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Emotional design is completely proposed by Donald Norman in the book “Emotional Design”. In the book, emotional design is divided into three levels: instinct level, behavior level, reflection layer. The author analyzes through cases, as a designer how to do emotional design in these three levels, lets take a look.i love you my soulmate


Instinct Layer: Representational Direct Response

A users instinctive direct response to a products visual and first impressions. For example, users are attracted by the appearance of the product at first sight, so they have the urge to know and touch the product. The instinct level isprior to thinking and logical judgmenti love you my soulmate.

Behavior layer: interactive behavioral relationshipi love you my soulmate

The interactive relationship between users and products in behavior,have a certain sense of rationality and logic< /strong>. For example, users will generate evaluations from the operation process when using this product, and will also generate negative emotions due to unreasonable operation design.i love you my soulmate

Reflection Layer: Emotional Reflection and Resonancei love you my soulmate

Reflected in the unique connotation of the product, the brand differentiation is rooted in the hearts of usersunique Memoriesi love you my soulmate, users are loyal to the product because this memorytriggers emotional resonance. Users generate conscious consideration and experience-based reflection.

I. Instinct layer – sensory stimulation

For the instinct layer, designers need to bringaudience and vision to users as much as possible under the premise of meeting functional requirements , tactile sensory stimulationi love you my soulmate, and strive to promote the love at first sight between users and products.

Case 1i love you my soulmate: In the process of loading content, Zhihu App adds the dynamic effect of IP image, and also adds the movement of light to the placeholders of pictures and texts The effect is to attract the users attention and slow down the boredom of the user while waiting.


Case 2:i love you my soulmatePinterest On the page that guides users to register and log in, use automatically switched themes, such as gardening skills, clothing matching, etc., and carefully select pictures of the same tone under each theme, attracting users to register for the website with high-quality visual effects.


Case 3:i love you my soulmateAlipay App The app icon on the home page, sometimes with dynamic effects. For example, the ant farm icon will show whether the chicks need to be fed, and the ant forest icon will show whether there is currently energy to harvest. It not only adds interest, but also enables users to see the status of commonly used applications at a glance.


Second, Behavior Layer – Detail Guidei love you my soulmate

For the behavior layer, designers need toprejudge and guide users behaviori love you my soulmate, use details to impress users, and make users feel trust and dependence on the product.

Case 1i love you my soulmate: The Instant App is very careful about the icons, and under each different topic section, there is an exclusive like icon, for example, the bathroom meditation is a light bulb; Unhappy today is an upside-down face.

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Case 2i love you my soulmate: Sogou input method, the numeric keyboard can be turned into a calculator, and this function is very convenient when you need to perform complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations while chatting.


Case 3i love you my soulmate: Each The names of members of the Douban group can be personalized. For example, the number unit of the Genshin Impact group is called Traveler, and the text memoir group is called classmates, which can well resonate with the group members.


Case 4i love you my soulmate: disconnection It is a worrying thing. After the Chrome browser is disconnected from the Internet, the icon of prehistoric dinosaurs will appear. Tap the space keyboard to start the following games, so that users can fully feel the humanistic care of Chrome.


Case 5i love you my soulmate: In Google When you look up the pronunciation of a word, it will be accompanied by a mouth animation of the pronunciation. When the pronunciation is slowed down, the mouth animation will also slow down the rhythm, which vividly deepens the users impression.


Third, Reflection Layer – Cognitive Resonancei love you my soulmate

For the reflection layer, designers should mobilize the deepest memory and perception of users, and closely combinevisual effects, product functions and user cognitioni love you my soulmateto form users deep cognition of products and brands .

Case 1i love you my soulmate: There was a Perseid meteor shower on August 13, and the live broadcast of CCTV news at station B on that day turned into a meteor shower.


Case 2:i love you my soulmateChongqing The Zhongshuge bookstore uses mirrors to reflect, broadens the spatial dimension, and creates a feeling of layers of mountains and cities. People cant help but combine the library and the mountain city of Chongqing. When you mention the library in Chongqing, you will think of Zhongshuge.


Case 3i love you my soulmate: Lianjia App When viewing the house, not only the VR panorama function, but also the design effect scheme is added. When the user clicks on the design effect, they will see the effect of split-screen comparison. Give users a new feeling for the house space.


Case 4i love you my soulmate: Japanese Road Small Torii Gate: In the corners of certain streets in Japan, people or dogs often pee there. Torii is the entrance to the shrine, always reminding people of karma, thus restraining their words and deeds. When dog walkers see the small torii gates set up on the side of the road, they will not let their dogs pee there, and also reduce the behavior of littering.

Author: Yuan Yao; Official Account: Long Bow Boy;i love you my soulmate

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