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Original title: Color emotion analysis in exhibition hall design

Color contains emotion, and people in the exhibition hall are actually in the emotional world created by color. In the exhibition design, color directly serves the cultural theme of the exhibition hall. The choice of color directly affects the style and atmosphere of the entire exhibition hall. In this process, it brings the most direct emotional experience to the exhibitors and affects their inner activities. The proper use of color in the display space can enrich the spatial level. The use of color to extend, integrate and divide the space can improve the overall proportion of the display space, so that it has rich changes or mutual penetration in the space, thereby enhancing the The overall sense and layering of the space, there are changes in the unity, creating a unique space atmosphere, arousing strong visual and psychological feelings for the audience, and bringing a unique emotional experience to the audience.soulmate in meaning

f4d1653fb2464b599b452e81773d5760Aerial view of McQuay exhibition hallsoulmate in meaning

1. Color sentiment analysis of the preface (entrance) of the exhibition hall.soulmate in meaning

The purpose of the preface of the exhibition hall is to give the audience a general understanding of the displayed content. The color of the exhibition hall often usesbright, eye-catching, interesting and attractivesoulmate in meaningcolors to set off the unique emotional atmosphere of the exhibition hall. As a transition from the outside of the exhibition hall to the main exhibition hall, the preface hall should use color design skillfully to attract the attention of the audience.

In general, the effect of the color design of an exhibition should be a harmonious whole of individuality and unity. That is to say, the entire exhibition hall from the preface hall to the main exhibition hall, including each exhibition area of the main exhibition hall, should follow the principle of coordination and unity in color tones between each other; but each exhibition area has its own characteristics. It has both a sense of continuity and a sense of distinction, thus forming a rhythmic color rhythm, such as the contrast of cold and warm, the contrast of light and dark, and the rhythm of tightness and contrast. Like painting, there is a sense of rhythm that echoes the real and the virtual, the cold and the warm, the tight and the loose, and the far and the near.soulmate in meaning

030fad60bb7b4cc09a956a360ff389d4Aerial view of the second floor of McQuay exhibition hallsoulmate in meaning

2. Main Sentiment analysis of showroom color.soulmate in meaning

The color of the main exhibition hall not only needs to highlight the exhibits, but also needs to create a pleasing exhibition hall environment. The color of the main exhibition hall should be uniform and changeable, quiet but not monotonous. A color tone or tone should be determined. The color tone of the main exhibition hall can be determined according to the exhibition theme and exhibition time, whether it is high-key or low-key; whether it is warm or cool.soulmate in meaning

First of all,soulmate in meaningthe determination of the color theme should help to express the content of the display theme, create a certain mood and atmosphere, and guide the audiences emotional experience of the display theme. For example, the color positioning with the theme of heavy history should be dominated by calm low tones, so that the viewer can emotionally experience a kind of vicissitudes of life, historical changes and the solemnity of traditional culture. In the exhibition with the theme of youth, the color tone may be mainly sunny, lively, and enthusiastic, so that the audience can also experience the joyful feeling of vigor. In short, the display color should pay attention to guide the audiences emotional experience of the exhibition theme.

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Secondly,soulmate in meaningThe determination of the color theme should consider the exhibition time or season. If the exhibition is held in winter and it is cold outside, the color of the entire exhibition hall should be dominated by warm tones, giving people a warm feeling and in line with peoples psychological needs. If it is a summer exhibition, the outdoor temperature is high, and the space should be dominated by cool colors, giving people a sense of tranquility and coolness.

After the main color tone is determined, you can look for changes around the main tone and distribute the color area proportionally. In particular, each space interface, such as the ground, wall, ceiling, etc. of the exhibition space, plays a leading role in the color tone of the entire exhibition, and is the place where the main tone is used in a large area. The identification and marking of each functional area also use color to distinguish the direction and guidance of the space. For example, through the gradation of colors, or the arrangement of the same chromaticity according to the shape, or through the processing of cool and warm colors, the flow of people can be dredged and guided.soulmate in meaning

cd2f2e56b4c9495cbe4fb90ecd965d48McQuay Main Hallsoulmate in meaning

3. Color sentiment analysis of the background of the exhibits in the exhibition space.soulmate in meaning

The background of the exhibits can also be understood as the spatial background that sets off the main exhibits. In the color design planning of the exhibits, the exhibits are brighter and more prominent than the background, and they are actively expressed against the background. The color brightness and purity of the exhibits and the background of the exhibits should not be too similar. If the contrast is weak, there will be fusion with each other, and the background will not play a role in setting off the exhibits.soulmate in meaning

In the design of local color, it should be designed according to the general principle that there is change in unity. Can reflect new ideas of contemporary life. In the design, we want to reflect the spiritual needs of this globalization, so that people can enjoy more spiritual and emotional comfort, so we need to have more detailed design. It should be noted that the background color of the general exhibition hall should be based on various factors. The selected background color should follow the main hue of the exhibit color, or use several colors with similar purity and hue change to form a composition. , enrich the rhythm of the background color, and bring the viewer a rich color emotional experience.soulmate in meaning

722935380121478e976434ca746aedd1Exhibits in McQuay Hallsoulmate in meaning

In the space design of the exhibition hall, the color comes from the exhibits, the lighting and the background. Only when the three achieve the perfect harmony, can the whole exhibition and works achieve a multiplier effect, and can provide the audience with excellent visual effects and wonderful emotional experience.soulmate in meaning

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