Dothis,andtherelationshipwillhealitselfwithoutyouhavingtoholdontoit.soulmate in meaning

Many students appear to beweakenedin front of their teachers, as emotional failuresdrainall their energy.

Perhaps this relationship can barely be maintained under the support of you, but there will be a day when you cant last. By doing this, the relationship doesnt need you to struggle to maintain it, it heals on its own.meeting your soulmate

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In the emotional consulting industry for so many years, the teacher has seen various emotional disputes, and found that many students continue to endure in order not to let the relationship completely end, < /p>meeting your soulmate

Some of them were emaciated, and some even suffered from depression. Because they couldnt figure out the reason for their emotional failure, and they couldnt accept the fact of breaking up.meeting your soulmate

In the end, they were reluctant or unwilling.

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You can’t hold on to your feelings, this will only make the other party escapemeeting your soulmate

The teacher has a student Wang Ke ( A pseudonym), he isdeepin love with his girlfriend, but because of this, his feelings are muddled.

01 Self-contained filters, responsive to requestsmeeting your soulmate

In Wang Kes eyes, her girlfriend is the cleanest and purest angel in the world, even if she is angry and annoyed There is an irreplaceable charm in appearance.

Although the most important thing between lovers is balance, Wang Ke doesnt think so, he just simply wants to give his best to his girlfriend.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, Wang Ke is responsive to his girlfriends needs, and he will spare no effort to satisfy his girlfriends daily thoughts.meeting your soulmate

Wang Ke thought that his girlfriend would be very moved, but he didnt expect the other party to break up with him because of this.

02 Support is not infatuation, but a burdenmeeting your soulmate

Wang Kes girlfriend is a dance fanatic, and every time she watches her dance on the dance machine in the video game city At that time, his eyes were full of doting.

When friends were joking, his girlfriend was always teased and said: I really envy you, you really met a boy who looks at you all.meeting your soulmate

But in the eyes of others, the relationship between Wang Ke and his girlfriend is extremely unbalanced, and his girlfriend enjoys Wang Ke better than it takes for granted.meeting your soulmate

Over time, Wang Ke became the person who gave unilaterally in this relationship, and his girlfriends attitude gradually began to be cold, no longer a hug from a long way to run,meeting your soulmate

Finally, my girlfriend broke up with Wang Ke on the grounds that I was not good enough for you. Wang Ke immediately apologized to his girlfriend after hearing this, saying that he could correct anything he did wrong.meeting your soulmate

The bottomless begging annoyed Wang Kes girlfriend and deepened her determination to leave.

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Emotions don’t have to be dead, it heals on its ownmeeting your soulmate

01 Lower yourself A sense of need

After learning about Wang Kes situation, the teacher pointed out that he was too humble in this relationship, which seriously damaged the level of the relationship.meeting your soulmate

Love is not one persons wishful thinking, but two peoples mutual affection. Therefore, Wang Ke cant just pay when he gets along with his lover, and he must balance the emotional level.meeting your soulmate

twin flame soulmate karmic

The reason why Wang Kes girlfriend walked so decisively was not because Wang Ke was not good enough, but because he exposed too much of his sense of need.

So when we reveal too much sense of need, this relationship is easily shaken, so we should appropriately reduce our sense of need,meeting your soulmate

Let the other party think that we are even alone You can also live comfortably, and Wang Kes feeling to his girlfriend is that without her, Wang Ke cant live.meeting your soulmate

So reducing your sense of need can prevent the other party from easily despising you.

02 Expanding the circle of friends

Wang Ke is an open book in front of her girlfriend, and she knows everything about Wang Kes counterparts. Including Wang Kes social circle.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, Wang Kes girlfriend never worries that Wang Ke will be hooked up by another opposite sex, because she knows them all.meeting your soulmate

But a proper sense of crisis is essential both in recovery and emotional management.

So the teacher suggested Wang Ke to expand her circle of friends and enrich her social life. Let his girlfriend realize that she doesnt actually control everything about Wang Ke.meeting your soulmate

For example, to get to know some excellent people of the opposite sex and send them to a circle of friends. Triggering the other partys sense of crisis, as long as Wang Kes girlfriend misses Wang Kes goodness, she will definitely take the bait.meeting your soulmate

Therefore, expanding the circle of friends can make the other party realize that he cant live without anyone, and can induce the other partys sense of crisis and attract the other partys attention.meeting your soulmate

03 Value Enhancement

Excellent people will never worry about being unloved by others, so instead of worrying about the other partys departure and being abandoned every day, it is better to be good Increase your own value.meeting your soulmate

Value is a very broad word, personal value includes everything you have, including appearance, content, knowledge, ability and so on.meeting your soulmate

There is a lot of room for improvement of a persons value, so Wang Ke can do many things. Such as reading, fitness, learning skills.meeting your soulmate

So the teacher asked Wang Ke not to disturb his girlfriend for the time being, but to focus on the construction of his heart and the improvement of his ability and value.

In fact, there is no fixed direction. Interest or girlfriend interest, but Wang Ke finally chose to sign up for a hip-hop class.meeting your soulmate

Wang Ke has a good physical fitness and studies very hard. So it quickly jumped in style. The teacher asked him to shoot a short video and send it to a circle of friends.meeting your soulmate

As expected, his girlfriend was noticed by Wang Kes changes and contacted Wang Ke proactively.

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Know how to reposition and improve your own value. When you improve your value, your status will also change. ,meeting your soulmate

You will slowly rise from a low position to a relatively high position. When you no longer feel haggard for this relationship, it will quietly have the ability to heal itself.meeting your soulmate

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