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In the daily spiritual guide, the days Mayan totem guide and oracle card drawing guide. The oracle card guide will also be combined with todays Mayan imprint, making the guide closer to everyones life ~ to give everyone more help.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

【Maya Totem Guide】

Today, if you have free time, you can also paint todays totem, it will have a certain healing effect and bring good luck~

Totem of the day: kin44 overclocked yellow Seedsoulmate drawing free

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< font>Guide: Today is a very suitable day for you to implement your dreams. All dreams are not just dreams that can be achieved, and may require certain plans, but the more important thing is to put these plans and plans into practice!soulmate drawing free

【Guidelines for Divination of Oracle Cards】

Rules: Keep a state of inner peace, recite 7.1 days in your heart, What guidance does the Angel Card give me? Choose one of the following four cards by feeling, remember not to deliberately choose not to choose repeatedly, and then scroll down to check the answer.soulmate drawing free

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karmic soulmate twin flame







Choose 1: Intuitionsoulmate drawing free

Guide: Trust your intuition, because your intuition will You point in the direction that suits you best. Your intuition is especially active today, so it can be put to good use.

Option 2: Be spontaneoussoulmate drawing free

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Guide: When you spontaneously want to do something, this is often what you need to do now, and it can be very Achieving it successfully will give you a sense of achievement.

Option 3: Celebrate differencessoulmate drawing free

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Guide: Sometimes, differences and differences are a very interesting thing, when you start to learn from the opposite through differences, your Ability will be greatly improved.

Choice 4: Vulnerability Fragilesoulmate drawing free

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Guide: As a human being, there is always vulnerability, and when you need someone to accompany and comfort you, you may be more sensitive and emotional today relatively strong. So today you need to take care of yourself, dont put too much pressure on yourself.soulmate drawing free


Daily guidance, both to help you find your way today, and to give you some warnings or remind. Maybe these suggestions may seem a little mundane, but as long as you act and do it, you will see the meaning of the period and see that your life is changing.soulmate drawing free

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