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Author: On the fifth day of May, a pseudo-literary man with six-pack abs

< p>Some people say that the best way to forget a relationship is to start the next one.

Bye bye bye, the next one will be better. But dont be fooled by these words.

Because the same problem has not been resolved, dont rush into a new relationship.soulmate in meaning


Emotions are a drain unless all you want is sensuality The passion, otherwise it will be really tiring to talk for many paragraphs.

Some people will say, then I have been in love, if it is always a sweet period, will it be better?soulmate in meaning

Not really.

There are a lot of people around who have different love objects for several days. They often talk about their romantic past and feel very charming.soulmate in meaning

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Actually insecure, they cant take their feelings to the next stage , but also afraid to enjoy the time alone.

Love is not always bright and beautiful, and there will also be firewood, rice, oil and salt. If we can only enjoy happiness together and cannot share weal and woe, no matter how many times we fall in love, the ending will be the same.soulmate in meaning

Emotional debt is always repaid.


The best thing you should do is to be alone for a while, and wait for calm Come down and review your gains and losses, and let yourself wake up a bit.soulmate in meaning

Not a false hilarity against inner loneliness.

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