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■ Pay attention to spiritual education:

When watering a tree, it is necessary to water the roots, squat down and approach the child

Sukhomlinski said: Education, first of all, is human learning! Since it is humanism, we must pay attention to the spiritual world of people and the spiritual growth of children. Good teachers and parents can build a spiritual paradise for children to grow up healthily. In education, in addition to the stipulated hard lines (school discipline, class rules, etc.), if we add the soft line of spiritual education, the effect will be more obvious. As a teacher or parent, you must first approach your child, squat down, communicate with your child on an equal footing, open your heart and narrow the spiritual distance when communicating with your child.soul partner

■ Focus on spiritual growth:soul partner

Raise your head and walk, a childs growth begins with spiritual growthsoul partner

Sukhomlinski incorporates the concept of harmonious education into a comprehensive in development theory. In the book, he proposes to find the bright spot in each student, so that the child will have an emotional drive and emotional transfer, so that each child will raise his head and walk, and confirm that he is a capital me, so as to find and open the comprehensive development. breakthroughs, so as to promote the all-round development of students.soul partner

Ignoring spiritual growth is the biggest misunderstanding in education. Chen Lunguo believes that the real goal of education is to improve the overall quality of children. In school, one cannot only attend lectures, homework, and exams without spiritual life. Students full spiritual life and rich inner world are an extremely important sign of their all-round development.soul partner

■ Cultivating a healthy personality:soul partner

Diversified topics and exchanges, dont go straight to the score to ask the rankingsoul partner

The primary task of education is to cultivate childrens healthy mind and sound personality. In life, many parents and teachers only talk about scores and rankings, ignoring the most fundamental thing—whether the child is mentally healthy or not. A childs spiritual growth requires balanced nutrition. It is more important to give the child a positive evaluation and build up self-confidence than to score once or twice.soul partner

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Chen Lunguo believes that children now have many advantages and many disadvantages. The most fatal one is psychological problems: strong self-awareness, poor resistance to setbacks; Many parents are afraid that their children will suffer a little bit, but they dont know that only by letting their children suffer a little bit can they improve their ability to tolerate setbacks. Excessive pampering and overprotection will not only fail to make the child grow up healthily, but will encourage the childs indifference.soul partner

■ Always reflect and do more introspection:soul partner

Dont make your child feel like a failure right awaysoul partner

What is education? Education is an activity in which the educator exerts influence on the educated.soul partner

Parents are their childrens first teachers and teachers for life. In reality, we often say unintentional words and act unintentionally, making children feel that they are a failure. For example, if the child is already six or seven years old, the parents will do the arranging of schoolbags, rain gear, etc., and send the child to the school gate, and also say: Slow down, dont fall! Children at home trying to help with dishes and dishes, many parents will stop you and you will break the dishes. There are even first- and second-grade children who are spoon-fed by their parents when they eat. From these examples, we can see that we lack confidence in childrens behavioral abilities, so that children feel that they cant do anything well, and self-confidence will be wiped out little by little.soul partner

Set a good example, teachers and parents to have a positive influence on children. Chen Lunguo said that parents should first have a sunny attitude, be good at controlling their emotions, love life, be kind to themselves, and care for others. Guide children to be good at learning the strengths of others, be able to know their own weaknesses, and be able to accept criticism, especially well-meaning and correct criticism.soul partner

Finally, Chen Lunguo sent the parents eight words: the most important thing is the usual time, and the most important thing is the right time. In the process of educating children, dont let it go, and hit hard when there is a problem.soul partner

(Chen Kemao, correspondent of Changjiang Daily, Xiang Jie)soul partner

Source: Changjiang Dailysoul partner

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