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This website news:soulmateMental health hygiene is about the psychological principles and methods of protecting and enhancing peoples mental health. Also called mental health.9month17, under the guidance of the Youth League Municipal Committee, Suzhou Sunshine Angel Charity Development Center and Suzhou City Future The Adult Mental Health Counseling Center carried out the theme of caring for the soul and focusing on growth at the Childrens Service Station of Zijin Community inYongqiao District, Suzhou City.

Mr. Zhang Ying from Suzhou Minority Mental Health Counseling Center for the children Bringing a wonderful mental health class!soulmate

Mental health hygiene is a concern not only for individuals, but for society as a whole. A healthy mental state and complete social adaptation are inseparable from physical hygiene. Because psychology and physiology affect each other, unhealthy psychology will cause harm to the physiological statesoulmate(the human body). Therefore, it is more important to pay attention to mental hygiene than physical hygiene in a sense. If a person’s psychology is abnormal, on the one hand, it will endanger people’s physical health through the way that psychology affects physiology. Once a person’s psychology falls into an abnormal state, people’s social adaptability will be destroyed, and even normal family and social activities will be impossible. , which will bring great distress and misfortune to individuals and families, and even cause harm to the entire society. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the scope of mental health will expand.

Teacher Zhang also asked questions in class after class The child communicates alone, and the child confides in the teacher and opens up. The confusion hidden in the heart was relieved, and both the teacher and the child laughed heartily.soulmate

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I hope everyone can be healthy not only physically, but also mentally, so that the construction of spiritual civilization can go to a higher level!soulmate

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