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has a nice job, The economy is generally okay, but I have a lot of problems with my marriage. Originally married late, and experienced the pain of the death of her ex-husband, and then had a few friends with friends and relatives, and finally got married. I am worried about any changes, and I hope to know what kind of problems will be faced in the future, and I hope the teacher can help answer it.free twin flame reading

Female, in the year of Renzi, the month of Xinhai, the day of Gui Chou, and the time of Guihai. The author analyzes it as follows: Guishui yen born in Hai month has great power, and it does not have the power to expel Guishui yen, because Tianganren, Gui, Xinsheng help Guishui, and earthly branches Hai, Hai, Zi, and Chouhe water. The bureau helps Guishui to become a prosperous pattern.free twin flame reading

Ugly soil represents the husband star, but the prosperous pattern does not favor the husband star. Most of the people you meet in marriage and love are not ideal, not the person you like, after marriage For a period of time, the relationship with her husband is mostly not good, which also shows that her husband is not rich and will bring trouble to her. Fortunately, the marriage palace sits ugly Tufu star and Hai and Zishui form a water bureau, which is conducive to the development of marriage. As time goes by, the relationship between husband and wife becomes more and more intimate.free twin flame reading

Looking back on the fleeting year, in 2020, the fleeting year stems and branches, gengjinzishui, and the water will follow the pattern of prosperity. In this fleeting year, you will encounter a happy and sweet love, and you will have the opportunity to enter The hall of marriage is a good time to get married. In 2021, Tiangan Xinjin will give birth to Renshui and Liangguishui, and Earthly Branch Lianghai and Zihe Lianghou will be the water bureaus. This year, they can take care of each other and gradually deepen their feelings.free twin flame reading

In 2022 and 2023, the Tiangan Renguishui and the Earthly Branch Yinmaomu will follow the pattern of Guishuis prosperity, and they will be able to have a good marriage relationship this year and next. However, this year, we need to pay attention. If the position is not firm enough or vigilance is not enough, you will accidentally fall into emotional disputes between men and women.free twin flame reading

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The year of Jiachen in 2024 and the year of Yiwei in 2025, these two fleeting years will not obey the pattern of Guishui, which means your marriage life There are bad signs. These two years have affected the relationship between you and your spouse. If you dont handle it well, there will be a lot of things with your mother-in-law and mother, and the husband and wife will not be very harmonious.free twin flame reading

The Ottoman Luck starting in 2026, the Earthly Branch and the two Hais collide, and the overall luck of this step is improving. However, during this period, the balance of the marriage will be out of balance, and there will be more noise with the husband. For example, in 2026 and 2027, it may affect the harmony of the family, and even affect the career due to personal emotional problems.free twin flame reading

In 2036, it will enter Jiachen Yun, which has entered the stage of old age, and husband and wife can comfort each other and live harmoniously as they grow older. Overall, your marriage is not a big problem, and there wont be too many problems.free twin flame reading

The years of good and bad marriages have been marked, which can be used as a reference to improve the marriage relationship. In bad years, you should spend more time with people born in the year of Ox, Rooster, and Monkey, and it is easy to reconcile emotional conflicts. The bedroom should not be considered a room in the south. Usually, wear more gold and silver, and you can also raise fish and grow flowers and plants. Don’t wear brown, brown, brown, red and purple clothes.free twin flame reading

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