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Introduction When a woman chooses an extramarital affair, does it mean that she no longer has her husband in her heart? Lets listen to what these women have to say! Ms. Yang, my husband and I have been married for 7 years. In the past few years, it can be said that he spent very little time with me. When we got married, his parents disagreed. We got married secretly behind his parents backs. When things were settled, his parents couldnt do anything about us, but they still didnt want to see me. For the first two years of marriage, I can say that I was very happy. But later, because of his mothers participation, he spent a lot of time on his parents side. I also have a sigh of relief in my heart, because his parents didnt agree with our marriage at the time, and I didnt want to please them, so the relationship has always been very stiff. But as time goes by, as a woman, I also feel a special loneliness in my heart. I also met my current extramarital lover on WeChat. I can say that I have a little affection for him, but not deep. I just need someone to accompany me, to relieve my boredom, to talk to me, but my husband cant do it. In my heart, I still love my husband, after all, he is my first love. I also often feel that my heart is very complicated. While I enjoy the good that my lover brings to me, I feel sorry for my husband at the same time. I was like a big pendulum, wandering on both sides, not knowing where it stopped. Ms. Wang, I am a married woman. My husband and I have only been married for 3 years, but we have no relationship at all. I met him on a blind date. At the beginning, because we were both older, we chose to get married in such a hurry. It is precisely because of this rush that our marriage has failed so much. My husband is a very self-centered man. He doesnt think about my feelings in everything he does. He always just cares about his own happiness. Everyone says that my husband is a very good man, but what they see is only a superficial phenomenon. I think only the two of us can comment on what kind of person he is. The reason why I chose to cheat is entirely because of his indifference. I dont love him at all in my heart. I also mentioned divorce with him, but he always said that I was insane. I really hate him already, but he has been dragging on not to divorce me. I was looking for a lover outside of marriage, just to tell him clearly that I dont love him anymore, and I dont have any feelings for him anymore. The marriage I want is one where two people can take care of each other, or two people can get along very well, not as it is now, where he and I are completely strangers. Ms. Qiu, although I have a lover outside of marriage, I still love my husband in my heart. Some women have always been rich in their feelings. I am such a woman. I cant do without love. I just want to enjoy the fun of falling in love all the time. I think a woman can have two men, or have a love affair of her own outside of marriage. I married my husband and I love him too, but I have been married to him for many years. The relationship between us has long since become a family relationship, and he has no way to bring me that kind of love. But for me, he is also the man I cant live without. Although I have a lover outside of marriage, the two of us are only in love, because I cant bear my husband to be sad, after all, he is still very important in my heart. I am looking for a lover outside of marriage, I just want to enjoy the feeling of being in love again. My own heart is also very clear, falling in love is a beautiful thing, but it is not always long-term. I have always known that the person who can accompany me to the end is always my husband, and everyone else is just a passer-by in my life. Conclusion No matter what reason a woman finds a lover outside of marriage, she has already caused irreversible damage to her husband by doing so. Married life will gradually become very dull, but every marriage requires the careful management of two people. When a husband and wife are in love or not, dont try to hurt others by looking for extramarital affairs. This is not only irresponsible for your own marriage, but also a kind of injury to yourself.soulmate relationship

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