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There is a hot comment on NetEase Cloud saying:

Life is like a Tai Chi diagram, with yin and yang, and the truth that is preached in a serious manner is not necessarily sober in the world; and some people who seem to play the world False reasoning can often reveal the essence of life better.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

There are many seemingly deviant and deviant theories in life. When you examine them carefully, you will feel that these insights are original and profound, and the viewpoints are incisive and piercing.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

For example, the following 9 fallacies will alert people and make people sober.

If you are alive, you have to be thick-skinned. It’s embarrassing, and it’s embarrassing. Then why are you embarrassed to live?elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Afraid that people will gossip, that people will look down on them, that that they will lose face, it will kill their creativity.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A decent life is built on strength, not on the surface.

The first threshold to open the gap in life is often vanity.

Putting down the face is the door, and failing to put down the face is the threshold.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

The weak use face as a fig leaf, and the strong use face as a shoe shine.

There is a good saying: “This world does not belong to the post-80s, nor the post-90s, nor the post-00s. It only belongs to the thick-skinned.”elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Those who put down their skin to fight for opportunities are more likely to approach success.

If you want to give yourself a long face, you must first learn to be thick-skinned. You have to be brave, and your life will take a turn for the worse.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

There is only one trouble when people are not full, and there are countless troubles when people are full.

Netizen @AI Xiaonao plans to buy a used car to pick up the child.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

My husband said that if I add another 20,000 yuan, I can buy a new car.

After looking at the car, Ai Xiaonao wanted to buy a car with a sunroof, but her husband said it would be better to pay more to buy an imported car that is worse than the neighbors.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

In the end, she spent all her savings and took out a loan to buy an imported car. As a result, she was in the pain of lack of money for three years. Only then did she realize that her life had been kidnapped by desire.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

When you dont have it, you want to have it; when you have it, you want more.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Many times, its not that life needs more, but that you want to be more superior than others.

Thousands of troubles, half-destined comparisons, half-cares, hustle and bustle, mostly self-inflicted troubles.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Shakespeare said:

Desires are like coals of fire, which must be cooled, otherwise the fire will scorch the soul.

There is an inverse relationship between desire and happiness. When desire decreases, happiness increases.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A persons ability to control desire is his ability to control happiness. Few desires are the best way to approach happiness.

Those who dont understand the intention of the questioner will never get high marks, those who dont understand the needs of customers will never be able to sign large orders, those who dont understand the emotions of their partners will never be able to keep a good time relation.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A healthy interpersonal relationship tests the ability to empathize.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Psychologist Rogers said:

The so-called empathy is a kind of ability to put oneself in another persons situation to experience and understand other peoples emotions.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

What you dont want, dont give to others; what you want, you should give to others.

The relationship between people is a dynamic balance relationship, which can neither be consumed by anyone who has no bottom line, nor can it take advantage of someone without any reason.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

You take care of the interests of others, and your interests will be taken care of by others; if you help others solve their problems, your problems will not be a problem.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

The ability to empathize is an indispensable homework in interpersonal communication. Empathy is the pattern and wisdom of being a person.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Be sure to keep smiling, or your teeth will be whitewashed all these years.

No matter what age, she always maintains a calm and calm smile on her face, which is the attitude of a strong man.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

There are many difficulties in life and it is a testing ground for eliminating the weak.

If you dont want to be a weak person in life, you must first learn: be quiet and have fun in the midst of suffering.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Keep a smile, not to show off how white your teeth have been over the years, but to make your mood brighter.

Those who love to laugh often have less luck.

There are more than 30,000 days in life. If you are happy, you will earn an extra day.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

The more smiles in life, the more friends; the more smiles in the family, the warmer the family; the more smiles in life, the slower the mood.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Smile when you are in trouble.

It doesnt matter if you are knocked down by life. If you can get up and smile, there will be no losers in life.

An iron pestle can be ground into a needle, and a wooden pestle can only be ground into a toothpick.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Zhang Wenju, a famous hard pen calligrapher, had an early ambition to be a writer.

He insists on writing every day and submits articles to magazines. After more than ten years, all he receives are rejection letters.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

There is a kind editor who bluntly advises: your writing is pale and weak, not suitable for being a writer, and the pen is getting better and better, maybe you can try a new direction.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Later, Zhang Wenju showed extraordinary talent in hard pen calligraphy.

Diligence and hard work, the result is still unsatisfactory, maybe the direction Wrong; perseverance, the goal is still out of reach, maybe the positioning is wrong.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

If the direction is wrong, you will only be heartbroken; if the track is wrong, your efforts will be in vain; if the material is wrong, everything will be invalid.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

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A right choice is worth countless hard work.

The simplest way to do things is to start from the source, respect their natural temperament, promote their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A person can only reach the intended destination by standing at the right starting point.

You think too much of others Its complicated because youre not simple either.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

The world is created by the heart, and people with complex hearts have no simple world in their eyes.

There is a projection effect in psychology: a kind-hearted person will think that others are kind; a person who often judges others will think that others will also judge him.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A person with a complicated heart loses simplicity and purity in what he sees;

In a field where there is no entanglement of interests, human nature is actually very simple, that is, if you treat others well, others will treat you well.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Sometimes the truth of life is so straightforward, the sooner you recognize it, the easier it will be.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

If you want to make life easier, you dont need external requirements, just self-study.

First try to keep your thinking simple. If you are simple, your world will not be complicated.

Simple-minded, amiable, righteous, and good in everything he sees.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

You feed the dog for three days, it will remember you for three years, If you treat people kindly for three years, they will forget you in three days. Many times, people are not as good as dogs.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

In early July, a video of an old man in Jiaozuo throwing the buns on the clerks face went viral.

The shop owner is pitiful for the elderly. For more than a year, they have provided some buns for the elderly for free. At first, the elderly were not picky, but after a long time, they began to be picky.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

On this day, I even took it directly. If I failed to do so, I was so embarrassed that I threw the steamed buns at the clerk.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Those who dont know how to be grateful are like dust in their hearts, they only have their own interests in their hearts, and they cant see the kindness of others in their eyes.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Lack of gratitude is the biggest cancer in human nature, it pollutes the pure heart.

It not only makes the selfish person look disgusting, but also destroys the enthusiasm and courage of the kind person.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Exhausted for fishing, there is no fish in the end.

When the compassionate soil around you is destroyed, the one who suffers the most will be yourself.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

When we complain about the lack of kindness and sincerity in the people around us, have you ever given back kindness and gratitude?

Wait in your life, there really are such things as birth, old age, sickness and death Only when it is a big event will you know that the sadness in the middle of the night is bullshit.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

A healthy body is your biggest fixed asset, original accessories, if there is any damage, you will do everything you can.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

When you are healthy, all the pretentious things in the middle of the night are hard to let go of; when you are sick, all the pretentious things in the middle of the night are trivial things.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Healthy may not make you have everything, unhealthy may make you lose everything you have.

Health is the bottom layer of skin, and material wealth is only the hair on the skin. If the skin does not exist, what will the hair be attached to?elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Happiness depends not on material things, but on health.

The steps you take to run in the morning; the walks you take in the evening; the wine you drink less on the wine table are all accumulating wealth for you.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Doing a good job in health is the best investment, and a business that is sure to make money without losing money.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

There are generally two outcomes for running a red light, either One point faster, or a lifetime faster than others.

Irritable is the closest road to destruction. The more anxious you are, the faster you will run towards it.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Some roads seem to be one step ahead, but looking back, it is often more than worth the loss.

Impression is the natural enemy of wisdom.

In life, there are not so many decisions that make a quick success and a slow one that loses a lot of money.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Do things with more steadiness and more confidence .

When you encounter difficulties, you might as well sit down and drink a glass of water.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Whenever a major event occurs, one has a good grasp of the situation;

Let the small things go, slow down the big ones, keep calm, and be patient. It is the pattern and quality of life.

Be patient, and small things will be complete; keep calm, and big things will be complete.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

Some of the fallacies of life seem absurd, but in fact Implies profound truth.

Thinking about it from a different angle may be enlightening.elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing

It is not the reason that is crooked, but the people.

Being a person, the reason is unclear, the direction is unclear, the reason is clear, and then the future will be successful.

Click“Im watching”elizabeth psychic soulmate drawing, I wish you a smile, your heart will be enlightened, your actions will depend on you, and your life will be prosperous.

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