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A Jun: No income leads to conflict between husband and wife

Fuzhou A Jun and A Rong get married two Ten years later, they have a son, and an elderly mother lives with them.The two sides have been in a cold war recently because of economic problems.soulmate ausA Jun said that he earned money by doing odd jobs in the past few years, and his salary was also handed over to A Rong, but since he was injured in a car accident last year, he has no income, and because of this reason, the relationship between husband and wife has become more and more tense .


Arjun Said that he had tried to communicate, but was rejected by his wife.soulmate aus


But Jun felt that no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt get his wifes affirmation and support.soulmate aus

Perhaps it is too difficult for one person to support this family for many years Its easy, or maybe its her disappointment with her husband A Jun, A Rong wants to unload the burden of life.soulmate aus


A Rong said, The reason why she asked to hand over the salary was to hope that the Ajun could take responsibility. Since the Ajun was injured in a car accident and has not recovered well, she did not insist, but just hoped that the Ajun could improve a little and take care of his family more.soulmate aus

Arjun : I did not communicate with myself about family matterssoulmate aus

In addition to the economic In addition to the other issues, A Jun believes that A Rong did not discuss with herself and did not respect herself on many family matters.soulmate aus

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Our family has a house of 120 square meters and a house of 60 square meters , My mother was not in good health, so she sold a 60 square meter house for 900,000 yuan and gave it to A Rong for 600,000 yuan.soulmate aus

Later, A Rong used the money to meet the big My aunt bought a house together. A Jun believes that the two couples should sit down and discuss such a major event as buying a house.soulmate aus

In addition to this In addition, A Jun also said that A Rong has not communicated with him about the child spending more than 100,000 yuan to attend a private school.

For A A Rong also gave an explanation for the situation raised by the army.soulmate aus

< p>A Rong

I want to get married with my children in the future. Buy a house. The problem with children reading is because Ajun is not at home.

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The mediator communicates patiently and the couple opens their hearts to each othersoulmate aus

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Under the communication of the mediation team, the husband and wife broke the atmosphere of the cold war and communicated with each other. A chance for the army. If the army does not make changes, she hopes to get together and leave, and the army accepts it.soulmate aus

Apo Wang : Im worried about embezzling 300,000 yuan to buy a house

Just as the mediation was coming to an end, A Juns mother Wang Apo said that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been very unpleasant for the past six months, and the elderly hoped to take this opportunity to sit down and communicate. Grandma Wang said that she sold a house for 900,000 yuan, of which 300,000 yuan was deposited with her daughter, but she did not expect it to be used by her daughter and daughter-in-law.soulmate aus

< p>Grandma Wang

300,000 is on the daughters side, and she will use it when she needs it . As a result, when I was sick and needed money, my daughter said that she had no money, so she used the money to buy a house with my daughter-in-law.soulmate aus

Daughter and daughter-in-law bought a house with 300,000 , Grandma Wang is still brooding about this matter. But Grandma Wang said that the daughter-in-law wrote an IOU to her daughter.soulmate aus

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In addition, Grandma Wang believes that her daughter-in-law does not respect herself enough.soulmate aus

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A Rong explained , The mother-in-law is indeed in poor health, but she did not make her unable to see a doctor or stay in a hospital. After persuasion by the mediator Lao Duo Fang, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law confided in each other.soulmate aus

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The mediator Xu believes that the key to alleviating the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lies in the army.A Jun also stated that he will try his best to change himself and take his due responsibilities and responsibilities.soulmate ausThrough mediation between husband and wife, open hearts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and clarify the direction of life. I hope that the army can fight step by step and the family can live in harmony.

(the above are pseudonyms)soulmate aus

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