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Original title: Emotional counseling: How to deal with conflicts between husband and wife?

The relationship between husband and wife is that you become a legal husband and wife from the day you receive the marriage certificate, and are protected by law. A person goes from meeting, acquaintance, falling in love, and finally to marriage. Almost everyone has gone through this process. Before the marriage, the two were in a relationship. When they get along, they are always tolerant and considerate, always seeing each others strengths, not weaknesses. However, after they got married, they were not so accommodating to each other. Affected by family factors, environmental factors and social factors, there are some contradictions between husband and wife. So how do we recognize and resolve these conflicts that affect the relationship between husband and wife?sole mates meaning

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When a husband and wife are in conflict, as a woman, act like a spoiled child in front of a man It is also a way of mediating contradictions, which is called controlling rigidity with softness. If a man is stubborn and not good at compromise, he is reluctant to bow his head and admit his mistake after making a mistake. In this case, it is better for a woman to act like a coquettish girl when she asks a man to do anything. At this time, a woman who acts like a spoiled man will feel that he has the glory of a big man, and he will not have the heart to hurt you. He can only agree to your request, and may even cause ripples and waves of love.sole mates meaning

The husband and wife must agree on principles, and the larger matters in the family must be reached through communication and negotiation to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Dont quarrel over trivial matters between husband and wife, especially men, make way, because womens minds are not as broad as mens, and their thinking is not very comprehensive. Their cognition, thinking, emotions and other aspects are somewhat different from men. Most women are eloquent, therefore, you should give your wife more praise and consideration. As long as you have time, do your homework as much as possible. Dont wait for your wife to come home to do everything. Give your wife more warmth and care.sole mates meaning

Both husband and wife complain less, don’t complain about earning less money, high work pressure, lower status than others, heavy living burden, others have cars, houses and money, we have to support a small family, and my husband is incapable. Wife can only do housework and cant make money, you are not as good as others and so on. Some complaints about the other party are also an important factor affecting the disharmony between husband and wife.sole mates meaning

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When there is an unresolved conflict between husband and wife, you can seek help and solutions from parents, elders, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers, leaders, and neighbors. You can also ask them to mediate. If the husband and wife cannot continue to live together, they must first take the legal route. They cant do anything wrong to protect themselves. They should use legal weapons to protect themselves.sole mates meaning

Finally, both husband and wife should establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, establish common beliefs and ideals, and do not pursue excessive material enjoyment and financial interests. Be a good couple who care for each other, considerate, greet, encourage, love children, filial to parents, caring for others, united and harmonious, happy and enterprising, and live a happy life.sole mates meaningReturn to Sohu, see more

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