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I am here, waiting for the wind and waiting for you.


Everyone is eager to find their own soulmate. So in the relationship, I keep looking for it, even if I am hurt again and again, I still insist.soulmate reddit

Actually, you dont need to be so anxious. The person who really belongs to you will cross mountains and rivers, cross the sea of people, come to you, and hug you tightly.

Believe that soulmates are attracted to each other. In the vast sea of people, they will also discover the uniqueness of each other, and they will also fall in love with each other unconsciously.soulmate reddit

Wait a second, the person who belongs to you is already on the way. Make yourself better and meet your soul mate with a better you.soulmate reddit

Before you learn to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. When love comes, you can seize that beautiful feeling.soulmate reddit

Even if you havent met the person who belongs to you yet, dont lose confidence because of it. Good things need to wait slowly, dont worry, soul mates will meet eventually.soulmate reddit


Loving and being loved are both happy, every inch of life is Significant. May you find your soul mate as soon as possible and have a fulfilling and happy rest of your life.

Soulmates are on the way, dont lose hope.soulmate reddit

Life is long, and you may have to go through many ups and downs alone before meeting the person who belongs to you. But dont lose hope, the one who belongs to you will eventually come to you.soulmate reddit

You should have confidence in yourself, your soulmate, to see the light in you.

Dont deny yourself, even if no one loves you yet, you still have your good side. People who love you can tolerate your shortcomings and see your strengths.soulmate reddit

Sunshine always comes after wind and rain. Before meeting a beautiful person, you also need to walk alone, many lonely roads. Dont worry, what belongs to you will always come.soulmate reddit


Dont question yourself, the process of finding a lover is long of. Perhaps it is precisely because of the ups and downs along the way that when you meet, you will know how to cherish more and hold happiness in your hands.soulmate reddit

On the road to finding your soul mate, dont compromise easily. Wait patiently, soul mates will eventually meet, and then you will hand over your life to someone who truly belongs to you.soulmate reddit

Learn to love yourself while you wait.

A person can only love others better if he learns to love himself. Manage your life well, and constantly improve yourself. Only when you meet someone you are interested in can you show a better side of yourself.soulmate reddit

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Before meeting your soulmate, you should learn to be self-reliant. Only when you become better will there be better people to love you.soulmate reddit


The person you love in the future deserves better you. Even if you havent met your soulmate yet, you shouldnt stop moving forward, you should work hard to make your future better.

Dont fall for it because no one loves you yet, this will only make you miss the happiness that should belong to you.soulmate reddit

Happiness is in your own hands, and the way you approach life determines whether you can seize it.soulmate reddit

Only if you learn to love yourself well, others will love you well. If you dont know how to cherish yourself, you will only disappoint those who love you and miss the happiness that you instinctively grasped.soulmate reddit

There is an invisible gravitational pull between similar people.

Your soul mate can find you from the vast sea of people, because there is an invisible gravitational force between similar people. Dont worry, there will be an invisible thread connecting you and your soul mate, and you will meet eventually.soulmate reddit


Similar people will approach each other unknowingly, Will be attracted to the same things, will be delighted by the same things. When two similar people are together, they will bring happiness to each other, and they will be very comfortable when they get along.soulmate reddit

Two people with similar values are more likely to find common topics and reach a consensus. Between soulmates, the relationship will gradually heat up, and the answer to happiness can be found in each other.soulmate reddit

The fate between soul mates is continuous, because they are fascinated by similar things, they will eventually meet by chance and make each others soul more complete.soulmate reddit

Like the gravitational pull between two planets, two people will meet because they revolve around similar things and stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Soulmates will attract each other, and you will surely find your own happiness.soulmate reddit

Dont worry, soul mates will meet eventually. Maybe you still have many years to go, but dont doubt that the person who loves you will find you and spend the rest of your life hand in hand with you.soulmate reddit

Be brave to find, you deserve true happiness. Be yourself, happiness will knock on the door of your heart one day in the future, and everything you pay to find happiness is worth it.soulmate reddit


May every loving person meet soon, May the long wait come to a happy ending.soulmate reddit

The waiting time is also an opportunity for growth. In order not to let happiness sneak away, you should also continue to work hard.

The person who will come to love you in the future, at this moment, is also constantly striving to become better in order to give a better him to you. All your hard work is worth it. I hope you can find the most beautiful love that belongs to you.soulmate reddit

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