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1.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingHowNets emotion Dictionary- http://www.keenage.com/html/c_bulletin_2007.htmDictionaries published by CNKI, including Chinese sentiment dictionary and English sentiment dictionary

2.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingNational Taiwan Universitys Emotional Polarity Dictionary- http://www.datatang.com/data/11837includes 2810 positive polarities Words and 8276 negative polarity words with high accuracy

3.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingHotel review corpus- http://www.datatang.com/ data/11936A larger corpus of hotel reviews. The corpus size is 10,000 articles. The corpus is automatically collected from Ctrip.com and organized.

4.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingDouban Film Critic Sentiment Test Corpus- http://www.datatang.com/data/ 13539Comments from Douban on the movie “ICE AGE3”, the scoring criteria are marked on the webpage according to the 5 stars rating. Corpus 527 pages. 20 short comments per page. 11323 reviews in total

5.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingReview corpus for hotels, computers and books- http://www. datatang.com/data/11937The amount of data is not too large, and there are also some duplicate data

6.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingReview webpage data Collection- http://www.datatang.com/data/12044The amount of data is quite large, including a lot of movies and reviews

7.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingMovie Critic Datasetprovided by Cornell University (http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/pabo/movie- review-data/): It consists of movie reviews, including 1,000 positive and negative attitudes; there are also 5,331 sentences marked with positive and negative polarities, and 5,000 sentences marked with subjective and objective labels. The current film review database It is widely used in sentiment analysis research of various granularities, such as word, sentence and text level.

8.< /strong>elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingGI(General Inquirer)Dictionary of Evaluation Words(English, http://www.wjh.harvard.edu/~inquirer/).The The dictionary collects 1,914 positive words and 2,293 negative words, and labels each word with different labels according to polarity, intensity, part of speech, etc., which is convenient for flexible application in sentiment analysis tasks.< strong>9.Subjective Word Dictionary(English, http://www.cs.pitt.edu/mpqa/). The subjective words of this dictionary come from the OpinionFinder system, The dictionary contains 8,221 subjective words, and each word is marked with part of speech and sentiment polarity.

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10.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawingHowNet Evaluation Word Dictionary(Simplified Chinese, English, http ://www.keena ge.com/html/e_index.html). The dictionary contains 9,193 Chinese evaluation words/phrases, 9,142 English evaluation words/phrases, and is divided into two categories of praise and criticism. Among them, the dictionary provides evaluation phrases for sentiment analysis Provides richer emotional resources.

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