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When I was young, I talked to two girlfriends, but their families were all rural people. They were all poor and earned work points in the production team. At that time, there was not much porridge. One of my parents was still ill, so after I graduated from school, my family was all farmers, so my life was not good there. I really wanted to find someone with a good family background, or if my parents had a daughter from a working family. When I communicated with them, I saw that they felt uncomfortable. I even felt unhappy when I saw my girlfriends parents. I went to her house and remembered that we will live in the future. I cant rely on me, but you want to rely on me! So my mood is often low, and I went to her place to give gifts but didnt. Later, another matchmaker introduced a person. My father was a ferry worker, and my mother was a farmer at home. The so-called ferry worker was working in a state-owned enterprise of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Plant in Sichuan. After repairing the new house, I went to the so-called grooms house for the first time. Breakfast was eggs, which was noisy. At night, I ate wine and meat. At that time, there were only a few households in a village who could eat wine and meat. So I was happy and happy when I met my girlfriend. I couldn’t feel all her shortcomings. I am very happy, but once I went to her house, because of the poor conditions in my house, it was revealed from the eyes of her parents that I did not look down on me. At this time, my heart was full of five tastes, and I felt that I would go to her house in the future. If she quarreled with her daughter a little bit, she might be scolded by her parents. So Im in a dilemma myself! Fortunately, in the end, I finally found a girlfriend who can match me, and the past is full of clouds in front of me!soulmate finder

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EmotionaltalkMenandwomenarenotonlycomplicatedintheirrelationship,butalsodifferentinhowtheydothings…intp soulmate

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For many years I have had a feeling that in Among the various relationships in the world, the most difficult to deal with is the relationship between men and women. Because of the relationship between men and women, it is not clear, nor is it clear. You say its a relationship between two opposite sexes, thats too broad; you say its a sexual relationship and its too narrow…psychic soulmate drawing free

< strong>Whether broad or narrow? Anyway, I know that men and women have different attitudes towards things, but dont you see: “Men conquer women by conquering the world, and women conquer the world by conquering men. The so-called heroes are saddened by the beauty pass, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, it means that men and women have a relationship. No, the relationship between the two is subtle and complicated.psychic soulmate drawing free

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The main difference in the relationship is that it is not the lack of money in men that disappoints women, but the lack of hope in men. They believe that the real charm of a man comes from a man The fighting spirit and ability that burst forth from oneself. Men must dare to fight and take responsibility…psychic soulmate drawing free

Women will also say: Men should never underestimate a womans determination to share weal and woe, but you have to exchange your sincerity. And dont let a woman adapt to loneliness. Once she adapts, she will no longer need you. Men say Women cant be too strong, otherwise they wont be liked…psychic soulmate drawing free


But the womans answer is: If a woman is not strong, who will help you when you are most helpless? So women can only make themselves strong, Fortunately, the man can help when he is alone in healing, because she does not want to be in pain when disaster strikes…psychic soulmate drawing free

< str ong>The man said that I have a sense of responsibility to earn money, that is, to be responsible for the family. The woman thinks, no matter how good a man is, if he doesnt have time to accompany you, its just a decoration. Love cant wait for plum to quench thirst, hold a photo of a man, and enjoy material life is a happy life?psychic soulmate drawing free

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If a woman is noisy with a man, it means she still thinks it is necessary to be noisy. If she is really angry, dont cry, but dont speak. If you think about it, if there is no dispute, no tears, no words, and no connection, is it necessary for two people to be together?psychic soulmate drawing free

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Therefore, in love and marriage, men are the greatest To fail is to give someone else the chance to laugh at a woman. When he understood, it was useless. The biggest failure of women in marriage and love is to turn exclusive emotions into shared ones.psychic soulmate drawing free

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This is exactly: when you are cold, you can find a place to warm yourself; when your heart is cold, it is hard to warm up. Therefore, we must always remember: empathy is very important. Tolerating others is treating ourselves kindly; forgiving others is giving ourselves a way out; the relationship between men and women is like this, and the road of life is even more so!psychic soulmate drawing free

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EmotionalstoryThewifeistoowillfulandreckless.Afterawakening,thehusbandhastakenhissonabroad,whichisrareinthislifei lost my soulmate


When Tang Shanshan called her ex-husband Yu Hua half a year after the divorce, the phone tone indicated that the number had been shut down. She went to the place where they used to live, and the door opened and a strange couple lived inside. The husband and wife, only after questioning did they find out that the house was bought by the husband and wife two months ago. It was well decorated and they moved in soon. She was a little panicked and immediately called her son Yu Lis teacher. The teacher told her Yu Li The withdrawal procedure was completed two and a half months ago.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan asked her relatives and friends like crazy, and finally learned that her ex-husband had brought her son to apply to settle abroad. She may never see each other again in this life. Tang Shanshan is stupid and her mind is blank. , she agreed to divorce only because she was angry with Yu Hua. When Yu Hua told her about the divorce, he didnt want to keep her at all, which made her even more angry. She just wanted Yu Hua to coax her and admit her wrong. But really divorced her.types of soulmates

She put forward very harsh divorce conditions, and Yu Hua agreed to them all, which made her feel very shameless. For her ridiculous self-esteem, she took a gamble to sign the divorce. She thought that if she left for a while, If her son didnt see her, Yu Hua would definitely find her to remarry. In the first few months, she secretly went to the kindergarten to see her son. Later, she just came back from a trip. Both her husband and son were gone, and she would never look for her again. Not anymore.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan returned home in despair. Mother Tang was taken aback. After asking the reason, Mother Tang looked at her daughter with complicated eyes and wanted to say a few words to her, but she couldnt bear to see how sad she was now. Sprinkling salt on my daughters wound, I feel distressed and self-blame in my heart, I feel distressed for how lost my daughter is now, and I blame myself for letting my mother-in-law help take care of my daughter in order to make money. The old man loves the child too much, and the daughter is spoiled. Become competitive and self-centered temperament.types of soulmates

Especially after getting married, her daughters temperament has become more and more paranoid. She has persuaded her many times, and she promised it well in front of her. She was worried that if her son-in-law ran out of patience, what would happen to her daughter, but she would do whatever she was worried about. This time, her daughter got angry and divorced because her son-in-law refused to accommodate her bad temper. After her daughter came back, she said confidently The son-in-law would pick her up, but now the son-in-law and the grandson have disappeared together.types of soulmates

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When Tang Shanshan was born, her fathers tepid business suddenly exploded , her father always said that Tang Shanshan was the lucky star of their family. She started to make a lot of money when she was born, so Tang Shanshan was very favored at home. As long as she cried, her father would try his best to make her happy.types of soulmates

After the familys business boomed, her mother had to help take care of the business, cook for her two school-going sons, and take care of Tang Shanshan. After Tang Shanshan brought her to the meeting, she discussed with Father Tang to send her little daughter to her mother-in-law for a few years. She would pick her up after the child went to school. Seeing that her wife was really tired, Father Tang could only promise to send her baby girl to her. Go home and ask your mother to take it.types of soulmates

Since she was a child, Tang Shanshan was the first one among her friends in their home village. She ate well, dressed well, and played well. She ate all kinds of food that Father Tang brought back from the city every three or five minutes. Fresh snacks; the clothes she wears are beautiful little skirts, which are very special among the little friends; she plays with various toys bought by her parents from the city. Tang Shanshan is the envy of every little friend in the village.types of soulmates

Grandma also loves her very much. The old man has two sons and several grandsons, but only this granddaughter. In addition, the old man is superstitious. Hearing that the eldest son said that this precious granddaughter is a lucky star, I am heartbroken. She valued this granddaughter even more. If Tang Shanshan accidentally bumped into someone while playing with her friends, her grandmother would come and scold others whether it was someone elses fault or not. Slowly, the parents of those children would not let their children play with Tang Shanshan. .types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans childhood was lonely, because her grandmother was too protective of her shortcomings, and no one wanted to play with her. Grandma said to her: “My dear, you will go back to the city in the future, dont be with this muddy child.” Playing together will affect your temperament. The children in the city are all clean. If you play with the mud children often, you will become mud children. If you go back to the city in the future, those children will will laugh at you.types of soulmates

Under the doting and control of her grandmother, Tang Shanshan envied and looked down on her friends in the village. She could only watch them play together from a distance and never joined their circle. Her parents also bought a house in the city and hired a few workers. The business is stable, and the two sons can take care of themselves. Her parents also brought her back to study with her when she was in elementary school.types of soulmates

The age difference between her two brothers is a bit big. When she was in elementary school, both brothers went to high school. For this younger sister who is much younger, as long as she is not particularly naughty, they are also very tolerant of her. The girl is squeamish This is normal. Besides, the mother sent her younger sister to her grandmother in order to take good care of the two of them, which made the two older brothers more accommodating and tolerant towards their younger sister.types of soulmates

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After Tang Shanshan returned to her parents, all the family members she came into contact with were infinitely tolerant to her. Her temper became more and more indulgent. If a six- or seven-year-old girl didnt give anything she wanted, she would sit on the ground and cry like a one or two-year-old child. Mother Tang felt that her daughters temperament was not good, so she wanted to suppress it. For a moment, let her know that some things are not yours if you cry and make a fuss.types of soulmates

Tangs mother just said a few words to her daughter, Tangs father protected her daughter and said that her daughter is to be spoiled, and she will give her whatever she wants, so that when she grows up, she will not be blinded by others. A little favor and Xiaohui coaxed away, so every time Tang Shanshan wanted to lose her temper, Tang father would protect her whenever Tang mother wanted to take care of her.types of soulmates

As time goes by, Tang Shanshan is not afraid of her mother at all. She feels that her mother is not as good to her as her father, and she does not like her that much in her heart. If you are satisfied, go directly to her father. Anyway, as long as it is what she wants, her father will satisfy her, and when she is unhappy, she will say in front of her father that her mother is not good to her, that she does not like her, etc. shape.types of soulmates

After the two brothers went to college, she was the only child in the family. As long as she made her father happy, she basically didnt listen to her mothers words. It was very bad. Her mother was called by the teacher to school several times and said that if Tang Shanshan was not properly managed, it would be an empty talk to want to go to university in the future.types of soulmates

Tangs mother came home and told her husband about her daughter. The husband said nonchalantly, “If I dont pass the test, I wont pass the test. Its not like I havent been to college yet, and now I dont live a carefree life. Youre right. Our daughter is prejudiced. Although our family is not a rich and noble family, it is more than enough to support our daughter. You don’t need to worry so much. The most important thing is the happiness of the child’s life. In the face of her husbands fallacy, Mother Tang was helpless.types of soulmates

Time has passed like this year after year. Tang Shanshan has grown from a little girl to a big girl. They all say that the eighteenth female college girl has become more and more beautiful. The pampered Tang Shanshan is very beautiful. With beautiful clothes and exquisite makeup, she looks like a goddess. The only thing missing is her education. Due to her poor grades, she managed to get a college diploma at her own expense. She also talked to her boyfriend for two. Her pampered temper turned out to be a thing of the past. Seeing that Tang Shanshan was 26 years old, Tangs mother was a little anxious.types of soulmates

My mother is worried about her life-long affairs, but she herself feels that it doesnt matter. She always says that her ex-boyfriend has no vision. There will always be someone who sees her goodness. , Tangs mother asked someone to introduce a boyfriend to her daughter, but Tang Shanshan didnt like it, either because she was disgusted by her parents bad looks, or because she was poor, or because she didnt earn enough money, so friends around Tangs mother saw Tang. The mother was a little scared.types of soulmates

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Tang Shanshan and her ex-husband Yu Hua met in a blind date group called Happy Sunday Yes, Tang Shanshan was moved when she saw Yu Hua for the first time. She fell in love with Hua at first sight. Yu Hua looked gentle and polite on the outside, but he was very humorous in terms of conversation. When the two talked, they made Tang Shanshan very happy. I am also very satisfied, after all, Tang Shanshans appearance is very deceptive, although only a college graduate can dress up as a lady, and according to the information, Tang Shanshans family conditions are not bad.types of soulmates

After comprehensive consideration, Yu Hua felt that Tang Shanshan was a very suitable person for marriage, with a beautiful appearance and a wealthy family. Tang Shanshan felt that Yu Hua was handsome and humorous, and she would be very happy to be with such a person, so The two began to communicate further. Perhaps Tang Shanshan had experience in getting along with her ex-boyfriend and consciously restrained her temper. The two got along pretty well. Mother Tang was relieved to see that her daughters temper had changed a lot. My daughter has found true love, otherwise it wouldnt have changed so much.types of soulmates

The two of them are not too young. After dating for a year, they put the marriage on the agenda. Both Tang Shanshans two older brothers are already married. With a lot of money, Tang’s father bought two houses for his daughter as a dowry. In comparison, the conditions of Yu Hua’s family were a bit worse, but his parents still bought him a wedding house with the full amount. Yu Hua himself His ability is also very good, the monthly salary is five figures, Tangs father is very satisfied with Hua, and his daughter will not endure hardship in the future with such a capable man.types of soulmates

After the lively wedding, the newlywed couple still loved each other for a period of time, but the old saying goes that the nature is difficult to change, and the days of getting along with each other are long. Tang Shanshans spoiled temper is gradually exposed. She knows how to cook and can’t do housework, so she hired a nanny at home. Every time the two of them sat together to eat, she was picky about the food the nanny cooked, and she called the nanny to the dining table to listen to her reprimand, but the next time the nanny pressed She was not satisfied with what she said, but she was still picky when she was eating.types of soulmates

Yu Hua couldnt stand her behavior and said: “Shanshan, can you stop doing this while eating, I think this meal is pretty good!” If you dont like it, you can do it yourself, its not easy for others to do this job, dont always pick and choose, so that those of us who eat will also suffer from indigestion.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was immediately angry when she heard her husband speak for the nanny. She insisted: Do you have any special relationship with this nanny? Otherwise, why do you speak for her and protect her? You are too picky. She looks at least a dozen years older than you at her age. If you dont make it clear today, we wont be finished.types of soulmates

Yu Hua didnt expect that his random words would arouse Tang Shanshans series of suspicions. He felt a little unclear. In the end, it was the nanny who watched the couple and she offered to resign. He was also fed up with the hostess temper. He was not too young, and he didnt want to be angry anymore. The quarrel between the two stopped temporarily with the nannys departure.types of soulmates

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But the days will continue, after another nanny resignation, Yu Hua She said to Tang Shanshan: If you think the babysitter is not doing well, we will do it yourself. You are not working. Now you will learn how to do housework. After we have children, we will become more proficient in doing things. There are some things that the babysitter can do, and some things. It cant be replaced by others, and I dont like that there are always outsiders in our home.types of soulmates

Yu Huas euphemism and persuasion had a little effect. Tang Shanshan didnt hire a nanny anymore. She could do the cleaning herself if she stumbled. She really couldnt do the cooking. During the day, she ordered takeout. They went out to eat together, but there were differences when they went out to eat. Tang Shanshan tried her best to follow Yu Hua in eating in order to maintain her image when they were in love. Now that the two are married, she doesnt want to wrong herself any more.types of soulmates

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It takes a long time to choose a restaurant every time I eat. I think that the place where Yu Hua chooses is not high-end enough, that there are too many people, and that the food is not good. Her various dislikes make Yu Hua dark. Coming back from get off work, he was already very tired, and he had to accompany Tang Shanshan to hang out during the day to find a restaurant she liked to eat. He once again used his language talents to persuade his wife to find a job. Not so much time to pick and choose.types of soulmates

As a result, this attempt to persuade Yu Hua failed. Tang Shanshan said: I am not short of money, so why should I work so hard? The rent is enough for me. My dad said that people live in the world to eat well, wear well, and play well. I am lucky that my family is rich, and I don’t have to worry about anything when my dad is with me.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans words confuse Yu Hua. Yu Huas family conditions are good, and her parents are intellectuals. In terms of money, they are not as wealthy as Tang Shanshans family. Facing his wifes remarks, he just felt speechless. Tang Shanshan watched Her husband was very proud of his speechless appearance. This makes Yu Hua very helpless. They are married. Their home is like a hotel, just a place to sleep, without the warmth and fireworks of home.types of soulmates

In order not to want to accompany his wife to eat at a restaurant every day, and to face her so-called exquisite life, Yu Hua began to use overtime entertainment as an excuse to let Tang Shanshan finish the meal alone, while she quietly returned to her parents house After dinner, the good times didnt last long. Tang Shanshan saw that her husband often came home late, so she began to wonder if her husband was out there. Every day when Yu Hua came back, she had to check from head to toe. It was too much to wake up Yu Hua suddenly in the middle of the night. Ask him if he is in love with someone else.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans neurotic manipulations are annoying to Yu Hua, she can only say that he doesnt want to eat out, so he went to his parents for dinner after get off work and told her not to think wildly. Who knows that Tang Shanshans reaction is her husbands This must have been instigated by her mother-in-law. After her husband went to work the next day, she went directly to her parents-in-laws house to make a scene, saying that her mother-in-law couldnt see the goodness of their husband and wife and wanted to provoke their husband and wife relationship.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans unreasonableness shocked her mother-in-law. Her father-in-law was so angry that he had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. He knew that his wife had been spoiled by the whole family since she was a child and grew up to be pampered, but pampering and being unreasonable are two different things! For the first time, Yu Hua had the idea of a divorce.types of soulmates

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While Yu Hua took leave to take care of her father in the hospital, Tang Shanshan hid back to her parents house. She was frightened when she saw Yu Hua rushing to the hospital with an angry face that day. She didnt dare to go back after leaving the hospital. Seeing his frightened appearance, Tang’s father thought that his daughter was being bullied, and only when he asked the reason why did he know that his daughter was in trouble.types of soulmates

The next day, he and his wife bought a lot of gifts and went to the hospital to see their father-in-law. , was dismissed by Yu Huas mothers unflattering words, Tangs father was very unhappy, but who let his daughter get into trouble? When he was racking his brains to find a way to make his daughter and son-in-law reconcile, Tang Shanshan found out that she was pregnant. , Now Father Tang is happy, this is equivalent to a trump card, he just sits and waits for his son-in-law to come to ask for peace.types of soulmates

After Yu Huas father was discharged from the hospital, Yu Hua called Tang Shanshan and said he wanted to have a good talk with her Talking, only to hear the news of Tang Shanshans pregnancy, the Yu familys family of three fell silent, and finally Yu Hua compromised and went to the Tang family to pick up Tang Shanshan. Tangs father is a smart man. , using the pretext that her daughter is pregnant, she asked Tangs mother to go to her daughters house and take care of her.types of soulmates

Yu Hua didnt object when she found out. It was the same as before, and he was really scared. The acquaintance Mo Ruomu, the arrival of Tangs mother made Tang Shanshan quiet down, her mother took good care of her, and finally passed the pregnancy safely. Nine months later, Tang Shanshan gave birth With their son Yu Li, the two families were very happy, and they were full of thinking about having a child. Tang Shanshan should be sensible and can live a good life in the future.types of soulmates

This kind of happiness did not last long, and Tang Shanshan looked in the mirror after the full moon. After discovering the change in myself, I felt a lot of grief in my heart. The slender waist of the past was gone, the small chin was gone, the waist was bloated, the two and a half chins, the thick neck, and the dull skin. When I looked at Yu Hua again, it was still the same demeanor. A handsome and handsome man, she is full of a sense of crisis.types of soulmates

Although Mother Tang reassured her that it would recover in the future, she couldnt listen. Every day when Yu Hua came back, she would quietly flip through his phone. , searched his pockets, and rummaged in the car from time to time. Tang Shanshans nervousness made Yu Hua miserable. Because his mother-in-law helped take care of the child at his house, he could only pretend he didnt know. Mother Tang also persuaded her daughters actions. Many times, Tang Shanshan didnt listen at all, and she went her own way.types of soulmates

During a shopping trip, Tang Shanshan accidentally found a young woman sitting in her husbands car. She followed her anxiously and saw them entering together. In the hotel box, she rushed in without hesitation, calling her husband to bring the fox When they went out to eat, they saw a large table of people looking at them, Yu Hua was very angry, it was a shame, it was okay to make trouble at home, and now it was in front of his colleagues and leaders, which made him unbearable and went home He filed for divorce for the first time.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was a bit frightened by Yu Huas words, and settled down for a long time. During this time, she worked hard to lose weight, and often brought her children with her mother. She no longer left everything to her mother like before. , Seeing the transformation of his wife, Yu Hua did not mention the divorce, but the quiet days have always been short-lived.types of soulmates

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07types of soulmates

After Li went to kindergarten, Mother Tang came to Tang Shanshan’s house less frequently. In the days, Tang Shanshan also learned to cook some simple meals. Although the taste is average, it will not be much better than before.types of soulmates

My son went to kindergarten, and Tang Shanshan started to be a demon again. She had to check her son from head to toe when she came back from school every day. She went to the kindergarten to ask the teacher what was going on. If her son came back with less weight, she would say that the school did not give her son enough food. Once or twice, he was able to explain in good words. More often, the kindergarten leader directly Ask them to transfer their children.types of soulmates

After Yu Hua received a call from the kindergarten leader to find out the reason, she was full of helplessness and powerlessness. Before Tang Shanshan could listen to his words, when the child is a little older, she may know that he is reluctant to bear the child. It would be easy to say divorce, but her temperament began to return to the way she was before.types of soulmates

Yu Hua knew that Tang Shanshans temperament might not change in this life. He didnt want his son to become like this under the influence of his mother in the future. She has less contact.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was furious after receiving such a call, and rushed to the kindergarten to make a theory. When Yu Hua arrived, Tang Shanshan was already making a lot of noise, and she even touched the teacher and looked at her wife. She killed Quartet in the kindergarten, and shouted that her family had money, and that she would pay for killing and wounding. Yu Huas head throbbed for a while, and he couldnt pull it off a few times. He slapped Tang Shanshan in a fit of rage. .types of soulmates

The furious Tang Shanshan didnt expect that Yu Hua would do something to her in public. She felt very shameless. She pushed her husband away and took a taxi back to her parents house. Yu Hua apologized to the kindergarten teacher and agreed. Compensation for the loss and medical expenses, and after handling the follow-up, he took his son home. On the way home, he was thinking about Tang Shanshans indulgent temperament. This is simply insane, thinking that everyone outside is her parents and her mother. Take her as the center and revolve around her!types of soulmates

Yu Hua sent his son to his parents house and applied to go abroad. With Tang Shanshans temperament, even if he is divorced, as long as he is still in the country, he probably wont let him go. Going abroad is what he thinks of now. The only way, he didnt pick Tang Shanshan home. Tang Shanshan felt angrier the longer she lived in her familys house. She waited and waited, and before Yu Huas apology came Yu Huas divorce agreement.types of soulmates

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08types of soulmates

If Tang Shanshan used to make a loss, she might show weakness, but this time she was clearly Yu Hua was wrong. She beat her in front of so many people. Now, not only did she not apologize, she also wanted to divorce her. She felt that she was right. ?types of soulmates

The child listens to her so much, and she will say good things in front of the child in the future. Yu Hua attaches great importance to the child. I don’t believe that he will ignore the child’s feelings. She signed it neatly and made an appointment to do it the next day. Divorce certificate. Yu Hua found a kindergarten for her son while waiting for the application. Tang Shanshan often went to see her son secretly when she found out. She felt that as long as her son turned towards her, remarriage would be a matter of time.types of soulmates

She didnt expect Yu Hua to be so determined to leave him. When she felt bored, she went out for a trip and came back. Yu Hua took her son abroad, and she couldnt find out the specific situation. Completely dumbfounded, she still doesnt understand why it was Yu Hua who beat her, but everyone said it was her fault.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was in a daze for a long time, and Father Tang felt distressed. At this time, he also regretted that he had not listened to his wifes words to teach his daughter well, and spoiled her daughter. I have a psychiatrist, and I hope my daughter can be happy again.types of soulmates

After more than half a year of psychological relief, Tang Shanshan did not see her family as required by the doctor, and did everything by herself. Under the guidance of the doctor, she understood many things that she did not understand before, and knew how much she used to be. Abominable, slowly making changes.types of soulmates

Three years later, she was introduced to Sun Qiang, a man who lived a steady life. His wife and daughter died in a car accident. Now he is single, with a stable job but a low income. Tang Shanshan felt very secure with him. After the last failed marriage, Tang Shanshan matured and learned how to be a good wife. After marriage, Tang Shanshan gave birth to another son. That piece is slowly filling up.types of soulmates

? of soulmates

Time is the best medicine for pain, everyone is looking forward, Tang Shanshans growth is too expensive, fortunately She finally understood what a happy life is. (End)types of soulmates

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Emotionalmiscellaneoustalkaboutwhatcanmakeagirlfallinlovewithyouwillinglysoulmate meaning

For many men, women are the most difficult animals in the world to understand.

On many social platforms, we often see that many men are at a loss when facing women, where do you live, how old are you, what are you doing, and a few lines of forced conversations that look up household registration make outsiders feel embarrassed when they see it . More people simply dont bother to go straight to the topic. In this scene, it was as if the woman was still sitting upright, and the man was already running wildly there. In the end, their words and deeds are often regarded by women as a model of a problem with their brains, and they are shown on display.soulmate birthdays

According to a woman who angrily uninstalled social media,men like this make up 60% of the people she strikes up withsoulmate birthdays.

Some people ask, is it because the survivors are biased, and some men with poor quality will come to this kind of social media for a while? No, no, those men with high quality, high level, and high status know women very well? We often see various scandals and cases, and some high-ranking figures talk about women. Objectifying women sees women as playthings. A wealthy family, such as a certain Sicong, is also vulgar and ignorant when it comes to emotional matters, just like ordinary people. A few days ago, a local official made a mistake in the chat group, and a sentence of Chi Guoguos plea for joy made him lose his black gauze hat, which was pitiful and pathetic and lifelike.soulmate birthdays

Not understanding womens hearts is a common problem for men, regardless of high or low, regardless of education and occupation. The course of understanding women is a brand new subject for men and needs to be learned from scratch. And unfortunately, there are no textbooks, no teachers, or even a title for this course, so its all up to you to guess.soulmate birthdays

Well, the question is, how can a woman open her heart?soulmate birthdays

I guess this topic may be very interesting to a considerable number of men (even some women), this is a topic that many people want to know for various purposes, but cannot speak.soulmate birthdays

Where are the keys?soulmate birthdays

Mr. Qiaoyuan would like to introduce a case first.soulmate birthdays

Many years ago, I once chatted with a female netizen on QQ (there was no WeChat at that time), and the two sides were just simple netizens chatting, so it was more open. This is a rural woman who lives in a suburban county of the city. Her education level is not high, and her life is only a husband and a child. Talking about her married life, she said that she was not happy and life was boring, and that was enough.soulmate birthdays

Im surprised, why, is he not good enough for you? Domestic violence? Dont do housework? Is there someone outside? Married life is not normal?soulmate birthdays

None of them, she said. Her husband does not have these problems, and the married life is normal.soulmate birthdays

Then why? I am even more puzzled.soulmate birthdays

He doesnt understand style, she said.soulmate birthdays

According to this woman, her husband doesnt know anything about romance, he has no fun in life, he cant say love, and he cant give small gifts. Will not send flowers, will not express. For him, the only way to love his wife is to try his best to be like her. He thinks that is the expression of loving his wife, but its not. The woman doesnt like it in her heart.soulmate birthdays

You must know that this woman does not have too high cultural literacy and education, she is an ordinary rural housewife. But her love and pursuit of love are no different from those of highly educated Kochi or wealthy women. If you think that a low-level woman doesnt need love, youre dead wrong.soulmate birthdays

Therefore, the answer is actually ready to come out. Just like the nature of men who like to go straight to the topic, it is also the nature of women to like romantic love. There may be women in this world who are not keen on dressing up and losing weight, but looking around the world, if you want to find a woman who really doesnt need love, is there?soulmate birthdays

At least Qiaoyuan-kun has never seen it before.soulmate birthdays

But what makes Hashiyuan-kun always puzzled is that in fact, there are countless articles about this truth, and they are broken apart and smashed. Why cant many male compatriots understand, cant see, or even dont want to see it?soulmate birthdays

Sometimes I really feel how difficult it is to understand each other between people.soulmate birthdays

As we all know, the physiological structure of men and women is different, men are only responsible for providing raw materials, not responsible for specific fertility. On the contrary, women are directly responsible for having children, and childbirth requires a lot of physical and mental resources, exhausted and scarred, so they are particularly dependent on men’s protection and support. Physiological and psychological roots of commitment and companionship). Dont underestimate the sense of security they talk about every day, this is actually very, very important for women.soulmate birthdays

Nowadays social productivity is developed, women can also earn money to support their families and create wealth. Therefore, their requirements for mens wealth are not as demanding as in ancient times (although they are also very important), but their single-minded psychological dependence on men, the social and psychological roots formed over thousands of years, has long been engraved into it. In a womans genes, it becomes a Pavlovian instinct that does not need to be cultivated at all.soulmate birthdays

So we see that on social platforms, 99% of women who are single or divorced are serious and serious. That seriousness is comparable to a man attending a high-level party and government meeting.soulmate birthdays

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A happy marriage is the biggest politics in a womans life.soulmate birthdays

Women dont like to play, women cant afford to play.soulmate birthdays

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With enough love, she is yours, and you can do whatever you want. Dont talk about dating, she may take the initiative to rush to give birth to monkeys for you.soulmate birthdays

Love is the best thing for a woman. In fact, this sentence has a profound meaning and is a well-known saying. But how many people have seriously thought about this sentence?soulmate birthdays

And the few men who realized this truth began to be complacent, complacent, and even have a bad mind, trying to take advantage of this psychological feature of women to take advantage of love. to cover their own goals.soulmate birthdays

Over the years, we have seen many love liars, in the name of love, go to the real world, cast a wide net, and welcome all who come. There are so many girlfriends that they can organize a group by themselves, and some even shuttle between many women, making many women pregnant without any sense of disobedience, and do not join the group until an accident occurs.soulmate birthdays

What is intriguing is that many of these love liars are actually ordinary ordinary people, without extraordinary looks, wealth, or wealth, and most of them even have a seemingly loyal appearance.soulmate birthdays

But they know women need love.soulmate birthdays

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What is even more intriguing is that in many cases, many of the deceived women do not even repent after learning the truth and still wait wishful thinking His prodigal son turned back, fantasizing himself to be the Virgin.soulmate birthdays

These women can even lower all their bottom lines for love. So much so that a very sarcastic remark was made recently: Although the scumbag is scumbag, he is fragrant.soulmate birthdays

We will not comment on their addiction, but from one aspect, it can actually show how much women crave for romantic men who understand their hearts?soulmate birthdays

So, if you want to date a woman, start by loving her.soulmate birthdays

To understand her thoughts, to understand her life, to give her spiritual companionship, to praise her, to support her, to encourage her, and to provide emotional value. In short, love everything about her.soulmate birthdays

I cant guarantee that every woman you meet will be touched by you like this, but there will always be one who is touched by you, that day. And, the day might come sooner than you think.soulmate birthdays

You have no promise of marriage, no proud wealth, no continuous and patient emotional support, and no sincere love. Why do you say women want to be with you? You tell me. What is she drawing?soulmate birthdays

Im great at something? Come on, do you really think women are as rare as you are? 55% of Chinas population is men, more than 800 million, you cant even rank as a substitute.soulmate birthdays

Dont just think about appointments, forget about the word from now on.soulmate birthdays

When you are reborn, you truly understand and love women. When you overcome your irritable physiological impulse and patiently accompany a woman.soulmate birthdays

Youll find out-soulmate birthdays

How sweet it is for a woman to fall in love with you.


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Emotionalcounselinghowtodealwithmaritalconflictsyour soulmate

Original title: Emotional counseling: How to deal with conflicts between husband and wife?

The relationship between husband and wife is that you become a legal husband and wife from the day you receive the marriage certificate, and are protected by law. A person goes from meeting, acquaintance, falling in love, and finally to marriage. Almost everyone has gone through this process. Before the marriage, the two were in a relationship. When they get along, they are always tolerant and considerate, always seeing each others strengths, not weaknesses. However, after they got married, they were not so accommodating to each other. Affected by family factors, environmental factors and social factors, there are some contradictions between husband and wife. So how do we recognize and resolve these conflicts that affect the relationship between husband and wife?sole mates meaning

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When a husband and wife are in conflict, as a woman, act like a spoiled child in front of a man It is also a way of mediating contradictions, which is called controlling rigidity with softness. If a man is stubborn and not good at compromise, he is reluctant to bow his head and admit his mistake after making a mistake. In this case, it is better for a woman to act like a coquettish girl when she asks a man to do anything. At this time, a woman who acts like a spoiled man will feel that he has the glory of a big man, and he will not have the heart to hurt you. He can only agree to your request, and may even cause ripples and waves of love.sole mates meaning

The husband and wife must agree on principles, and the larger matters in the family must be reached through communication and negotiation to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Dont quarrel over trivial matters between husband and wife, especially men, make way, because womens minds are not as broad as mens, and their thinking is not very comprehensive. Their cognition, thinking, emotions and other aspects are somewhat different from men. Most women are eloquent, therefore, you should give your wife more praise and consideration. As long as you have time, do your homework as much as possible. Dont wait for your wife to come home to do everything. Give your wife more warmth and care.sole mates meaning

Both husband and wife complain less, don’t complain about earning less money, high work pressure, lower status than others, heavy living burden, others have cars, houses and money, we have to support a small family, and my husband is incapable. Wife can only do housework and cant make money, you are not as good as others and so on. Some complaints about the other party are also an important factor affecting the disharmony between husband and wife.sole mates meaning

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When there is an unresolved conflict between husband and wife, you can seek help and solutions from parents, elders, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers, leaders, and neighbors. You can also ask them to mediate. If the husband and wife cannot continue to live together, they must first take the legal route. They cant do anything wrong to protect themselves. They should use legal weapons to protect themselves.sole mates meaning

Finally, both husband and wife should establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, establish common beliefs and ideals, and do not pursue excessive material enjoyment and financial interests. Be a good couple who care for each other, considerate, greet, encourage, love children, filial to parents, caring for others, united and harmonious, happy and enterprising, and live a happy life.sole mates meaningReturn to Sohu, see more

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Emotionalagirlistemptedbyyou,usuallytherearethreeboldperformancessoul partner meaning

In the life of the Toutiao Creation Challenge, after the first couple of relationships, girls usually deliberately protect themselves and do not easily get emotional. Because injured people have a sense of fear, they will no longer touch their feelings, they will try their best to protect themselves, and will not give the opportunity to be hurt by others. But if you meet someone you like again, you will still be unable to restrain your inner thoughts. After all, thats what love is. No matter what kind of pain you have experienced, when you meet true love again, you will still rush forward without hesitation and forget yourself like a moth to a flame. So if a girl is seduced by this boy, usually she cant restrain her thoughts, she will take the initiative to show it, and show these three bold expressions to boys. 1. Eyes never leave you. In a relationship between two people, if the girl likes you, she will keep staring at you and her eyes will never leave you. Because in her eyes, you are the person she wants most, and the person she wants to rely on most. She will pay attention to everything about you, whether it is your hobbies or some of your behaviors, she will be very concerned about it. When shes sitting with you, youll find that shes spending less time on her phone and more time looking at you. In fact, to be honest, when you like someone, you will have these expressions. Even if you know its bad to stare at her like this, you just cant convince yourself to look at her inadvertently. 2. Do what you love. Everyone has their own hobbies, and everyones hobbies will be different, at most similar. Especially between the opposite sex, different interests promote mutual affection. If you like your girl, she will know your hobbies and learn to do what you like. A girl who likes you, does what you like for you, but loves you too much and wants to shorten the distance between you. Especially when chatting and talking, she wants to have a common topic with you, so that she can get to know you and what you like. But she wouldnt say it, and she wouldnt tell her best friend. What she wants most is that you can feel it. 3. She will believe what you say. If a girl likes you, she will definitely believe you, will not hide too much from you, or even tell you her secrets. She is not worried that you will tell her secrets to others, and there is no need to be afraid that you will. mock her. In her heart, you are the most trustworthy person, and she will never trust any other boy except you. You chat together and even if you are lying to her, she will choose to believe every word she does not even suspect. This kind of girl is not stupid, but in her opinion, she loves you so much, I believe you will not lie to her. She already sees you as her other half. Its not easy for a girl to like a guy. In addition to the inherent characteristics of girls, you should also restrain your own behavior, give some hints to the boys you like, and hope that the boys will take the initiative to confess. So if you meet a girl who likes you, please cherish it. After all, she has given herself completely to you.we are soulmates

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Economicproblemscausedconflictsbetweenhusbandandwife,husbandtryingtochangehiswifebutnotacceptingitthe soulmate secret

A Jun: No income leads to conflict between husband and wife

Fuzhou A Jun and A Rong get married two Ten years later, they have a son, and an elderly mother lives with them.The two sides have been in a cold war recently because of economic problems.soulmate ausA Jun said that he earned money by doing odd jobs in the past few years, and his salary was also handed over to A Rong, but since he was injured in a car accident last year, he has no income, and because of this reason, the relationship between husband and wife has become more and more tense .


Arjun Said that he had tried to communicate, but was rejected by his wife.soulmate aus


But Jun felt that no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt get his wifes affirmation and support.soulmate aus

Perhaps it is too difficult for one person to support this family for many years Its easy, or maybe its her disappointment with her husband A Jun, A Rong wants to unload the burden of life.soulmate aus


A Rong said, The reason why she asked to hand over the salary was to hope that the Ajun could take responsibility. Since the Ajun was injured in a car accident and has not recovered well, she did not insist, but just hoped that the Ajun could improve a little and take care of his family more.soulmate aus

Arjun : I did not communicate with myself about family matterssoulmate aus

In addition to the economic In addition to the other issues, A Jun believes that A Rong did not discuss with herself and did not respect herself on many family matters.soulmate aus

< p>Arjun

Our family has a house of 120 square meters and a house of 60 square meters , My mother was not in good health, so she sold a 60 square meter house for 900,000 yuan and gave it to A Rong for 600,000 yuan.soulmate aus

Later, A Rong used the money to meet the big My aunt bought a house together. A Jun believes that the two couples should sit down and discuss such a major event as buying a house.soulmate aus

In addition to this In addition, A Jun also said that A Rong has not communicated with him about the child spending more than 100,000 yuan to attend a private school.

For A A Rong also gave an explanation for the situation raised by the army.soulmate aus

< p>A Rong

I want to get married with my children in the future. Buy a house. The problem with children reading is because Ajun is not at home.

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The mediator communicates patiently and the couple opens their hearts to each othersoulmate aus

< /p>

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Under the communication of the mediation team, the husband and wife broke the atmosphere of the cold war and communicated with each other. A chance for the army. If the army does not make changes, she hopes to get together and leave, and the army accepts it.soulmate aus

Apo Wang : Im worried about embezzling 300,000 yuan to buy a house

Just as the mediation was coming to an end, A Juns mother Wang Apo said that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been very unpleasant for the past six months, and the elderly hoped to take this opportunity to sit down and communicate. Grandma Wang said that she sold a house for 900,000 yuan, of which 300,000 yuan was deposited with her daughter, but she did not expect it to be used by her daughter and daughter-in-law.soulmate aus

< p>Grandma Wang

300,000 is on the daughters side, and she will use it when she needs it . As a result, when I was sick and needed money, my daughter said that she had no money, so she used the money to buy a house with my daughter-in-law.soulmate aus

Daughter and daughter-in-law bought a house with 300,000 , Grandma Wang is still brooding about this matter. But Grandma Wang said that the daughter-in-law wrote an IOU to her daughter.soulmate aus

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In addition, Grandma Wang believes that her daughter-in-law does not respect herself enough.soulmate aus

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A Rong explained , The mother-in-law is indeed in poor health, but she did not make her unable to see a doctor or stay in a hospital. After persuasion by the mediator Lao Duo Fang, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law confided in each other.soulmate aus

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The mediator Xu believes that the key to alleviating the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lies in the army.A Jun also stated that he will try his best to change himself and take his due responsibilities and responsibilities.soulmate ausThrough mediation between husband and wife, open hearts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and clarify the direction of life. I hope that the army can fight step by step and the family can live in harmony.

(the above are pseudonyms)soulmate aus

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Dowomenwhohaveextramaritalaffairsstillhavefeelingsfortheirhusbands3womenspeaktheirmindssoulmate in meaning

Introduction When a woman chooses an extramarital affair, does it mean that she no longer has her husband in her heart? Lets listen to what these women have to say! Ms. Yang, my husband and I have been married for 7 years. In the past few years, it can be said that he spent very little time with me. When we got married, his parents disagreed. We got married secretly behind his parents backs. When things were settled, his parents couldnt do anything about us, but they still didnt want to see me. For the first two years of marriage, I can say that I was very happy. But later, because of his mothers participation, he spent a lot of time on his parents side. I also have a sigh of relief in my heart, because his parents didnt agree with our marriage at the time, and I didnt want to please them, so the relationship has always been very stiff. But as time goes by, as a woman, I also feel a special loneliness in my heart. I also met my current extramarital lover on WeChat. I can say that I have a little affection for him, but not deep. I just need someone to accompany me, to relieve my boredom, to talk to me, but my husband cant do it. In my heart, I still love my husband, after all, he is my first love. I also often feel that my heart is very complicated. While I enjoy the good that my lover brings to me, I feel sorry for my husband at the same time. I was like a big pendulum, wandering on both sides, not knowing where it stopped. Ms. Wang, I am a married woman. My husband and I have only been married for 3 years, but we have no relationship at all. I met him on a blind date. At the beginning, because we were both older, we chose to get married in such a hurry. It is precisely because of this rush that our marriage has failed so much. My husband is a very self-centered man. He doesnt think about my feelings in everything he does. He always just cares about his own happiness. Everyone says that my husband is a very good man, but what they see is only a superficial phenomenon. I think only the two of us can comment on what kind of person he is. The reason why I chose to cheat is entirely because of his indifference. I dont love him at all in my heart. I also mentioned divorce with him, but he always said that I was insane. I really hate him already, but he has been dragging on not to divorce me. I was looking for a lover outside of marriage, just to tell him clearly that I dont love him anymore, and I dont have any feelings for him anymore. The marriage I want is one where two people can take care of each other, or two people can get along very well, not as it is now, where he and I are completely strangers. Ms. Qiu, although I have a lover outside of marriage, I still love my husband in my heart. Some women have always been rich in their feelings. I am such a woman. I cant do without love. I just want to enjoy the fun of falling in love all the time. I think a woman can have two men, or have a love affair of her own outside of marriage. I married my husband and I love him too, but I have been married to him for many years. The relationship between us has long since become a family relationship, and he has no way to bring me that kind of love. But for me, he is also the man I cant live without. Although I have a lover outside of marriage, the two of us are only in love, because I cant bear my husband to be sad, after all, he is still very important in my heart. I am looking for a lover outside of marriage, I just want to enjoy the feeling of being in love again. My own heart is also very clear, falling in love is a beautiful thing, but it is not always long-term. I have always known that the person who can accompany me to the end is always my husband, and everyone else is just a passer-by in my life. Conclusion No matter what reason a woman finds a lover outside of marriage, she has already caused irreversible damage to her husband by doing so. Married life will gradually become very dull, but every marriage requires the careful management of two people. When a husband and wife are in love or not, dont try to hurt others by looking for extramarital affairs. This is not only irresponsible for your own marriage, but also a kind of injury to yourself.soulmate relationship

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Dothis,andtherelationshipwillhealitselfwithoutyouhavingtoholdontoit.soulmate in meaning

Many students appear to beweakenedin front of their teachers, as emotional failuresdrainall their energy.

Perhaps this relationship can barely be maintained under the support of you, but there will be a day when you cant last. By doing this, the relationship doesnt need you to struggle to maintain it, it heals on its own.meeting your soulmate

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In the emotional consulting industry for so many years, the teacher has seen various emotional disputes, and found that many students continue to endure in order not to let the relationship completely end, < /p>meeting your soulmate

Some of them were emaciated, and some even suffered from depression. Because they couldnt figure out the reason for their emotional failure, and they couldnt accept the fact of breaking up.meeting your soulmate

In the end, they were reluctant or unwilling.

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You can’t hold on to your feelings, this will only make the other party escapemeeting your soulmate

The teacher has a student Wang Ke ( A pseudonym), he isdeepin love with his girlfriend, but because of this, his feelings are muddled.

01 Self-contained filters, responsive to requestsmeeting your soulmate

In Wang Kes eyes, her girlfriend is the cleanest and purest angel in the world, even if she is angry and annoyed There is an irreplaceable charm in appearance.

Although the most important thing between lovers is balance, Wang Ke doesnt think so, he just simply wants to give his best to his girlfriend.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, Wang Ke is responsive to his girlfriends needs, and he will spare no effort to satisfy his girlfriends daily thoughts.meeting your soulmate

Wang Ke thought that his girlfriend would be very moved, but he didnt expect the other party to break up with him because of this.

02 Support is not infatuation, but a burdenmeeting your soulmate

Wang Kes girlfriend is a dance fanatic, and every time she watches her dance on the dance machine in the video game city At that time, his eyes were full of doting.

When friends were joking, his girlfriend was always teased and said: I really envy you, you really met a boy who looks at you all.meeting your soulmate

But in the eyes of others, the relationship between Wang Ke and his girlfriend is extremely unbalanced, and his girlfriend enjoys Wang Ke better than it takes for granted.meeting your soulmate

Over time, Wang Ke became the person who gave unilaterally in this relationship, and his girlfriends attitude gradually began to be cold, no longer a hug from a long way to run,meeting your soulmate

Finally, my girlfriend broke up with Wang Ke on the grounds that I was not good enough for you. Wang Ke immediately apologized to his girlfriend after hearing this, saying that he could correct anything he did wrong.meeting your soulmate

The bottomless begging annoyed Wang Kes girlfriend and deepened her determination to leave.

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Emotions don’t have to be dead, it heals on its ownmeeting your soulmate

01 Lower yourself A sense of need

After learning about Wang Kes situation, the teacher pointed out that he was too humble in this relationship, which seriously damaged the level of the relationship.meeting your soulmate

Love is not one persons wishful thinking, but two peoples mutual affection. Therefore, Wang Ke cant just pay when he gets along with his lover, and he must balance the emotional level.meeting your soulmate

twin flame soulmate karmic

The reason why Wang Kes girlfriend walked so decisively was not because Wang Ke was not good enough, but because he exposed too much of his sense of need.

So when we reveal too much sense of need, this relationship is easily shaken, so we should appropriately reduce our sense of need,meeting your soulmate

Let the other party think that we are even alone You can also live comfortably, and Wang Kes feeling to his girlfriend is that without her, Wang Ke cant live.meeting your soulmate

So reducing your sense of need can prevent the other party from easily despising you.

02 Expanding the circle of friends

Wang Ke is an open book in front of her girlfriend, and she knows everything about Wang Kes counterparts. Including Wang Kes social circle.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, Wang Kes girlfriend never worries that Wang Ke will be hooked up by another opposite sex, because she knows them all.meeting your soulmate

But a proper sense of crisis is essential both in recovery and emotional management.

So the teacher suggested Wang Ke to expand her circle of friends and enrich her social life. Let his girlfriend realize that she doesnt actually control everything about Wang Ke.meeting your soulmate

For example, to get to know some excellent people of the opposite sex and send them to a circle of friends. Triggering the other partys sense of crisis, as long as Wang Kes girlfriend misses Wang Kes goodness, she will definitely take the bait.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, expanding the circle of friends can make the other party realize that he cant live without anyone, and can induce the other partys sense of crisis and attract the other partys attention.meeting your soulmate

03 Value Enhancement

Excellent people will never worry about being unloved by others, so instead of worrying about the other partys departure and being abandoned every day, it is better to be good Increase your own value.meeting your soulmate

Value is a very broad word, personal value includes everything you have, including appearance, content, knowledge, ability and so on.meeting your soulmate

There is a lot of room for improvement of a persons value, so Wang Ke can do many things. Such as reading, fitness, learning skills.meeting your soulmate

So the teacher asked Wang Ke not to disturb his girlfriend for the time being, but to focus on the construction of his heart and the improvement of his ability and value.

In fact, there is no fixed direction. Interest or girlfriend interest, but Wang Ke finally chose to sign up for a hip-hop class.meeting your soulmate

Wang Ke has a good physical fitness and studies very hard. So it quickly jumped in style. The teacher asked him to shoot a short video and send it to a circle of friends.meeting your soulmate

As expected, his girlfriend was noticed by Wang Kes changes and contacted Wang Ke proactively.

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Know how to reposition and improve your own value. When you improve your value, your status will also change. ,meeting your soulmate

You will slowly rise from a low position to a relatively high position. When you no longer feel haggard for this relationship, it will quietly have the ability to heal itself.meeting your soulmate

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Characterdetermineswealthi lost my soulmate


Character determines wealth

1. Popularity determines wealth, and a person can make money.

It is a blessing to suffer, and businessmen should be more generous. Kindness brings popularity, and helping others is helping yourself.infj soulmate type

The wider the mind, the more popular it is. Without virtue, there will be no wealth, and it will be difficult for you to deceive me for a long time.infj soulmate type

Those who win peoples hearts gain the world, and those who gain popularity gain wealth. Make money first and then make money. When we meet honestly, we can have a heart-to-heart bond.


Everything is the most important thing, dont turn your face with others easily. Be calm and have a good attitude when doing business.infj soulmate type

Let one move for peace, and fight for one move to bring bad luck. Leave a way of life for others and a way of money for yourself.infj soulmate type

Ability is demeanor, not arrogance or impatience is harmony. Making money together is the last word. Harmony generates wealth, and the scenery should be long-term. Harmony can make money, competition is not fierce.infj soulmate type

3. Be less witty and talk more about credibility.

Be honest, be kind and don’t suffer. The best guarantor is yourself.

Integrity is the foundation of our business. You can lie for a while, but you cant lie for a lifetime.infj soulmate type

Dont make fun of your reputation. Be honest and do business with integrity. Only honest people can make their business bigger. Honesty is your best advertisement. Fraudsters will eventually be deceived.infj soulmate type

4. Only sincerity can be rewarded.

It pays to pay. Respect your employees. Treat your heart to your heart and give a little more love.infj soulmate type

If you cast a peach, you will return a plum. Caring and caring for the weak. The most direct emotional investment. What is lost must be gained.

5. Doing business is inseparable from personal connections.infj soulmate type

Personal connections determine financial connections, and both sides can make money. Accumulate your network passbook. Good relationships bring unexpected wealth. Having more friends makes it easier to do business. Use your friends to do business.infj soulmate type

Water your own tree with someone elses water. One more friend means more money. A fence with three stakes, a hero with three gangs.

Get down and make friends. Make big things with the help of nobles. To do business, you must first learn to deal with people. With connections there are opportunities.infj soulmate type

6. One must be shrewd and good at cooperation in order to grow the business.infj soulmate type

Its not long to do it alone, its not too far to go alone. To be a person should be generous, and cooperation should not forget a win-win situation. Everyone earns money, so dont be too greedy. Strong alliances will be stronger, businessmens self-development strategy.infj soulmate type

Cooperation is a profound interpersonal study. Pay attention to character and learn to choose partners. Sincerity is the best cooperative attitude. Never go it alone. To be an open-minded person, it is impossible to dismantle each other.infj soulmate type


Be willing to use your brain and be good at thinking. A businessmans brain is the most valuable. Innovation is also a competitive mindset. To win with odds, popular among the unpopular.infj soulmate type

Strive for the initiative and lead step by step. Flexible and flexible, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Be decisive and act quickly. There are only people who cant figure it out in the world, and there is no road that cant be taken. A man must have new ideas and always be at the forefront of the times.infj soulmate type

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8. Can be round.

Being a low-key person and being sharp-edged will definitely suffer. Can bend and stretch, can just be flexible. In the ups and downs of the business sea, one cannot be too simple. Be kind, dont let things go.infj soulmate type

Be smart and not tactful. Go down the river, not upstream. To be a man is to be able to take it and let it go. It is necessary to think about things, but also to think about people.infj soulmate type

9. Improve self-cultivation and self-cultivation.

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Cultivation of character: character is the foundation of ones life.

Morality: A gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way.infj soulmate type

Perseverance practice: suffering is the best teacher.

Will Cultivation: If you can eat vegetable roots, you can do everything.

Self-cultivation: self-study, self-reflection.infj soulmate type

Character training: strengthen your beliefs while waiting.

Quality Cultivation: Take action when you think about it, never be indecisive.

Mentality practice: bold and careful, not reckless or impetuous.infj soulmate type

Physical and physical training: take care of the body and mind, and relax.

Virtue practice: be a educated person.

Cultivation of ability: one must have a vision, and vision determines success or failure.infj soulmate type

Character over ability

1. Dont underestimate anyone.

Reinstate your temper and keep silent, because impulses will make you irreversible.

2. You don’t have that many audiences, so don’t be so tired.infj soulmate type

Be a simple person, down-to-earth and pragmatic. Dont indulge in fantasies, and dont bother yourself.

3. Be gentle with people and things.

Dont lose your temper at will, no one owes you, there is no word “should” in this world. Keep a clear head, understand that you are small, and avoid narcissism. Dont try to be strong in everything, because you are not as strong as you think!infj soulmate type

4. The pain is only for a while. Looking back later, it is nothing.infj soulmate type

Learn to let go, the tighter you pull, the more unable to extricate yourself. While learning to be grateful and obedient, we must also adhere to our most basic principle of cause and effect.infj soulmate type

5. Everyone is an independent individual. There is really no situation where no one can live without leaving.

Dont overestimate your power in the collective, because when you choose to leave, you will find that even without you, the sun Rise up as usual!infj soulmate type

6. Learn to forgive those who hurt themselves, because they are also pitiful, pushed by pressure, and involuntarily.infj soulmate type

You must know that there are too many unknown pains behind the brilliance of others. People you don’t like, smile in return, Silently bless him; for those you like, just show your true feelings and treat each other sincerely.infj soulmate type

People are watching the sky, and there are cause and effect arrangements in the dark, always with a kind heart, continue Do the right thing. Always remind yourself, change yourself, be a low-key person, and do things in a high-profile way.infj soulmate type

The quality of his character directly determines the success or failure of his life!

Anyone who works like a duck to water in the workplace will understand one truth, that is: to be a person beforehand, customers will recognize it first You are the only person who will recognize your business. If your character is not good, you will not talk about business with you at all.infj soulmate type

So, at the end of life, in fact, it is all about character.infj soulmate type

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