Doyouknowthe6majorcontradictionsinmarriagesoulmate birthdays

Love can be talked about without life, but marriage cannot, marriage is a trivial life

You must know these six truths about married life

< p>01 , housework

It was only after I got married that I realized that the normal state of life turned out to be chicken feathers, firewood, rice, oil, and salt.past life soulmate

Writer Wang Anyi said that when there is a home, there is housework.

But many men dont understand it, so when they get home, they will be the shopkeeper.past life soulmate

The heavy housework is left to the wife alone. Health grievances complain.

In marriage, what kills love is usually not an earth-shattering event,

its the floor that cant be cleaned, the clothes that cant be washed,< /p>past life soulmate

The garbage that needs to be taken out every day, the water stains on the sink…

If a man can be considerate of his wifes hard work in doing housework,

willing Share with her, I believe that many conflicts between husband and wife will be resolved easily.past life soulmate

02, child

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For children, the best education is neither

rich nor poor, but love.

Its the parents who love each other and give him a warm home.past life soulmate

The impact of the original family on the child is life-long:

A child with a good family atmosphere has seen what a good relationship looks like.

Having the right relationship A keen sense of smell of healthy love can easily run in the right direction.past life soulmate

And those children who grew up with their parents arguing in the Cold War,

dont know what is good, have to spend a lot of effort kicking out those bad feelings,< /b>past life soulmate

It takes many years to hit a wall before knowing which way is right.

From the moment we choose marriage,

We should take the responsibility of parenting, manage the marriage with heart,past life soulmate

Do it and cherish it, let a person Children grow up in a healthy and loving environment.

03, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Some people say that the relationship between your husband and his mother determines the relationship between you and your mother-in-law.past life soulmate

In a marriage, the husband is like a link connecting the two women in the family.

When the two sides disagree, if he can stand up and reconcile,past life soulmate

let the big things be small and the small ones, instead of just ignore them,

do In general, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not be too rigid.past life soulmate

Smart men always know that the relationship between husband and wife is the center of the family.

Will not let parents interfere too much in the life of husband and wife,

I will come forward when I have to discuss with my parents.past life soulmate

Because the safest relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is to keep a certain distance,

respect each other and be polite.

04, complaining

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The reason why some people are unhappy is because they are constantly comparing themselves with others and complaining constantly.past life soulmate

Why cant you be like other peoples husband and other peoples wife?

Hang on the lips, complaining that the husband earns less, complaining that the wife has a bad temper.past life soulmate

But I didnt find out: The husband may not earn much, but he is very considerate;

soulmate dreams

The wife has a bad temper, but is famous for being able and sharing a lot of the burden of supporting the family …past life soulmate

Happy people are silent.

If you are always comparing yourself with others and accustomed to complaining, you will only feel that your situation is desolate.past life soulmate

People cant delusionally get all the benefits of this world.

Choose what you love, love what you choose, this is the secret of long-term happiness.

05, Communicationpast life soulmate

Many couples are busy during the day, and

After getting home from get off work, they are holding mobile phones to swipe nonstop.

Without communication and little common language,

two people who were supposed to be close relatives just drifted apart.past life soulmate

The distance between the heart and the heart is long, and it is even more difficult to understand each other.

Once there is a conflict, the only thing left is to chat and drink impatiently.past life soulmate

Actually, its okay for couples to quarrel occasionally,

what I fear most is losing control of my temper during quarrels, saying a lot of hurtful things, and hitting each others heart with every sentence.past life soulmate

The ability to manage a marriage is communication,

willing to share with each other the bits and pieces of life,

knowing when quarreling Hold back your temper.

A couple who can communicate effectively can have a happy marriage.past life soulmate

06, grow

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Some women start to revolve around children and families after they get married, and

give up their former career interests and feel that paying blindly is the best love for their family.past life soulmate

No more dressing up, no more reading sports, life is rough and perfunctory.

Gradually lose the enthusiasm for life,

as time goes by, I get less and less love from my husband and children, and the ending is usually unsatisfactory.past life soulmate

They forget that a womans destination is always herself.

Dont give up on yourself too soon,

Be sure to dress yourself up, improve yourself, and care for yourself.past life soulmate

You have value, and your love has value.

And a woman who can make her own life well and colorful,

knows how to live, will also be able to take care of her home in a decent manner.past life soulmate

To grow old is not a legend, but an inspirational story.

Long-term happiness depends on wisdom and management.

May you understand these truths in marriage as soon as possible.

Cultivation in the firewood, rice, oil and salt of life, and experience happiness in love and being loved.past life soulmate

In the long process of staying together, each of us is working hard to make love come to the end in our own way.past life soulmate

I have worked hard, paid, compromised, and tolerated. Dont forget the original intention, I hope the text can help you when you are lost.

The article is selected from my public account, Fu Yiqing said.past life soulmate

Im Fu Yi, love is too messy, Ill help you sort it out.

my soulmate is married

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