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In the life of the Toutiao Creation Challenge, after the first couple of relationships, girls usually deliberately protect themselves and do not easily get emotional. Because injured people have a sense of fear, they will no longer touch their feelings, they will try their best to protect themselves, and will not give the opportunity to be hurt by others. But if you meet someone you like again, you will still be unable to restrain your inner thoughts. After all, thats what love is. No matter what kind of pain you have experienced, when you meet true love again, you will still rush forward without hesitation and forget yourself like a moth to a flame. So if a girl is seduced by this boy, usually she cant restrain her thoughts, she will take the initiative to show it, and show these three bold expressions to boys. 1. Eyes never leave you. In a relationship between two people, if the girl likes you, she will keep staring at you and her eyes will never leave you. Because in her eyes, you are the person she wants most, and the person she wants to rely on most. She will pay attention to everything about you, whether it is your hobbies or some of your behaviors, she will be very concerned about it. When shes sitting with you, youll find that shes spending less time on her phone and more time looking at you. In fact, to be honest, when you like someone, you will have these expressions. Even if you know its bad to stare at her like this, you just cant convince yourself to look at her inadvertently. 2. Do what you love. Everyone has their own hobbies, and everyones hobbies will be different, at most similar. Especially between the opposite sex, different interests promote mutual affection. If you like your girl, she will know your hobbies and learn to do what you like. A girl who likes you, does what you like for you, but loves you too much and wants to shorten the distance between you. Especially when chatting and talking, she wants to have a common topic with you, so that she can get to know you and what you like. But she wouldnt say it, and she wouldnt tell her best friend. What she wants most is that you can feel it. 3. She will believe what you say. If a girl likes you, she will definitely believe you, will not hide too much from you, or even tell you her secrets. She is not worried that you will tell her secrets to others, and there is no need to be afraid that you will. mock her. In her heart, you are the most trustworthy person, and she will never trust any other boy except you. You chat together and even if you are lying to her, she will choose to believe every word she does not even suspect. This kind of girl is not stupid, but in her opinion, she loves you so much, I believe you will not lie to her. She already sees you as her other half. Its not easy for a girl to like a guy. In addition to the inherent characteristics of girls, you should also restrain your own behavior, give some hints to the boys you like, and hope that the boys will take the initiative to confess. So if you meet a girl who likes you, please cherish it. After all, she has given herself completely to you.we are soulmates

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