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EmotionaltalkBeautyhasalwayslovedtalent-LiAossplendidemotionalhistoryfind my soulmate

Through the ages, men have mostly bowed their waists because of their beauty. There are many stories of heroes and beauties in history. Heroes love beautiful women, and beautiful women love genius things. Today I will talk about Master Li Aos affair and his love story. Li Ao has been romantic all his life. He once talked in the media about the standards of thin, tall, white, beautiful, and young in the media.intj soulmate


Li Ao, born in Heilongjiang, is a modern historian. Current affairs critic, Taiwanese writer, poet, former Taiwan legislator, sought after by Western media as the most outstanding critic in modern China. He is such a man of the era with many reputations. He also has his weak side and his romantic side. one side.intj soulmate


Li Ao was handsome and straight in his youth, and he was keen on the relationship between men and women. If his first love girlfriend Luo Jun met in high school, Li Ao pursued for 5 years before he was promised to hold hands. Later, Luo Junruos parents He strongly opposed the development of this relationship and finally had no choice but to break up, and Li Ao was extremely sad about this. Later, he took sleeping pills and committed suicide.intj soulmate


And when he was in college, Li Ao fell in love with Wang Shangqin, the younger sister of his classmate. At that time, Wang Shangqin was a flower-level figure of National Taiwan University. Later, they fell in love quickly. The two lived together unmarried and gave birth to their daughter Li Wen, but the relationship failed in the end and ended in a breakup.intj soulmate


Afterwards, 32-year-old Li Ao met 19-year-old Xiaolei, and the two dated for three years. After that, Li Ao was imprisoned for some reason, but in prison he resolutely cut off the relationship without dragging each other down. , After 5 years of being released from prison, Xiaolei has become a married woman. When the two were in love, Li Aos poem “Only Love a Little” was changed to a song by singer Wu Qixian, which once became popular in Gotham and was highly sung. Lets enjoy this poem together.intj soulmate


Shortly after he was in, Li Ao caught up with Liu Huiyun, who also graduated from National Taiwan University, and lived with him, but talents have always been romantic. After Hu Yinmeng appeared, Li Ao finally fell in love. , and Liu Huiyun saw that he was unable to recover, and then he voluntarily quit to study in the United States, while Li Ao paid his tuition fees and various living expenses.intj soulmate

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Hu Yinmeng was a beauty in the 1970s and 1980s. Lin Qingxia was the most representative of the Hong Kong and Taiwan beauties of that era, and Hu Yinmeng in the same period was not inferior even if she was in the same frame as Lin Qingxia. In terms of appearance, height and body shape, it is no less than Brigitte Lin, which is also an important reason why the romantic talent Li Ao fell for him.intj soulmate


Hu Yinmeng is 18 years younger than Li Ao, and admires Li Aos talent very much. Even when he was in school, he carried Li Aos books in his pocket. Pampered, and Li Ao also became famous at the time. After the two fell in love, Hu Yinmeng resolutely married Li Ao despite the opposition of her family. Years of media torment and scolding war.intj soulmate


Li Aos final emotional destination is Wang Xiaotun, who is 30 years younger than him. The two met at the bus station. Li Ao took the initiative to strike up a conversation and get acquainted with him, and Wang Xiaotun learned that the person standing in front of him was The famous Mr. Li Ao later expressed his surprise. Wang Xiaotun, who has always admired Li Aos knowledge, quickly got in touch with Li Ao and fell in love deeply. At that time, Wang Xiaotun was only 18 years old. The two broke through the secular barrier and got married after nine years. After marriage, they have a son and a daughter, Li Kan and Li Chen.intj soulmate


And now Mr. Li Ao has passed away, throughout his life, his romantic affairs are as vigorous as his literary talent. His rants are all articles, and his life experience and cultural contributions can be described as a unique master figure in the Chinese literary world.intj soulmate


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Emotionalperceptionoflifesoul partner

The sky and the earth are so far apart, but they are always together. Because their hearts are always together. Birds in the sky, you are more lonely than me, or I am more sad than you. For the rest of the time, you accompany me, okay, so that you are not lonely, and I will not be sad The fairy tale is over, forgetting is my soulmate

Sometimes, one kind of love cant really be used to measure another kind of love. Some love, you are not the party, you simply can not understand. Why not choose to let it go, because we want ourselves to be happy, lets love when we can, dont let your love wait too long, dont let your happiness wait too my soulmate

Dont change yourself against your will for the so-called love. Love is not about how much you have changed, but how long you have been holding on. Dont make waiting become a torment for the so-called love. The more extravagant hopes, the less likely it will give back to you; dont want to be hurt rather than look back for the so-called love, the extinguished flame can no longer be burned, and in the end you can only use your blood and tears to slowly melt all the pain at the beginning. .be my soulmate

Its not easy to find someone you love, nor is it easy to find someone who loves you. If you cant be sure which one is your favorite, why not cherish the relationship when you become someone elses lover? Love comes from the heart, you tell yourself that you love him, and you can naturally fall in love with my soulmate

No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you; no matter how good your conditions are, there will always be someone who doesnt love you, meets the right person at the right time, This is a kind of fate, and this kind of fate just needs to wait patiently and experience all kinds of setbacks to meet. In your world, there will always be someone who loves you more than you my soulmate

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Many people have been hurt by love, so they no longer believe in love. But in fact, these people are the ones who know love the most. It is because of the injury that I understand. Because it is lost, it is to cherish it. Because of betrayal, so is loyalty. They look indifferent, but in fact they have a heart that lacks love the my soulmate

It is the highest state of love to have each others intentions without saying it. Because at this time, both of them are enjoying the wink, the fiery psychology when the eyes meet, and the thrilling feeling when the fingers touch each other. Once it is said, the taste will be much lighter, because after the two agree, all behaviors have been approved and psychologically prepared, and will gradually become numb in the my soulmate

Love is not the same as love. When two people have feelings, it is likely that they are just a tacit understanding that has been established over time. It may be a common hobby and interest, or it may be just friendship and family affection. But love is much more complicated. Love will be jealous, hurt, happy, and sexual. Never say love easily just because you have feelings for someone. Love is a whole-hearted my soulmate

Love is unreasonable. At the end of the dispute, the reason is clear, but the feelings are gone. Using the laws of reason to control the emotional, I am afraid that the result is only cold and ruthless. Two peoples affairs, dont need to understand too much, control it by yourself, and each person has his own sense of my soulmate

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Emotionalexpertanalyzesarapecasethatturnedouttobefakeelizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Not long ago, there was an ironic rape case somewhere in Jinhua.

The famous clerk in the administrative department of the company is very beautiful, whether it is a first-class body, skin, or face, but it is almost 36 years old or alone. In the local area, the age of 36 is a hurdle. For this reason, her father is very anxious and wants me to help with the work. I asked him, because his daughter is so beautiful, there should be a lot of people chasing her, and why was she delayed. Her father said that because she was so beautiful, she had never seen her daughter talk about her celebrity soulmate

I dont believe it. Although it is beautiful, it is not a city flower. Probably too much to ask for. The clerks name was Xiaoli, and I called her to the office and told her what her father meant. Xiaoli said, I am also anxious, but there is no one chasing after, so it is not good for me to take the initiative. I said, do you have a favorite candidate? Xiaoli said, no, my requirements are not high. I have a good character and a fixed celebrity soulmate

? celebrity soulmate

I sent Xiaolis request and photo to the circle of friends. Unexpectedly, no one contacted me in the past few days. I chatted with a colleague from the Personnel Bureau about this. The colleague said that there are not many young men who have a fixed occupation, that is, those who eat finance. How old are you not married? Among the talents introduced in recent years, there are a few who meet Xiaolis requirements, you should go and have a celebrity soulmate

Sure enough, the city government brought in a young talent in heat treatment from Xian. He graduated with a doctorate and is 33 years old. He has no object yet. According to my colleagues, the doctor was born in a rural area, and devoted himself to researching technology to delay the marriage. Under the introduction of a colleague, I met Dr. The doctor is not a nerd. He told me that there are still grandparents at home. My father suffered from emphysema very early and could not do heavy work. The family conditions were very ordinary. Because of poverty, I didnt dare to fall in love, and I didnt even think about getting married. He joked with me, the condition of the woman is so good, dont tease celebrity soulmate

platonic twin flame

I told Xiaolis father about the doctors situation. Her father was very supportive, and Xiaoli agreed to meet. The first time we met, I arranged it at Xiao Lis house. My purpose was to let the doctor know that if the womans parents completely agreed, you should pursue it boldly. Xiaolis parents stated that they dont want you to buy a house or a car. As long as the daughter agrees, they will be responsible for the celebrity soulmate

? celebrity soulmate

Xiao Li also had a good impression of the doctor, so she quickly established a relationship. But it was still tragic. When people in their thirties fall in love, they are all going to get married. They have been dating for more than four months. The doctor is not satisfied and just holds hands. One day after the movie ended, it was more than 11 oclock, and it was drizzling. The two did not bring umbrellas. The doctor saw that there was a hotel opposite the theater, and boldly said, or stay in a hotel tonight? Xiao Li hesitated and agreed. What happened later was very bloody. At 12 oclock, the waiter heard the womans cry and reported that after the manager knocked on the door to go in, Xiao Li was disheveled, threw herself on the bed and cried, and the doctor stood by the side at a loss. The manager asked, what happened? The doctor shook his head, I dont know. Xiao Li said that he raped me and I bleed. rape? The manager did not dare to neglect and hurriedly called the celebrity soulmate

Little Li was raped, and I heard about it the next day. I hurriedly contacted my colleagues in the personnel bureau and rushed to the police station with Xiaolis father. The police who handled the case happened to take Xiaoli to the hospital for examination. A female police officer said that it was a treasure, and the hymen was intact. The police handling the case told us that it has been confirmed that the two parties are male and female friends, and the person has been celebrity soulmate

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Dontworry,soulmateswillmeeteventuallytypes of soul connections

Text丨Love words at 10:30

I am here, waiting for the wind and waiting for you.


Everyone is eager to find their own soulmate. So in the relationship, I keep looking for it, even if I am hurt again and again, I still insist.soulmate reddit

Actually, you dont need to be so anxious. The person who really belongs to you will cross mountains and rivers, cross the sea of people, come to you, and hug you tightly.

Believe that soulmates are attracted to each other. In the vast sea of people, they will also discover the uniqueness of each other, and they will also fall in love with each other unconsciously.soulmate reddit

Wait a second, the person who belongs to you is already on the way. Make yourself better and meet your soul mate with a better you.soulmate reddit

Before you learn to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. When love comes, you can seize that beautiful feeling.soulmate reddit

Even if you havent met the person who belongs to you yet, dont lose confidence because of it. Good things need to wait slowly, dont worry, soul mates will meet eventually.soulmate reddit


Loving and being loved are both happy, every inch of life is Significant. May you find your soul mate as soon as possible and have a fulfilling and happy rest of your life.

Soulmates are on the way, dont lose hope.soulmate reddit

Life is long, and you may have to go through many ups and downs alone before meeting the person who belongs to you. But dont lose hope, the one who belongs to you will eventually come to you.soulmate reddit

You should have confidence in yourself, your soulmate, to see the light in you.

Dont deny yourself, even if no one loves you yet, you still have your good side. People who love you can tolerate your shortcomings and see your strengths.soulmate reddit

Sunshine always comes after wind and rain. Before meeting a beautiful person, you also need to walk alone, many lonely roads. Dont worry, what belongs to you will always come.soulmate reddit


Dont question yourself, the process of finding a lover is long of. Perhaps it is precisely because of the ups and downs along the way that when you meet, you will know how to cherish more and hold happiness in your hands.soulmate reddit

On the road to finding your soul mate, dont compromise easily. Wait patiently, soul mates will eventually meet, and then you will hand over your life to someone who truly belongs to you.soulmate reddit

Learn to love yourself while you wait.

A person can only love others better if he learns to love himself. Manage your life well, and constantly improve yourself. Only when you meet someone you are interested in can you show a better side of yourself.soulmate reddit

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Before meeting your soulmate, you should learn to be self-reliant. Only when you become better will there be better people to love you.soulmate reddit


The person you love in the future deserves better you. Even if you havent met your soulmate yet, you shouldnt stop moving forward, you should work hard to make your future better.

Dont fall for it because no one loves you yet, this will only make you miss the happiness that should belong to you.soulmate reddit

Happiness is in your own hands, and the way you approach life determines whether you can seize it.soulmate reddit

Only if you learn to love yourself well, others will love you well. If you dont know how to cherish yourself, you will only disappoint those who love you and miss the happiness that you instinctively grasped.soulmate reddit

There is an invisible gravitational pull between similar people.

Your soul mate can find you from the vast sea of people, because there is an invisible gravitational force between similar people. Dont worry, there will be an invisible thread connecting you and your soul mate, and you will meet eventually.soulmate reddit


Similar people will approach each other unknowingly, Will be attracted to the same things, will be delighted by the same things. When two similar people are together, they will bring happiness to each other, and they will be very comfortable when they get along.soulmate reddit

Two people with similar values are more likely to find common topics and reach a consensus. Between soulmates, the relationship will gradually heat up, and the answer to happiness can be found in each other.soulmate reddit

The fate between soul mates is continuous, because they are fascinated by similar things, they will eventually meet by chance and make each others soul more complete.soulmate reddit

Like the gravitational pull between two planets, two people will meet because they revolve around similar things and stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Soulmates will attract each other, and you will surely find your own happiness.soulmate reddit

Dont worry, soul mates will meet eventually. Maybe you still have many years to go, but dont doubt that the person who loves you will find you and spend the rest of your life hand in hand with you.soulmate reddit

Be brave to find, you deserve true happiness. Be yourself, happiness will knock on the door of your heart one day in the future, and everything you pay to find happiness is worth it.soulmate reddit


May every loving person meet soon, May the long wait come to a happy ending.soulmate reddit

The waiting time is also an opportunity for growth. In order not to let happiness sneak away, you should also continue to work hard.

The person who will come to love you in the future, at this moment, is also constantly striving to become better in order to give a better him to you. All your hard work is worth it. I hope you can find the most beautiful love that belongs to you.soulmate reddit

your my soulmate

Dontbeinarushtostartanewrelationshipromantic soulmate

Author: On the fifth day of May, a pseudo-literary man with six-pack abs

< p>Some people say that the best way to forget a relationship is to start the next one.

Bye bye bye, the next one will be better. But dont be fooled by these words.

Because the same problem has not been resolved, dont rush into a new relationship.soulmate in meaning


Emotions are a drain unless all you want is sensuality The passion, otherwise it will be really tiring to talk for many paragraphs.

Some people will say, then I have been in love, if it is always a sweet period, will it be better?soulmate in meaning

Not really.

There are a lot of people around who have different love objects for several days. They often talk about their romantic past and feel very charming.soulmate in meaning

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Actually insecure, they cant take their feelings to the next stage , but also afraid to enjoy the time alone.

Love is not always bright and beautiful, and there will also be firewood, rice, oil and salt. If we can only enjoy happiness together and cannot share weal and woe, no matter how many times we fall in love, the ending will be the same.soulmate in meaning

Emotional debt is always repaid.


The best thing you should do is to be alone for a while, and wait for calm Come down and review your gains and losses, and let yourself wake up a bit.soulmate in meaning

Not a false hilarity against inner loneliness.

139 days soulmate meaning

DailyLuck7.1DaySpiritualHealingGuidegood morning soulmate

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Illustration/Kami quit spicy Did you post it?

Text/Tarot Master Mingyue Remnant Bow

If you need to reprint, please do not mark the original, and sign The authors name and the sauce


In the daily spiritual guide, the days Mayan totem guide and oracle card drawing guide. The oracle card guide will also be combined with todays Mayan imprint, making the guide closer to everyones life ~ to give everyone more help.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

【Maya Totem Guide】

Today, if you have free time, you can also paint todays totem, it will have a certain healing effect and bring good luck~

Totem of the day: kin44 overclocked yellow Seedsoulmate drawing free

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< font>Guide: Today is a very suitable day for you to implement your dreams. All dreams are not just dreams that can be achieved, and may require certain plans, but the more important thing is to put these plans and plans into practice!soulmate drawing free

【Guidelines for Divination of Oracle Cards】

Rules: Keep a state of inner peace, recite 7.1 days in your heart, What guidance does the Angel Card give me? Choose one of the following four cards by feeling, remember not to deliberately choose not to choose repeatedly, and then scroll down to check the answer.soulmate drawing free

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karmic soulmate twin flame







Choose 1: Intuitionsoulmate drawing free

Guide: Trust your intuition, because your intuition will You point in the direction that suits you best. Your intuition is especially active today, so it can be put to good use.

Option 2: Be spontaneoussoulmate drawing free

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Guide: When you spontaneously want to do something, this is often what you need to do now, and it can be very Achieving it successfully will give you a sense of achievement.

Option 3: Celebrate differencessoulmate drawing free

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Guide: Sometimes, differences and differences are a very interesting thing, when you start to learn from the opposite through differences, your Ability will be greatly improved.

Choice 4: Vulnerability Fragilesoulmate drawing free

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Guide: As a human being, there is always vulnerability, and when you need someone to accompany and comfort you, you may be more sensitive and emotional today relatively strong. So today you need to take care of yourself, dont put too much pressure on yourself.soulmate drawing free


Daily guidance, both to help you find your way today, and to give you some warnings or remind. Maybe these suggestions may seem a little mundane, but as long as you act and do it, you will see the meaning of the period and see that your life is changing.soulmate drawing free

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Conflictsbetweenhusbandandwife,inadditiontoforbearance,canalsoberesolvedinthesewayspast life soulmate

The husband and wife have been living together for a long time, and it is normal to have conflicts and disputes between husband and wife. It is not terrible to have conflicts between husband and wife. The problem became more and more serious, and finally reached the point where it got out of hand.good morning soulmate

If there is any conflict or disagreement between husband and wife, it must be resolved in time. If there is any misunderstanding, it is best to resolve it within 24 hours, so that the two people will not be upset. gap. In fact, apart from tolerance, conflicts between husband and wife can be resolved in these ways, did you know that?good morning soulmate

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1. Maintain rational communication, be open and honest, and exchange inner thoughts with each other.good morning soulmate

The couple have been together for a long time, it is normal to have conflicts and encounter some unpleasant things. After a long time, each other has become less visible to each other. It is normal to have some disagreements and conflicts. There are more and more shortcomings exposed to each other in life. Two people will face each other with their truest selves. Its just that I know my partner better than before.good morning soulmate

Actually, in marriage, if there is any conflict between husband and wife, you can sit down, have a good communication, and exchange ideas with each other. You have a foundation of feelings and a common life. The conflict between them is easy to resolve. The so-called husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed, just sit down quietly and chat and talk to each other, and then the conflict can be resolved.good morning soulmate

2. Often go out to play, relax, travel far away, and resolve conflicts between husband and wife during the journey.good morning soulmate

The couple has been living together for a long time, and they have to deal with all kinds of things in life and work every day. Life will be very boring and boring. The interaction between the two is also decreasing. Over time, both husband and wife will feel that life is too dull and life is too uninteresting. It is easy to have conflicts because of some small things in life.good morning soulmate

Is this, in addition to mutual tolerance, the couple can also do things that make each other feel relaxed, the couple can go out to play, relax, travel far away, and see how different people feel differently. The scenery, even if there is any conflict between the two, they will be resolved during the journey.good morning soulmate

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3. Give your partner some small gifts, do something for your partner, and use love to resolve conflicts between your partners.good morning soulmate

soulmate reading

If you want the relationship between husband and wife to be stable forever, you must have an emotional foundation, know how to manage your own emotional life, do more things for your partner, and let the woman see and feel your love for her. Strong love, only in this way will your partner feel that you are treating her sincerely.good morning soulmate

If there is any conflict between husband and wife, you might as well express your love to each other more in your life, do more things for your partner, and give your partner more gifts. With her, still attaching importance to her, she will feel very warm in her heart, and the contradiction between you will naturally be resolved invisibly.good morning soulmate

4. Have more interactions in your life, care more about your partner, think more from the perspective of your partner, learn to understand your partner, and recognize your partner.good morning soulmate

Actually, in this world, the person you should value the most is not your customer or your partner, but a partner who will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is your happy life. The key to this is that even if you are rich in popularity and your career is developing smoothly, but your family is not at peace, and there are always conflicts between husband and wife, your married life is also spent in torment.good morning soulmate

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, there is one thing you must pay more attention to, that is, be kind to your partner, and if you have any conflicts with your partner, you must resolve it as soon as possible. It is important to understand your partner and consider the problem from the perspective of your partner. Maybe the real wrong person is yourself. You must uphold an attitude of changing it if you have it and encouraging it if you dont. In this way, your married life will become more harmonious.good morning soulmate

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Emotional message:good morning soulmate

Marriage is the best destination for love. If two people love each other, if From knowing each other and falling in love to entering the palace of marriage, this is a very beautiful thing. It is not enough to have a lover to be a family. You have to manage your married life with heart. Even if you are busy, you should put your mind on your own. As a partner, bring more happiness and joy to your partner and less pain and misfortune. Treating your partner so kindly is the best way to manage your marriage.good morning soulmate

At the same time, there is a conflict between husband and wife. Dont easily feel that the other party doesnt love you or tolerate you enough. You must first reflect on yourself. Are you doing enough? Is there anything else that can be improved! Husbands and wives do not suffer from conflicts, but they turn a blind eye to the problems between husbands and wives. If there are any differences, they must be resolved in time. You can completely resolve these conflicts through communication and surprises for your partner.good morning soulmate

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Coloremotionanalysisinoriginalexhibitionhalldesignpast life soulmate

Original title: Color emotion analysis in exhibition hall design

Color contains emotion, and people in the exhibition hall are actually in the emotional world created by color. In the exhibition design, color directly serves the cultural theme of the exhibition hall. The choice of color directly affects the style and atmosphere of the entire exhibition hall. In this process, it brings the most direct emotional experience to the exhibitors and affects their inner activities. The proper use of color in the display space can enrich the spatial level. The use of color to extend, integrate and divide the space can improve the overall proportion of the display space, so that it has rich changes or mutual penetration in the space, thereby enhancing the The overall sense and layering of the space, there are changes in the unity, creating a unique space atmosphere, arousing strong visual and psychological feelings for the audience, and bringing a unique emotional experience to the audience.soulmate in meaning

f4d1653fb2464b599b452e81773d5760Aerial view of McQuay exhibition hallsoulmate in meaning

1. Color sentiment analysis of the preface (entrance) of the exhibition hall.soulmate in meaning

The purpose of the preface of the exhibition hall is to give the audience a general understanding of the displayed content. The color of the exhibition hall often usesbright, eye-catching, interesting and attractivesoulmate in meaningcolors to set off the unique emotional atmosphere of the exhibition hall. As a transition from the outside of the exhibition hall to the main exhibition hall, the preface hall should use color design skillfully to attract the attention of the audience.

In general, the effect of the color design of an exhibition should be a harmonious whole of individuality and unity. That is to say, the entire exhibition hall from the preface hall to the main exhibition hall, including each exhibition area of the main exhibition hall, should follow the principle of coordination and unity in color tones between each other; but each exhibition area has its own characteristics. It has both a sense of continuity and a sense of distinction, thus forming a rhythmic color rhythm, such as the contrast of cold and warm, the contrast of light and dark, and the rhythm of tightness and contrast. Like painting, there is a sense of rhythm that echoes the real and the virtual, the cold and the warm, the tight and the loose, and the far and the near.soulmate in meaning

030fad60bb7b4cc09a956a360ff389d4Aerial view of the second floor of McQuay exhibition hallsoulmate in meaning

2. Main Sentiment analysis of showroom color.soulmate in meaning

The color of the main exhibition hall not only needs to highlight the exhibits, but also needs to create a pleasing exhibition hall environment. The color of the main exhibition hall should be uniform and changeable, quiet but not monotonous. A color tone or tone should be determined. The color tone of the main exhibition hall can be determined according to the exhibition theme and exhibition time, whether it is high-key or low-key; whether it is warm or cool.soulmate in meaning

First of all,soulmate in meaningthe determination of the color theme should help to express the content of the display theme, create a certain mood and atmosphere, and guide the audiences emotional experience of the display theme. For example, the color positioning with the theme of heavy history should be dominated by calm low tones, so that the viewer can emotionally experience a kind of vicissitudes of life, historical changes and the solemnity of traditional culture. In the exhibition with the theme of youth, the color tone may be mainly sunny, lively, and enthusiastic, so that the audience can also experience the joyful feeling of vigor. In short, the display color should pay attention to guide the audiences emotional experience of the exhibition theme.

types of soul connections

Secondly,soulmate in meaningThe determination of the color theme should consider the exhibition time or season. If the exhibition is held in winter and it is cold outside, the color of the entire exhibition hall should be dominated by warm tones, giving people a warm feeling and in line with peoples psychological needs. If it is a summer exhibition, the outdoor temperature is high, and the space should be dominated by cool colors, giving people a sense of tranquility and coolness.

After the main color tone is determined, you can look for changes around the main tone and distribute the color area proportionally. In particular, each space interface, such as the ground, wall, ceiling, etc. of the exhibition space, plays a leading role in the color tone of the entire exhibition, and is the place where the main tone is used in a large area. The identification and marking of each functional area also use color to distinguish the direction and guidance of the space. For example, through the gradation of colors, or the arrangement of the same chromaticity according to the shape, or through the processing of cool and warm colors, the flow of people can be dredged and guided.soulmate in meaning

cd2f2e56b4c9495cbe4fb90ecd965d48McQuay Main Hallsoulmate in meaning

3. Color sentiment analysis of the background of the exhibits in the exhibition space.soulmate in meaning

The background of the exhibits can also be understood as the spatial background that sets off the main exhibits. In the color design planning of the exhibits, the exhibits are brighter and more prominent than the background, and they are actively expressed against the background. The color brightness and purity of the exhibits and the background of the exhibits should not be too similar. If the contrast is weak, there will be fusion with each other, and the background will not play a role in setting off the exhibits.soulmate in meaning

In the design of local color, it should be designed according to the general principle that there is change in unity. Can reflect new ideas of contemporary life. In the design, we want to reflect the spiritual needs of this globalization, so that people can enjoy more spiritual and emotional comfort, so we need to have more detailed design. It should be noted that the background color of the general exhibition hall should be based on various factors. The selected background color should follow the main hue of the exhibit color, or use several colors with similar purity and hue change to form a composition. , enrich the rhythm of the background color, and bring the viewer a rich color emotional experience.soulmate in meaning

722935380121478e976434ca746aedd1Exhibits in McQuay Hallsoulmate in meaning

In the space design of the exhibition hall, the color comes from the exhibits, the lighting and the background. Only when the three achieve the perfect harmony, can the whole exhibition and works achieve a multiplier effect, and can provide the audience with excellent visual effects and wonderful emotional experience.soulmate in meaning

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friend soulmate

Canyoufindyoursoulmatemy soulmate is

Many people are writing about soul confidants and soulmates, because people in this world are lonely. That Xu Zhimo had already said that he was looking for a soul mate. Those who win are lucky, those who lose are fate… Too many people are eager to be understood and to find a soulmate in the soul world.soul partner meaning

Can you find that person?

I want to say from the following aspects

1. The emotion of a soul confidant is inseparable from the appreciation and trust of love.soul partner meaning

The meeting of confidants in the soul starts from liking, and then gradually develops to an emotion similar to admiration. There can be no true confidant without this loving appreciation, commitment and tolerance, trust.soul partner meaning

Second, it is difficult for a friend of the opposite sex who is close to admiration to go on normally, even in the soul world.soul partner meaning

Understanding and trusting support are the fundamental relationship between confidants. They can talk to each other, share emotions and share secrets. This kind of communication is very difficult for a relationship between the two sexes that is not aimed at love.soul partner meaning

Love is exclusive. If you have a family, your family does not allow you to have a soul confidant other than that, which means that you share your feelings for him with others. If youre single, then also, if youre married, congratulations.soul partner meaning

Three, soul confidants who can get along normally have actually degenerated. If they really have feelings for each other and are rational, they can only bury their emotions in their hearts, restrain themselves, and stop talking about everything. The relationship between Lin Huiyin and Jin Yuelin, in addition to Lin Liangs husband and wife relationship, can only be friendship, otherwise, there will be cracks in the marriage, even for couples with high cognitive awareness. Being a confidant is an assumption in a vacuum.soul partner meaning

Fourth, the soul-confidant relationship cannot be maintained even in the state of Zen enlightenment.soul partner meaning

platonic soulmate meaning

If your enlightenment is very high, similar to meditation, etc., then this kind of soul confidant will inevitably degenerate, bury, and fade away. If you dont speak out your feelings and dont communicate, you wont be able to damage your family. If they cant enjoy each other, they are no longer in a state of soul confidant relationship that each others souls watch over.soul partner meaning

Five, soul confidants are not easy to exist.soul partner meaning

Women need to talk and understand in their thinking, nothing else, as long as they have the same mind and nature, listen and understand, and can give emotional support. Men are very realistic, they dont want to be your soulless confidant! Once they find the connection in their souls, they either want to get closer to the relationship, or they will reflect calmly. Since you cant get closer to him, he cant get anything realistic. Its better not to get along with other people who are tasteless. He needs the whole world. The more realistic people are, the more they will feel that this kind of relationship is inappropriate, or there is no torture, and it is useless, and they will definitely stay away from you. Those ultra-romanticists are a different story.soul partner meaning

In conclusion, it is almost impossible for people with normal families to be deep soul confidants. The best state for you and him is to maintain a proper distance, be good friends who understand each other and trust each other. Or, you bury each other in your heart, tacitly, but you cant get any closer.soul partner meaning

Mutual trust and support, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, tacit understanding, moderate distance, is the best relationship between the opposite sex.soul partner meaning

Personal opinion, welcome to discuss.soul partner meaning

soul partner meaning

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soulmate love

BiShuminThereareonlythreethingswomencantsave.quantum entanglement soulmates

Poke the blue word above to follow us!

No matter how much you save, please be generous to yourself with these three things .

01. The first thing is to learnwe are soulmates

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Studying requires a fee, even the sage Confucius, when answering questions and doubts, he has to accept dried meat as a gift.

Learning expenses are slightly different from buying and selling other goods.we are soulmates

You dont know how much knowledge you can get, it depends not only on the teachers level, but also on your own state.

In some cases, this is a bit like buying cattle across the mountain, even more risky than stocks.we are soulmates

No one can guarantee that you will be admitted to university after paying the tuition fee, you can only invest in advance.

Opportunity is a child holding a wedding dress, if you don’t love learning, many good things may never appear in your life palace.we are soulmates

02, the second piece Things are travelingwe are soulmates

Everyone is born a tadpole and grows up All turned into frogs at the bottom of the well.

Its not your fault, its just your limitation, but you have to make up for it.we are soulmates

To understand the world, you must go far away.

soulmate dreams

Travel costs money, as everyone knows.

The benefits of travel are not immediately visible, and often need to be accumulated over time.we are soulmates

Some people think that traveling is just to take some photos and buy some small crafts, but it is not.

Travel makes our body aware of different winds and waters, and our minds become alert under the nourishment of different styles and colorful.we are soulmates

The eyes are so hot and the conversation is so humble.

03, the third piece The thing is to exercise.we are soulmates

The ancients did not have the habit of exercising. A full meal without fat.

The need to survive forced them to keep running and hunting. Dancing while dancing is not light physical labor, and it does not accumulate excess calories.we are soulmates

With the progress of society and the abundance of materials, the inexhaustible heat has become a lingering burden for us.we are soulmates

So artificially trudging on machines, floating and sinking in chlorine-filled pools, in artificial snowflakes and Rolling on ice, climbing artificial concrete cliffs…we are soulmates

But we have no choice but to keep investing money, Exercise barren muscles and bones to maintain a minimum of strength and a minimum of agility.

As women, we need to remind ourselves often: study, travel, and sports are activities that we need to devote all the time, so that life will be More and more exciting!we are soulmates

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