes were bleeding, but after doing emotional shows for many years, I understand.< strong>People will be affected by growth, education experience and personality, and the way of doing things will also be limited by these factors, so when encountering the same predicament, some people escape, and some people stop in place.twin flame karmic partner

Now I hear this kind of thing, I feel more distressed, especially in the short video live broadcast room, I have contact with many grassroots Working women, the more I communicate with them, the more distressed I feel.twin flame karmic partner

platonic soulmate meaning

twin flame karmic partner


The Night of Tianshuiwei

Their growth experience and family relationship will even affect their childrens education. After I finish a case, I will tell everyone what they need What kind of books to read to avoid making children repeat the same mistakes, emphasizing: dont beat children, dont belittle children, and encourage them a lot.twin flame karmic partner

I am a person with a big heart, otherwise I would not be able to do this, but there are times when it is very painful , some people live or how to live after they put down the phone,I cant convince him, nor can I change him, it seems pointless to do this (suggestion to the audience). Thinking of this, my scalp exploded.twin flame karmic partner

I occasionally feel like giving up because of this. A lot of times I think, whats the point of doing this thing (emotional show)? I cant do anything. Whenever I think about this, I say to my colleagues, I really want to retire.twin flame karmic partner

< img src=”>”>”> p>Eighteen Yearstwin flame karmic partner

< span>twin flame karmic partner

Ive always wanted to do something meaningful, but meaning is hard.twin flame karmic partner

To this day, I am still doing radio, and traditional media monopolize the public’s information The source, radio is one of them. You have to listen to it, and you have to listen to it. If the audience wants to get information and a sense of fun and participation, they have to go through traditional media.twin flame karmic partner

But it is different now, everyone can make a small radio station by themselves, everyone is a The speaker, a host, so traditional radio, including myself, was hit very, very much.twin flame karmic partner

The radio station gradually declined. A few years ago, when the dating show was popular, I tried hosting to help young people I didnt do a show where people were looking for a partner, because I always felt that I was not at ease, I was entrusted by others, and I was loyal. This (hosting a blind date show) was a great responsibility.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

In 2020, I will come into contact with some videos one after another Platform and online live broadcast room, so far my live broadcast room is not very big. In the new media, the hosts of traditional media, except for those with a particularly large coffee position, almost all of them have fallen into the sand.twin flame karmic partner

You can say what kind of listening miracle Marven Ye has created in the history of radio listening, but when the time comes In the age of new media, I am like a grain of sand thrown into the vast desert.twin flame karmic partner

From the radio station to the live room, after watching my video, many people said Youre not that fierce, Marven Ye, youve changed. Someone still said that when I was broadcasting live today. In fact, I was like this ten years ago and twenty years ago, and it hasnt changed.twin flame karmic partner

Maybe as I get older, I have been doing this show for almost 20 years, and I myself To grow up, 20 years old and 40 years old, peoples personalities must be different.twin flame karmic partner

It’s not just me, but with the development of the times, the audience is also changing.twin flame karmic partner

As of this year, I have been doing this show for 18 years. What I hear is more about peoples complaints and dissatisfaction with their marriage. They are usually suppressed to a certain extent, and they will come to me.twin flame karmic partner

In those years the audience told about cheating , domestic violence, affair and other related topics, what should I do if my husband/wife cheated? Now these situations still exist, but what is more,more mens and womens thinking about the value of their lives, and their taste of pain.twin flame karmic partner

People pay more attention to their personal feelings and pay attention to their inner changes. It was very different in the past.twin flame karmic partner

Two days ago, a woman cried to me in the live broadcast room:twin flame karmic partner< /p>

Everyone makes me think about my children, my family, my husband, including my parents, Turn a blind eye to my pain, I do not understand, why no one will think for me?twin flame karmic partner

This sentence is very representative.twin flame karmic partner

She began to think that in the past women were taught that giving oneself to family and children is a Its normal, its right, dont doubt it.

As people become more concerned with personal feelings, doubts arise:It is true Is it normal? Is this unfair to me? If I live like this all my life, can I bear it?twin flame karmic partner

“Thirteenth Meeting with Ye Wen”

Someone even told me that after the rise of divorce, because you are getting more divorces Now, I said you shouldnt lift it up.twin flame karmic partner

In my opinion, the biggest change, past and present, is peoples perception of marriage. In the past, people thought marriage was a compulsory course, but in the hearts of todays young people, marriage is an elective course.twin flame karmic partner

Many young people who are not married start to think whether marriage will make me better or worse ? After marriage, people will also measure their position in the marriage.twin flame karmic partner

< img src=” p>You are not sicktwin flame karmic partner

My most recent listener was a 49-year-old woman. Her marriage to her husband has always been very bland, without any sense of passion and ceremony.twin flame karmic partner

She said,We have everything in life except love.twin flame karmic partner

The female listeners husband appears to be suave, does chores at home, and Take care of the kids, but its hard for two people to even give a hug. Her husband holds a view that after all these years of marriage, there is nothing to be intimate with an old husband and wife.twin flame karmic partner

The reason they got married was that both of them were over 30 years old, and they were already very big at the time. Married and married, so that for so many years, they have been living very plain.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

stills from the TV series “Disqualification”twin flame karmic partner

The husband never hugs his wife, does not celebrate a birthday for her, and never gives her any gifts. For her husband, this is all formalism.twin flame karmic partner

One day in the middle of the night, the husband lay on the sofa in the living room without falling asleep, and the wife woke up in a daze. Leaning on her husband, she wanted to draw some warmth from her husband. At the moment of encounter, her husband immediately avoided, her body lost her balance, and she fell on the sofa.twin flame karmic partner

The wife was very surprised, her husband only said one sentence, no bones?twin flame karmic partner

Another time, this female audience member attended the class reunion, and the party ended at eleven oclock in the evening. She wanted to call her husband to take her home. When I called my husband, the husband said, take a taxi back by yourself.twin flame karmic partner

She was a little scared. A while ago, there was a woman nearby who had an accident in a taxi and said you Come pick me up, Im afraid.twin flame karmic partner

My husband said I was busy, so take a taxi by yourself. The phone hangs up.twin flame karmic partner

When she got a taxi back, she saw her husband lying on the sofa watching TV.twin flame karmic partner

Are you busy?twin flame karmic partner

Yeah.twin flame karmic partner

You dont come to pick me up, arent you afraid that something will happen to me?twin flame karmic partner

Oh, dont keep thinking bad things about yourself.twin flame karmic partner

Her husband is fine, huh Hu Da fell asleep, and the lady was in great pain. When she called, she cried and said: I am not happy, I am in pain.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

The movie “Gone Lover”, the heroines murder in marriagesection>

She cant tell others, in the eyes of outsiders, her husband does not prostitute or gamble, and his income is high, no matter who I tell you, I want to get a divorce and people think Im mentally ill.twin flame karmic partner

Actually, I understand this audience very well, she is a woman with delicate emotions and longing for love, without love , without the care and the care her husband deserves, she is really miserable.twin flame karmic partner

I said, don’t worry, I don’t think you are mentally ill. You dont need to think about how others think about it, and you dont need to think about how your husband thinks about it. Dont complicate this matter, just live it the way you want.twin flame karmic partner

Many people choose different people from most people, that is, they are sick, I Encountered many similar situations.twin flame karmic partner

An older mother called and said her daughter was 30 years old She didnt want to get married yet, so I asked me to help find a psychiatrist. She thought her daughter was sick.twin flame karmic partner

This mother thinks that you (daughter) are different from others in that you did not marry and have children step by step, Just sick.twin flame karmic partner

There are several girls in our office who are single, about 32, 33 years old, these young girls in the office After hearing this case, the first reaction was that this mother should go to see a doctor.twin flame karmic partner

Why do young people think I have to live your way, I choose one that makes me It is my freedom to be able to feel a happy way of life.twin flame karmic partner

twin flame karmic partner

Through this show, over the years, I seem to be able to see Many peoples lives have changed, and they can even see the changes of the times and the changes in their thinking. At the same time, I am growing myself, which is a wonderful feeling.twin flame karmic partner

Someone once asked me why I kept doing “Marven Ye has something to say” , I said that I want to help as many people as I can, not to sing a high profile for myself, but to make me feel very happy and happy, and feel that life has meaning.twin flame karmic partner

It is great to be able to work and make money, be meaningful, and help others.twin flame karmic partner

To this day, I feel more and more that doing this (emotional) show has become a responsibility. For some people, my advice seems like a no-brainer, but for others, I may be her light in the night, pointing out her current problems.twin flame karmic partner

I cant help but feel a sense of mission when I hear so many women living like that. I hope to tell them:twin flame karmic partner

In fact, you can live in another way, Make yourself better.twin flame karmic partner

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romantic soulmate

Aftermiddleage,meetingasoulmateisnotnecessarilyagoodthingmy soulmate

Original title: After middle age, meeting a soul mate is not necessarily a good thing


I remember someone once said: the best Good love, in the end, is actually the interdependence of the soul.

You have me, I have you, and we are inseparable from each other.3 soulmates in a lifetime

What a beautiful word it sounds, but the most beautiful things always have certain prerequisites.

Just like in love, the premise of finding a soul mate is to be alone.3 soulmates in a lifetime

If you have already married and started a business and entered middle age, it may not be a good thing to meet someone who fits your soul.

You have to consider whether this abandonment is worth it or not; whether the challenge of love is within the scope of your own tolerance; to the interests of those around you.3 soulmates in a lifetime

So, meeting a soul mate after middle age is not necessarily a good thing, but more like a bet, betting on your current happiness and future.3 soulmates in a lifetime


Suddenly remembered the “My First Half of My Life” I had seen.

Luo Zijun and Chen Junsheng have been married for many years, with a stable marriage, a harmonious family, and a very lovely son.3 soulmates in a lifetime

And Chen Junsheng works in high-end enterprises, earning a good salary, and Luo Zijun, who is a full-time wife at home, lives a life that is envied by many people.3 soulmates in a lifetime

And Luo Zijun himself is very content with the status quo, happy and hard-working to manage his family.

But Chen Junsheng doesnt think so. He feels that Luo Zijun lacks the ability to take care of himself. He can support a whole family with his own salary. He feels that Luo Zijun is incapable and does not know how to share for himself.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Being bored and dissatisfied, Chen Junsheng met another company colleague Ling Ling.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Ling Ling is intellectual and generous, and her performance is also very decent and excellent when giving speeches at company meetings.

Although Ling Ling was also divorced, this did not affect Ling Lings image in Chen Junshengs heart at all,3 soulmates in a lifetime

Chen Junsheng felt that this kind of rich life experience was stable and mature performance.

In this way, Ling Ling and Chen Junsheng started dating tacitly, and the two talked about their dreams.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Chen Junsheng felt that Ling Ling was the soul mate he was looking for, much stronger than Luo Zijun, who only talked about designer bags and clothes at home.3 soulmates in a lifetime

So Chen Junsheng divorced Luo Zijun very quickly and married Ling Ling into the house.

Cooking is not as delicious as Luo Zijun, and even more boring than Luo Zijun. Todays married life is always very depressing.3 soulmates in a lifetime

The two began to quarrel day and night, and their married life has always been a wave of ups and downs.

soulmate connection

So he wanted to save Luo Zijun, but Luo Zijun had already walked with He Han.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Life will never give you a chance to start over because of your regrets.

The middle-aged self should have understood long ago that the temptation around you is far less than the person beside you at the moment.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Just like Chen Junsheng, he always felt that Luo Zijun was incompetent, but he forgot that it was for the sake of running the family that Luo Zijun gave up a high-paying job;3 soulmates in a lifetime

He felt that Ling Lingcai It is the soul mate that I met in middle age, but this companionship is only based on maintaining a proper distance, and it will soon break down after the real marriage.3 soulmates in a lifetime

In fact, life is short for decades. It is not a bad thing to pursue what you love and what you want;

But you should also look at you while pursuing Is everything you have worth your hard work and gambling?3 soulmates in a lifetime

Meeting a soul mate in middle age is not necessarily a good thing. It affects your future choices in life and the harm or sacrifice made by people around you for your choices.

The middle-aged self has long lacked the willful courage, and knowing the rationale to weigh the pros and cons is the true meaning of life.3 soulmates in a lifetime


What exactly is a soulmate?

I believe that many people, when they meet their soulmate, always feel that she does not eat the fireworks of the world, and has a feeling of mystery and fit with themselves.3 soulmates in a lifetime

But when you think about it, were all part of the world, and what youre seeing now may be just selectively ignoring our weaknesses and appreciating our strengths while keeping our distance.3 soulmates in a lifetime

But you have forgotten that she will eventually fall into the mundane world in your heart, and she will show her inherent inferiority in the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt.3 soulmates in a lifetime

By then you may miss your former partner, and more likely regret your choices, but its too late.

I remember someone once said: Dont seek the so-called freshness in love, because you will fall into the cycle of freshness and cannot extricate yourself.3 soulmates in a lifetime

People are still looking for novelty and so-called romance after middle age.3 soulmates in a lifetime

Its like Helen Keller once said: Maybe people are like this, they dont know how to appreciate what they have, but they blindly pursue what they dont have.

But in fact, life can only be happy if you understand contentment.3 soulmates in a lifetime

When people reach middle age, they should look more at what is around them, instead of blindly caring about their own nothing. Only in this way can it benefit you and the people who love you.3 soulmates in a lifetimeReturn to Sohu, see more

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